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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

Archive - June 2020

Spacecraft Earth: A Guide for Passengers, Dr Henry Richter and David Coppedge

Perfect Design is due to Random chance, luck, things happen? This is modern science?

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According to Evolutionists and ‘Scientists’, there are billions of galaxies and there ‘must be’ many life forms in our Universe.  This is based on probability theory without analysis or understanding variables and is a rather puerile way of viewing reality.  If we use our intelligence and apply real probability theory, based on what we know, and the many (thousands) of ‘coincidences’, variables and exact patterns that need to be available to just create the conditions for Life, then it is clear that the Earth is unique and Life on this planet a singular creative event.  Real science tells us this.

In the real world it is clear that our atmosphere is designed:

“The mixture of roughly 20% reactive oxygen and 80% neutral nitrogen seems ideal for life as we know it.

Our atmosphere shields us from the high-energy subatomic particles that could disrupt cells. So, of all the atmospheres possible on other worlds, the composition and ratios of elements are critical.

Our magnetic field deflects the streams of solar electrons and protons, so that most of them do not penetrate the atmosphere. It’s clear that any planet must have a magnetic field to support complex life, and, moreover, a field that is not too strong and not too weak. If too strong, it might disrupt the planet’s crust. If too weak, it could not deflect charged particles.”

The magnetic shield has lost 5 % of its strength in the past 150 years.  This indicates that the Earth cannot possible be billions of years old.  If we work back in time the strength of the shield would make life impossible some 15.000 years ago.  If we work forward and do some basic math, it is clear that within about 1.600 years the shield will fail and life will cease.  There is no known mechanism to generate electrical-magnetic energy within the Earth’s core.  None.  This is obvious proof that Darwinian theology is absolutely wrong (and corrupt).  Magnetic energy cannot self-create.

Using real Science we can also consider just some basis probability mathematics on a few (not a complete list) of cosmological conditions necessary for life with chance applied (10% is far too high, it should be 1%).  Probability theory confirms that life on Earth is unique:

“Located within the galaxy habitable zone 10%

·       A stable star with constant energy output 10%

·       A planet formed within the habitable zone around the star 10%

·       A planet in a stable orbit maintaining a steady distance from the star 10%

·       Protected by gas giant planets in the solar system 10%

·       A rotation speed of about 24 hours 10%

·       A planet with a suitable atmosphere: oxygen rich, depth, circulation 10%

·       A planet with the appropriate mass 10%

·       A planet with abundant water 10%

·       A reasonable ratio of water to land mass 10%

·       A crust capable of plate tectonics 10%

·       A magnetic field within the proper strength range 10%

·       A moon of the proper size, distance, and orbit around the planet 10%

·       A readily available source of abundant carbon compounds 10%

·       Trace elements of the right type and quantity 10%


One could go on and on, adding more factors, but these are a few of the essential features to consider.


So let’s multiply that out: 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 = 10-15.


This probability times 1014 candidate planets leaves 10-1 planets, less than one!”

It is absurd and sad that people are saturated with the indoctrinated cult belief that the cosmological position of the Earth and its mineral composition (forgetting for a second the absolute complexity of all living beings), arose by happenstance.  This is anti-science and delays knowledge and progress.

Consider the design of Astro-biology:

“From the literature of astrobiology, we can identify ten or more other ‘zones’ required for habitability, in addition to circumstellar distance:

• Galactic Habitable Zone: the solar system must occupy a narrow band within the galaxy.

• Continuously Habitable Zone: the habitable zone must not vary significantly.

• Temporal Habitable Zone: the habitable zone must last long enough for life to persist.

• Chemical and Thermodynamic Habitable Zone: the planet’s chemistry and heat transfer mechanisms must permit liquid water to persist.

• Ultraviolet Habitable Zone: the planet must filter out ionizing radiation from its star.

• Tidal Habitable Zone: the star must not tidally ‘lock’ its habitable planet to force one hemisphere to always face the star (this rules out most planets).

• Obliquity Habitable Zone: the star must not ‘erase’ its habitable planet’s tilt through tidal forces. (While not eliminating the possibility of life, a planet without a tilt would have no seasons, drastically reducing its habitable surface area.)

