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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

Archive - August 2020

Cults Of Ignorance. Tearing down History.

Non Whites are absolved of all historical crimes. Fake News. Fake Education to blame.

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Black Lives Matter in Canada, co-joined with fascists Anti-fa self-loathing half-wits tearing down Canadian statues and in particular Sir John A MacDonald who was Canada’s first Prime Minister, the most important leader in the improbable creation of a country stretching from ‘sea to shining sea’, the second largest nation on the planet, blessed with resources, historical legacy and until recently, culture.


According to the usual cadre of ignorant half-wits, Sir John A and 19th century Canadians were racists, who generated a genocide against the ‘first peoples’ of the land.  These indigenous ‘Indians’ are now portrayed as native multi-culturalists, urbane, wise, sophisticated, in communion with nature, noble, dignified and superior.  In actual fact, the ‘natives’ were living some 7000 years in arrears of the hated-White man.  Endless wars, child sacrifices, slavery, early death, pestilence and a distinct lack of society, laws, technology, learning or even a modicum of science, medicine and learning were the realities. 


In the real world, advanced civilisations crush less advanced.  This is a basic fact.  There is nothing resembling ‘cultural parity’, nor the insipid and immoral declaration by the multi-culturalists that all cultures are equal.  This is absurd.  Canada is routinely described by many as a ‘great country’.  Compared to what existed in 1500 it most certainly is.  Whites hacked out of a wilderness a modern nation state.  They defeated the inhabitants.  What to do with the natives was and is a complex problem.  The 19th century Canadians did the best they could.  Revising history and ascribing ‘racism’ to a Prime Minister who helped create such a grand experiment as Canada is obtuse and deeply psychotic. 


Are the same assertions of ‘racism’ and genocide applied to the Iroquois who annihilated the Hurons and Algonquins in a tribal genocide?  Are the endless wars between tribes described as ‘racism’ and genocide when innocents including women and children were raped, enslaved and killed in their thousands?  The Fake News, the Fake Education, the Marxist rewriting of reality will lead to the very dismemberment of the system, that grants these idiots, the wealth, the luxury, the time and the tools to pull down statues and topple civilisation.  


Truly the Age of Stupid

Communism in many forms only uses force and propaganda.

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Truly the age of the hysterical and stupid.  As Western Civilisation implodes, committing suicide, the abettors of this grand experiment in social decline applaud themselves as insufferably brilliant, scientists, moral, superior to anything in the past, beatific in their visions of justice, social harmony and the hatred of Whites.  Devoid of religion, they replace their spiritual emptiness with cults such as Corona and Covid, Globaloneywarming, Evolution, abiogenesis, Cosmology and Star Wars.





Michael Crichton and the Age of Ignorance parading as Science

Everyone is a scientist....

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What is science? Is it the metaphysical hand-waving of evolution? The outright fraud and nonsense of globaloneywarming?  Wear a mask to stop a virus?  DNA formed in a soupy pond near to Chuckie’s house in Sussex?  Piltdown man?  Life on Venus?  Dark Matter? 


The science fiction of multi-universes, pregnant universes, impregnated by black holes and the whole universe suffused with the never proven 'dark matter' is science? Good grief.  It should embarrass a 10 year old.


Michael Crichton (1942–2008), who had a previous career in medicine and science, said:


“Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.


“There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.


Past dominant paradigms which were entirely fallacious and were little more than hand-waving philosophy included:


Epicycles: Belief that planetary rotations were perfectly circular and that the planets themselves were also a perfectly circular shape.


Phlogiston: A magic substance which explained how substances burned or became rusted. It does not exist.


Geocentricity: It appeared that the Earth is stationary and therefore the planets by default must circle around the stationary Earth.


Earth does not rotate: The somewhat common-sense observation that objects did not fly off the surface of the Earth led philosophers and scientists to assume that the Earth did not move. If it did, it was reasoned, no object would stay fastened to the surface. They would spin off.


Alchemy: Turning lead or some other base metal into gold. Whilst it is possible to create a gold leaf or gold shavings, material and physical properties do not change their composition from one material to another [this includes the melting of minerals to create for eg steel].


Humours: 4 basic fluids in the body corresponded to 4 basic 'humours' or moods. The idea was to keep these in balance. Such a paradigm retarded real medicine by millennia.


Spontaneous generation: Scientific consensus during the 'Enlightenment' held that mice and other rodents appeared from dirt, garbage, old shirts and dung.


Abiogenesis: Evolution maintains that life originated from non-matter, and that all life has non-life origins. This is patently absurd.  It also maintains magic – the wolf became the whale, a reptilian scale became a feather, the entire complexity of DNA, the brain, blood flow, chemicals, and life itself all arose from ‘selection’, chance and of course from Father Time. 