• Eccentricity Habitable Zone: the planet must have a nearly circular orbit so that it stays in the zone.

• Stellar Chemistry Habitable Zone: the star must have the right chemical composition to remain quiet and well-behaved. A G2 main-sequence star like our sun is ideal.

• Stellar Wind Habitable Zone: the star must not be given to extreme ‘space weather’ that might strip off a habitable planet’s atmosphere.

• Inhabited Zone: recently, two astrobiologists suggested that to be habitable, a planet needs inhabitants! “…there is a growing amount of evidence supporting the idea that our Planet will not be the same if we remove every single form of life from its surface,” a news report said.”

This is an obvious design.  How would 10 zones form and line up in perfect unison by random chance from a ‘big bang’ explosion?  Or to promote life the planet must also have life (so what came first or did both arrive at the same time?).  These are observable scientific facts, not story-telling.  The chances of the above zones being in place for any other planet in the Universe is zero. 

The Sun and its perfect design:

“Our sun emits a ‘solar constant’ (energy received at earth’s surface) of 1.361 kilowatts per square meter. At solar maximum (the period in the sun’s 11-year cycle when its activity increases to its highest level), the heat received at the earth increases by just one tenth of one percent—an extremely slight difference. One of the longest running scientific observations ever made of the sun measured only 0.06% variation from the solar constant over a 32year period. Earth’s distance from the sun—ranging from 91.4 million to 94.5 million miles (average about 92.9 million miles or 150 million kilometers)—keeps it always within the habitable zone. That zone is pretty narrow. Venus is well outside the inner edge and Mars is outside the outer edge.

The sun must have an energy output and size as to give the right amount of heat to a planet in the habitable zone, and that means a main sequence G2 dwarf star. Only about 1% of all stars fall into this class, and many are not as quiet as our sun. The associated star, furthermore, must be stable in its energy output. Any significant temporal variation of the heat output would cause catastrophic swings in the temperature of the planet which would be destructive of life forms.”

The Moon and its perfect design:

As moons go, ours is extraordinarily large in relation to its planet’s diameter. This is another unique feature of Spacecraft Earth that is quite remarkable. Our moon is an enormous object with significant gravity, roughly one-sixth of that of the earth, as you may recall from watching videos of Apollo astronauts cheerfully leaping high from the surface. No other planet in the solar system (with the exception of Pluto, a ‘dwarf planet’) has a moon so large relative to its size. Mercury and Venus have no moon; Mars has two tiny satellites. The gas giants have some moons larger than ours, but they are very small relative to the planets themselves.

The orbital choreography between sun, moon and earth also pumps energy into the oceans independent of solar heating, creating a huge engine that provides several benefits for life. It cleanses the coastlines, it circulates nutrients between latitudes, and it forces some of the deep water to the surface and back again. All this energy input contributes to the weather, too, by increasing evaporation and cloud formation. Although the tides are not anything spectacular toward the equator, or even along the coasts of North America, we find that in the higher latitudes such as Anchorage the diurnal tidal action can amount to 20, 30 or 40 feet of rise and fall.

The Earth’s Rotation:

“The rate of rotation is important to have a reasonable length of night and day. A rotation rate of one hour would be too short for life cycles to get rest and activity. A rotation rate of once a month would be too long for night-to-day changes. A rotation rate of 24 hours seems just about right—how about that? The mass of the planet needs to be in the proper range to produce gravity large enough to keep an atmosphere, but not too much atmosphere which would have high pressures.”

Almost any physical characteristic of the earth, its structure and composition, and position in the solar system is the way it is to permit the existence of life. From the properties of atoms, the elements, compounds, to the exact composition and placement of the earth, everything seems to be the way it is to allow life to flourish here.”

Ignoring the glories and wonders of Life and forgetting basic science has devalued the Human in the modern world, and will breed conflict, hate and death.

The dying light of Western civilisation? Anti-White Racism, Dismantling history and culture

Destroying the foundations of modern civilisation is unlikely to work out well

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Source Paul Krause, American Thinker

The West is a dying civilization. That much is evident.

But it mustn't be. Who will defend the flame that once illuminated the skies and sang songs of ascents up on high? In the rush to destroy all things Western, few so-called conservatives—anywhere—risk themselves to defend our patrimony and our future. In fact, many so-called conservatives sound like liberals defaming Western civilization and American history by accepting the anti-Western narrative of racism and imperialism.

It is predicable, almost comical, that the self-declared conservatives across the West grovel to the narrative pushed by the nihilistic and iconoclastic Multicultural Left. Republicans in America plan to unveil their own police reform legislation. Looks like conservatives are abandoning the police too! As classics of American art and cinema are canceled, writers like David Marcus implicitly accept the multiculturalist creed by writing that Gone With the Wind should be saved because the first African-American won an Oscar for her performance in the film. Over in Britain, statues honoring British heroes like Lord Admiral Nelson and Winston Churchill are targets for desecration and removal. Moreover, anti-Western activists openly yearn for the dismantling of British history and culture. And in Australia, Green Party activists defaced a statue of James Cook.

The riots are not about George Floyd, police reform and accountability, or justice. The riots are the systematic attempt to exterminate Western civilization and culture from the very lands in which its roots are planted. This, of course, is something that Conservative Inc doesn’t want to acknowledge or is woefully blind to. Predictably, Conservative Inc writers implicitly accept the multiculturalist narrative but try to turn it on its head—claiming how they are the true defenders of multiculturalism and feminism. What all patriotic Americans need to understand is that the riots and ongoing turmoil is being used as a wrecking ball to our history, heritage, and civilization.

The power of the anti-American activists in our culture is not simply because they control the universities, which produce the armies of anti-Western legions that take up positions in business, politics, and the media (which serves as the primary enforcer of the multiculturalist ideology), but because they understand the role of memory and narrative regarding identity. Culture is essential to our identity as a nation and a civilization. The parasitic anti-Western vandals control the narrative and no one is allowed to deviate from it. Even conservatives must be shackled to it. Conservatives, at best, accept the Left’s narrative but try to twist and turn it to present themselves as the true defenders of multiculturalism and anti-racism. All to no avail.

Multiculturalism is not about multiculturalism. That is the greatest misnomer of all time. Multiculturalism is the veiled vehicle for dismantling and destroying Western civilization. This is not about political power as asinine conservatives often say. This is about civilizational desecration and destruction.

When multiculturalists complain about European and American statues, they are only voicing their genuine attitude of resentful hatred. What hath the multiculturalist in common with Julius Caesar, George Washington, or Horatio Nelson? Nothing. And they never will. Even if they reside in Western nations. Multiculturalists hate all Western heroes precisely because they’re Western. Even white abolitionists are targets of their rage because they are “murderers” and “colonists.” Anything and everything Western, as Susan Sontag said, is “the cancer of humanity.”

Instead of presenting a counter narrative defending the heroism and magnanimity of Western civilization the pale and pathetic defenders of Western civilization already consign themselves to the dust bins of extinction by accepting the ludicrous and abstract beliefs that what constitute Western civilization are the abstract and fluid ideals of human rights, democracy, and freedom which permits the West’s eventual annihilation. And with that annihilation the end of Western consciousness, heritage, and history is complete.

What makes the American unique is that he is the product of all of Europe and European history converged onto this New World and New Continent. Without the Greek victory at Salamis there would be no America. Without Alexander the Great there would be no America. Without Julius Caesar or Augustus Caesar there would be no America. Without Charles Martel there would be no America. Without Christopher Columbus there would be no America. (And this is why the multiculturalist tears down statues of Columbus—they only defile Western heroes.) Without Sir Francis Drake there would be no America. Without James Wolfe there would be no America. Every great Western hero of the past is now on the chopping block of the multiculturalist terror campaign.

Americans have the richest history and heritage precisely because we are the children of pilgrims, adventurers, and lovers stretching across the millennia whose actions made safe the possibility for the European settlement of the New World. This would serve conservatives well if they understood this fact and embraced it. The Greek heroes at Thermopylae and Salamis died for us. The Franks who died stopping an Islamic invasion of Europe died for us. The Catholics who fought the Turks at Lepanto died for us. The brave and heroic sailors, settlers, and pioneers who died in the New World died for us. If we love them let us honor them and immortalize them. We once did. Now we must show our love for them again in defending them against the new barbarians from within.