Life on the moon: The 'lunatics' were a group of famous astronomers who in the 19th century adamantly upheld that the moon had life. 


Life on Mars: In the early 20th century Mars was deemed to be a planet with a similar climate as the Earth's. Fictitious 'canals' and other 'proofs' of civilization were constructed. It is of course dead cold.


Life on Venus: In the 1940s and early 50s the consensus was that Venus was the Earth's sister planet with a similar atmosphere and a good chance at having life. Venus is a red hot hell with a surface temp of 1000 F. It was Venus with its 95% Co2 atmosphere [vs the Earth's 4/100 of 1 %]...which gave rise to the scam of 'the greenhouse effect'...


There is no settled science. There is no science when the theory is unproven, untested, and when it contains more philosophy and metaphysics than hard facts. So much for rationality and an 'age of reason' for any who argue the contrary.



C.S. Lewis and 'The Abolition of Man' by Steve Turley

Natural law is not optional

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Turley’s short work is founded on lectures explaining C.S. Lewis’ opus ‘The Abolition of Man’ to the modern ear, interpreting prescience to the secular religious devotee, devoted as most are to technology, government and self-obsessions of various hues.  Today’s secular religion has little patience for faith, spiritual development, rationality, or consistency in standards and appraisals.  Lewis expected and predicted the carnage which follows when Western society jettisons its Christian heritage and foundation, a process he discerned with alarm 90 years ago.  So today the Western world writhes in agony with a government sponsored ‘pandemic’, societal closure, anti-White racist violence (BLM and anti-Fa); and a river of Fake News and Fake Science. Rejecting reality and Western Christian civilisation has consequences.


What does Lewis mean by the abolition of man?

Lewis argues that because we have self-consciously left the world of value and virtue in favor of a world of science and technology, we have left a very definite definition of what it meant to be human for another definition of our humanity, or what Lewis might call post-humanity. Speaking of this new race, Lewis writes: “It is not that they are bad men. They are not men at all. Stepping outside the Tao, they have stepped into the void. Nor are their subjects necessarily unhappy men. They are not men at all: they are artefacts. Man’s final conquest has proved to be the abolition of Man.”


Lewis knew that serving the Mammon Gods of Science and Technology would lead to strife and dehumanisation.  Technology used to control and manipulate.  Science or variants of fiction which parade around as ‘science’, used as reasons to dominate and destroy.  The human rendered as just another animal.  The ‘experts’ elevated to God status.  Mammon does not share power.

Lewis recognized that technological societies succeed by convincing the masses that their highest happiness and freedom is found in their reliance on a class of experts and technicians who have the specialized competency to conform the world to their desires and ambitions.


Science – much of it fake – and technology, have now replaced human relationships, privilege, morality and gratitude.

Natural law theory recognizes that to be human means that we are endowed with a moral conscience which knows innately the moral order of the universe as God has created it.


Natural law is not taught.  It is enshrined in the American Declaration of Independence as a truism from the Middle Ages, pre-dating its explication by St. Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century.  It is the basis of freedom and states that God has granted free-will and the capability of action and thought.  It is up to the individual to choose wisely.  Now, natural law is superseded by the ‘law of science’ and the ‘statutes of technology’.  In essence ‘I post on Facebook, so therefore I am’.  And when I post something that an ‘expert’ or censor does not support, the offending thought crime is briskly torn down.  Now a technocratic elite will tell me what is acceptable and what is a criminal act. A moral order does not exist. 

What Lewis is arguing is that this cosmic piety is true for all the major worldviews of the classical world: Platonic, Aristotelian, Stoic, Christian, and Asian. Now, these cultures may work out cosmic piety differently, with different variables and constituents that are culturally specific, but the fact that humans belong to a divine moral order appears ubiquitous throughout the ancient world.


Destroy natural law and the moral-God given order, and you begin to ignore reality.  You now engage in pagan concepts and elevate yourself to a God.  ‘Science’ cannot explain the brain nor its ‘evolution’ from nothing.  Neither can ‘science’ explain morality, a consciousness, intuition, feeling or emotions.  ‘Science’ cannot explain the unexplainable complexity of the human body and the natural world at large.  Just saying ‘it evolved’ due to ‘natural selection’ is about as intelligent a view to describing the world as stating, ‘stuff happened and so here we are’.  Yet you must pray to this and other technocratic shrines, you must attend the Church of Things-happen or ‘evolve’ (by magic); Plant-Food-causes-everything; multi-culturalism is a fact and benign; all-religion-is-bad; there-are-160-genders; or any host of religious denominations which scream and caper within the Church of ‘Science’ and Technology.

the dehumanizing nature of idolatry is that we actually become what we worship. Lewis finishes The Abolition of Man with this very observation: Humanity’s obsession with conquering nature has, in fact, reduced all of humanity to mere nature.