If conservatives will not defend Western civilization by proclaiming the heroic nobility of the West then what, exactly, are they conserving? Besides occasional tax cuts—which is hardly heroic—what is the last great conservative victory in the past 20 years? Perhaps conservatives in 50 years will call for the removal of Washington when everyone clamors to deface the Father of our Country. It won’t be long until we pass Mount Rushmore and utter those haunting words, “Nothing besides remain, round the decay / Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare / The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

BLM and the anti-White Fascists

Racist, Marxist, part of a New World Order

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BLM – just another Marxist-Fascist Group dedicated to overthrowing freedom.  Racist to its core with its anti-White, anti-Jewish messaging and beliefs.  Violent, intolerant, illiterate. 

A founder of BLM admits that they are trained Marxists and violent socialists.  Racism is just a bait used to cower the gullible and stupid.  The real intention of BLM is to end freedom, impose statism, and as the Brownshirts did for Hitler, aid their political party they either influence or partially control (Democratic Party in the US, the Labour Party in the UK, the Liberal Party in Canada), take permanent ownership of society – with the BLM agenda shaping policy.


Darwin's Religion: Big Rocks, The Moon, The Magnetic Shield

Darwinian Miracles cannot explain how a Magnetic Shield or the Moon is formed.

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Evolution’s religious dogma.

1-Billions if not Trillions of years ago, by random chance, big rock hits the Earth

2-Random collision magically produces a moon

3-Moon miraculously finds an orbit in the perfect location from the Earth

4-The random collision generates a magnetic shield, necessary for life

5-Other miraculous events regenerate said magnetic shield for Billions, if not Trillions of years…..

This sci-fi fantasy is called Science.


Darwinist and the cult of ‘things happen’, often invoke the ‘big rock did it’ theorem when they have no explanation or observable-rational science.  An example is the moon.  Apparently, a big rock collided with the Earth, creating a moon out of the resulting chaos, with the impact carefully placing the moon 239.000 miles from the Earth, in a perfect position.  Move the moon from its current orbit more than a fraction and life ceases on this planet. 


The chance of a big rock colliding with the earth, forming a perfectly sized-moon through a random collision, with the 'big rock' being of sufficient size to create a large object such as the moon, but not large enough, or with enough velocity to destroy the Earth, and yet providing the right level of force and energy to place the new sphere at the perfect orbiting position, is of course, zero. 


Try replicating the ‘big rock’ created the moon theorem in a contrived lab.  Take 2 objects, have them collide and see what happens.  Nothing except destruction and debris.  Only the Darwinian god of miracles could have intervened to put the debris into a large orb, or allowed for a massive chunk of the Earth’s surface to be conveniently cut off in the form of a sphere and ejected, ever so gently and purposely, in the form of the moon, into its present location.  But this is Science of course.


Even better, the Darwinian Theologians with hands on their Evolutionary Holy Book, proclaim that the ‘big rock’ not only created the moon, but also the magnetic field.  Two miracles in one event!  Praise Charles.  The chance of both the moon and the magnetic field – necessary for life – being created through a large inter-stellar collision is according to the Darwinian religion, a complete certainty.  Back in reality, the mathematical probability of either is zero.  Colliding objects don’t generate magnetism.


In reality, the cult of Science has no clue about the origins of magnetism.  They posture that complex currents above the Earth’s iron core as it cools generate a dynamo to create the magnetic field.  Maybe.  No proof is offered, but even if true, how do the ‘Scientists’ explain that in the past 150 years the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field has decreased by 10%?


Back in the real world there is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.  Everything tends to entropy.  This means that the magnetic field like everything else, will simply disappear one day. Darwinian theorist Stephanie Pappas at Live Science (30 April 2018) assumes that the some magical restoration of the magnetic shield occurs with ‘polarity reversals’.  According to the 2nd law of Thermodynamics a reversal will not increase the intensity or strength of the shield.  Energy is lost to space.  Without a new source there must be a net loss of energy.  This is why the magnetic shield strength is declining 5% every 100 years or less.  This means that in 1600 years it is gone.  Life will cease.