By de-humanising society and  believing that we are just ‘apes’ without hair, the destruction of civilisation is just a matter of time.  


In an age of egoistic obsession and debt-driven material-munificence why should anyone care about C.S. Lewis?  After all isn’t he just another dead-White-male, who used his White privilege to explicate philosophies which enslave non-Whites and which promote modern thought crimes and anti-‘science’?

And Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College and The King’s College, considers The Abolition of Man one of six books that if read will save Western Civilization.  Kreeft observes: [The Abolition of Man] is prophetic; it is couched in scholarly language; in fact, its plethora of learned Latinate references scare away even college students today, for this is the first generation in American history that is less well educated than its parents, but its content is a terrifying prophecy of mortality, not just the mortality of modern western civilization .. … but the mortality of human nature itself if we do not recapture belief in [what Lewis calls] the Tao, the natural law, the doctrine of objective values.


Lewis’ doctrine of objective values based on Christianity and the natural Tao or logic of the real world.  The further removed from nature, natural law, logic and Western Civilisation, the faster the decline into madness and death. 



Roger Scruton: Fools, Frauds and Firebrands. Destroying 'Leftist' Philosophers

Marxist-Socialist 'thinkers' have nothing intelligent or moral to say.

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Conservative Philosopher (recently deceased), Roger Scruton was a former academic exiled from his land due to heretical thought crimes, which offended the Marxist-Globalist Academic-Propaganda Complex.  90% of academics are Marxist-Socialist (including those who support Green Nazism or non-science such as ‘warming’).  There is little free speech with academe, with most universities and most programs (many of them utterly useless); nothing more than propaganda mills for the rather illiterate and ignorant view of the Professing class.  They preach a form of immoral-spirit-less religiosity and dogma, devoid of morality or intelligence.

“Hence the distinction between science and ideology: my thought is science, yours is ideology; my thought is Marxist (since only Marxism penetrates the veil of ideology), yours is ‘idealist’; my thought is proletarian (Lukács), yours is bourgeois; my thought belongs to the ‘material conditions’ of production, and can be called ‘theoretical praxis’, your thought belongs to the false consciousness that arises like a cloud above the place where history is made. My thought is at work in the factory; yours is puffed from the chimney and dissolves into air.”


Scruton excoriated ‘Liberals’ (Socialists, Communists, Globalists, Relativists, Humanists, Positivists – they do come with many labels); for 60 years.  His crime was to live in rural England, living in the real world, connected to nature (small husbandry farm); eschewing Fake News (BBC, Sly etc); avoiding addictions (TV, Internet, Small screens); and deploying Christian faith and morality, as he regarded other philosophers and the world around him.  He was persona-non-grata for Quackademia, the Fake News, the ‘Leftist’ rent-a-mob, those who are perpetually outraged, and those addicts who know little about the real world, nature or even their own human minds, brains and bodies.


In Fools and Frauds he admits his thought crimes:

“My previous book was published at the height of Margaret Thatcher’s reign of terror, at a time when I was still teaching in a university, and known among British left-wing intellectuals as a prominent opponent of their cause, which was the cause of decent people everywhere. The book was therefore greeted with derision and outrage, reviewers falling over each other for the chance to spit on the corpse. Its publication was the beginning of the end for my university career, the reviewers raising serious doubts about my intellectual competence as well as my moral character. This sudden loss of status led to attacks on all my writings, whether or not they touched on politics.”


Today across the Western World, fascistic-terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter (but not if you are the wrong kind of Black like say a Christian murdered by Moslems, or a Police officer killed by Blacks); Anti-fa, Extinction Rebellion, and various Moslem Jihadic groups (usually organised by the Moslem Brotherhood or ISIS); are using public violence, arson, terror and assaults to bring down the ‘structure’ of Western civilisation.  This is what many youth are taught at indoctrination schools (university).  To say that half-wits support these programs is only pointing out the obvious.  It is only an obvious and sad fact that most of Western youth are polluted with Marxist dogma, unable to think, act reasonably, work productively, understand history and reality, and recognise the colossal ignorance of their own immoral-double standards.

“Two attributes of the new order justify the pursuit of it: liberation and ‘social justice’. These correspond roughly to the liberty and equality advocated at the French Revolution, but only roughly. The liberation advocated by left-wing movements today does not mean simply freedom from political oppression or the right to go about one’s business undisturbed. It means emancipation from the ‘structures’…..Much of their literature (the Marxist prophets he exposes) is devoted to deconstructing such institutions as the family, the school, the law and the nation state through which the inheritance of Western civilization has been passed down to us.”


The philosophies and polices of the ‘Left’ always lead to fascistic totalitarianism usually headed by a Leader who like many of the academic panjandrums today, has never worked, does not have a family, and never participated in nature, or civil society.  It is all violence and destruction.  Atheist socialists such as Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot (who learned his Communism in Paris from French ‘thinkers’ such as Sartre); were all committed Statists, in which various forms of statism (Communism, Fascism), would completely control society, the individual would melt into a collective and nothing would lie outside the state. 


None of these ‘Leftists’ had worked, engaged in normal family development, nor had any time for religious faith or spiritual development.  All of them were hard-core Evolutionary-dialectical materialists. The atheist Mussolini, who did have a job as a newspaper editor for a number of years but was largely outside of ‘normal life’ as most of us would understand it, pithily described the program, now promoted by the ‘New Left’, an Atheist movement in which ‘everything is in the state’.  


So it is with the Atheistic ‘New Left’.  Violent, intolerant, full of Newspeak, full of hate, anger, and racism (against Whites).

“Marx’s ‘materialist’ theory of history was a response to Hegel, who had seen the evolution of human societies as driven by the consciousness of their members, as this is expressed in religion, morality, law and culture. Not so, Marx famously wrote. It is ‘not consciousness that determines life, but life that determines consciousness’ (The German Ideology). Life is not a conscious process occurring in the realm of ideas, but a ‘material’ reality, rooted in the needs of the organism. And the basis of social life is likewise material, involving the production, distribution and exchange of goods. Economic activity is the ‘base’ on which the ‘superstructure’ of society rests.”


Marx’s theories are incredibly mindless and devoid of reality.  Individuals, institutions, cultures, history, legacies, technology, markets, decisions, families, Churches, none of these exist, except to server the ‘materialist’ phase which abstractly controls all human organisation.  These ‘intellectuals’, including Freud, Marcuse, Hobsbawm, Derrida, Foucault, Galbraith, and a long list of other psychologically ill, morally compromised and mentally constrained philosophers, simply ignore real life.

“language, religion, custom, association and traditions of political order – in short, all those forces that absorb competing individuals into the shared identity of a nation. To identify the working class as an agent, even if ‘metaphorically’, is to ignore the true significance of national consciousness as a genuine agent of change.”


And in condemning their old enemy ‘bourgeois-capitalism’ run by Whites and Jews (racism mixed with envious stupidity), there is never a real analysis done about the benefits of a system of markets, institutions, laws and free-association, only a limp hatred about the ‘structure’ which provides such flaccid humans the ability to not work, engage in mindless philosophy, or adjure their ‘proletariat’ to violence and war.

“no statistics, no detailed analysis of the modern firm or its specific instances, no examination of the structure of decision making, no real comparison between the private corporation and the state monopoly and no theory of the legal personality of the corporations in a modern state. We are offered nothing more than social psychology...”


Scruton eviscerates many of the modern world’s ‘philosophers’.  He simply repeats what they write, showing the gibberish, illogic, the tautological statements, the circular reasoning and the abdication of thought, reason and morality in their pronouncement’s to their flock of eager half-wits, that the long pages of jargon and nothing, really mean something important, namely; the destruction of the Western state is a mission worth dying for.  An Austrian Baron ‘Lukacs’, often cited by the New Left as a great thinker, is an example.

“He might have noticed his own hatred of God, his refusal of trust, humility and atonement, and his overweening violence towards the created world. But he would have noticed, too, how much his ‘messianic sectarianism’ remained wedded to the deed of Sarajevo, how much the annihilating labels – ‘ideologist’, ‘nihilist’, ‘reactionary’, ‘nostalgist’ – which he threw so indiscriminately at the imaginary enemy might have been rightly attached to himself, and how much he remained to the last what he was in the beginning, a privileged remnant of a vanished ruling class.”


The arrogance, the ego, the ignorance of misplaced pride, the labelling of ordinary people as categories of problems, the lack of analysis or understanding.  All from yet another ‘thinker’ who never worked, never lived in reality, was disconnected from nature, humans and normal associations.

“By constantly notching up the critique of American capitalism and its culture, and making only muted or dismissive references to the real nightmare of communism, those thinkers showed their profound indifference to human suffering and the unserious nature of their prescriptions.”


‘New Left’ (Globalism, Internationalism, Socialism, Communism) is a religion without spirituality.  There are no ethics, morals, regulations rooted in respect for others, or for private property, individual effort, or for history, culture, and the accumulation of civilisation over 3000 years.


Scruton’s books are a panacea for the age of stupid, for an era of anti-White racism, ignorance about the Moslem project, the deification of Fake News and Science Fiction.  Most of the nonsense one hears can be traced back to the ‘Thinkers’ Scruton so ably destroys.