Using real science, Dr. Henry Richter explains this problem in his book Spacecraft Earth: A Guide for Passengers (2017).  He clearly explains that the Earth’s magnetic field is not a perpetual motion machine: it is doomed to decay, and will continue to decay at the rate measured for 188 years – the longest-running continuous measurement in geophysics.  At the current rate, life will stop, not in trillions, billions, or millions of years – but in just over a thousand.




UK: Green Fascism is the focus of the Non-Conservative Government of Boris Johnson

Destroying the world's 5th largest economy is the agenda.

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Green Fascist madness in the UK.  BoJo the Green Liberal and his crony-capitalist gang are gung-ho to impose a set of crippling measures totalling some £50-100 Billion pounds, to make the UK ‘net carbon neutral’ (whatever that stupidity means), by 2050.  All that the imbeciles will do is lose the next election.


Boy wonder Chancellor smiling coiffed Sushi Knick-knack is promoting ‘Green Industrialisation’ post the government-created Corona fauxdemic.  De-industrialisation is more accurate.  Knick-knack is part of a government and party that is completely ignorant about economics (along with immigration, the cult of Muhammad and other sundry topics).


“Rishi Sunak is planning a ‘green industrial revolution’ to help to create jobs for people who are made redundant because of the pandemic.

The chancellor is preparing to bolster the government’s investment in clean energy as part of an economic stimulus package next month. There could also be a fund to help to ‘reskill’ workers so they can get green jobs in areas such as insulation upgrades, offshore wind and carbon capture.

The measures are understood to go significantly beyond the Conservatives’ manifesto commitment to create two million jobs in clean energy within the next decade. The Tories have promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions to ‘net zero’ by 2050.”


Sheer fantasy.  Dr John Constable, energy editor of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), warned that this was going to happen in a short paper published last month ‘The Fatal Attraction of a Post-Covid Green New Deal’.  Fatal stupidity.


All that will happen is jobs will be lost and taxes increased to pay for the largesse, handed over the Corporate Friends of the Conservative Party.  All this economic destruction to battle ‘plant food’ (.04 % of atmospheric gas by weight) and the non-existent ‘Climate Change’ or Globaloneywarming (sometimes called the 4 seasons).  Given the billions spent on the Covid-fauxdemic, there is no financial means to support Green Fascism, and the de-construction of industry and the economy. 


Green Fascism kills Jobs:

A study by economics professor Dr Gabriel Calzada Alvarez of Madrid’s University of Rey Juan Carlos found that for every ‘green job’ created by the Spanish government, another 2.2 jobs were destroyed in the real economy.


Another study, in the UK, found that for every green job created by government ‘investment’ in the renewables industry, 3.7 jobs were destroyed in the real economy.


As well Solar and Wind do not generate anywhere near enough energy to run a modern economy – far below 4% of total energy needed in the UK.  Both are unreliable and both use ‘carbon’ fuel processes to make the panels and turbines, negating the intended effect of de-carbonisation.  Neither are eco-friendly of course, indeed quite the opposite.  Solar panels leech and destroy the geography and soil; and the bird-choppers murder millions of bird-life each year.  Apparently, the eco-loons are fine with both.  Solar and Wind ‘power’ survive on subsidies (given to large corporate interests) and would never be used in a private economy or invested in by private investors risking own capital. Yes, hydro can be 'recycled' and reused, but that will not run a modern economy.


Coal, Gas, Nat Gas on the other hand, are clean burning for the most part. Nuclear is essential and the cleanest fuel around yet opposed by the usual cadre of Green half-wits. 


Maybe the Fake News can ask Chancellor Knick-knack, what is the objective of this de-industrialisation? How can a country of 70 millions run a modern economy mostly on water (doesn't water eventually become depleted?), solar and bird choppers?  Why would a nation state commit economic suicide?  Why should voters allow the Con party to win the next election?