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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


Ministry of Truth(s) - Recent Articles

Ministries of Truth(s) and the Holy Trinity of The New Religion

State. Scientism. Drugs and Vaccines.

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In the rewriting of reality, history, and the disavowal of real science, culture, heritage, civilisational development and faith, the Ministries of Truth have issued the following effluence over the past 60 years, sometimes in bundles, sometimes alone, sometimes with bodyguards, sometimes with violence, sometimes subtly, sometimes with impunity, but always with egregious amorality and mendacity.



Thou shalt have no other god than the state.  The state has taken over education, health, media, ‘science’, and offered itself as the sole guardian of truth, life, and information.  The larger the state, the more ‘moral’ the population.


2-Science is your second God

Thou shalt have no second God but ‘science’.  The scientocracy is the only way to ‘rationally’ organise the human’s affairs.  Given that most humans are pace the establishment, ineffably mentally ill and insipid, it is up to government and the scientocracy to manage all matters of existence, and in the name of ‘science’ all must obey.


3-Christianity must be destroyed

Judeo Christianity which produced the modern world must be destroyed.  The French Revolution, Communism, Nazism, and Humanist cults targeted Judeo-Christianity for destruction.  The magnificent corpus of Christian morality, thought, philosophy, science, invention, and compassion must be ripped down and replaced by the cult of the state and ‘science’. 


4-Whites are racist savages

White civilisation has not produced anything of value, and if by chance it has, it was founded on racism, exploitation and rapine of superior non-Whites.  In this context Whites must be eliminated, their countries invaded and saturated by non-Whites, who in their tens of millions will enrich and teach these illiterate and contemptuous Whites civilisation and morality. 


5-Humans are apes or worse

Humans are not unique, not endowed by a creator, but simply a product of chance and colliding molecules, no better than a chimp, probably much worse, and akin to a toxic virus.  Eliminating humans en-masse is necessary to appease the earth mommy and restore balance.  It is preferable that Whites are eliminated first.


6-Humans are destroyers

Not only are humans not unique, but humans also don’t build, innovate, love, empathise, moralise or engage in meaningful activity, graced by a higher power, with a purpose.  Humans are a disease without a purpose, raping, plundering and annihilating the earth mother and eradicating all other life forms causing species extinction.


7-Human emitted plant food is a toxin

An example of human devastation is the emissions of plant food or Co2 which is 4/100 of 1 % of atmospheric gas by weight and necessary for life, with 95% emitted by the earth mommy.  However, the evil human emission of 5% of the .04% is causing chaos, destruction, disease, changing weather and climate patterns and the end of the earth mommy.  The only solution is depopulation.  It is accepted theology that Whites are most toxic of the plant food emitters.


8-Vaccination is your third God

The third God of the holy trinity is of course the stab of mRNA poisons.  It is now accepted ‘science’ that natural immunity can never end viral pandemics in which 99.8% of the population survive, most of that number completely unaffected by the viral pandemic.  The only solution to keep people ‘safe and healthy’ is to inject experimental pesticides into muscular areas to combat a pneumatic virus.  When this ends in the deaths and injuries of millions, it is ascribed by the ‘science’ to a ‘variant’ mutation of the original viral load, in which for example, 300.000 such variations exist for the normal flu.


9-Salvation lies in drugs and ‘science’

They holy baptism of being stabbed, confers immortal salvation on the religious who is confirmed in the Church of Corona and ‘Science’.  The salvific grace of ‘science’ ensures a life of deep knowledge and insight and an after-life of purity and pleasure.  Those outside the Church of Corona and ‘Science’ are often heretical, damned, disbelieving Untermensch who must be marginalised if not killed. 


10-Heteronormity is evil

There is no such thing as a Y chromosome or mitochondria DNA, and no such thing as only male or female genders.  Such concepts are irrational and hateful phobic constructs imposed on others by Christians.  They militate against free will and choice.  In fact, hetero-normal males, especially Whites, are stupid, racist, violent and without merit.  State and scientific salvific grace flows to a wide variety of what was deemed mental illnesses, the gay, the transgender, the polygendered, the hermaphrodite, all applauded and celebrated as clever, free, superior and moral.


11-Families are phobic creations

Normal families are rancid Christian creations who by default are opposed to unlimited state power over their children, sexual abnormality now deemed normality, and interventions by superiors including science, government, experts and the sexually liberated, to manage the details of their miserable existence.  The family is anachronistic, and it must either conform to what the state demands, or be dismantled.


The Ministries of Truth(s) issuing forth a cascade of fraudulent data, fake studies, unscientific ‘science’, endless philosophy parading as fact, desire the complete subjugation of the individual into the Holy Trinity of the State, ‘Science’ and Drugs.  Only then will heaven be realised and the potential of polygenders actualised. 




How Deep does the 'Great Reset' Rabbit hole run? Pretty damn deep.

Red pill or Blue pill?

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The cult of ‘science’, perpetuated by big media and big government, aligned with ‘values’ around ‘safety’ and ‘social harmony’, is using the CV 19 flu fear-mongering for other purposes.  The ‘Great Reset’ is fact not theory.  The main purpose of CV-19 is to provide a cover to destroy the current financial-economic-social system, including erasing democracy, rights and eventually private property, for an elite managed world governance, in which the individual will be micro-chipped, monitored, managed and completely controlled. 


Further, White civilisation, European, American, Anglo-Saxon will be rubbished with open borders, and the invasion of Muslims and Africans guaranteeing the miscegenation of the White race and its ineluctable demise.  Why?  Demolishing centres of resistance by deracinating the cultural, institutional, economic and democratic roots of the West, and by importing Muslims, Africans and non-Whites, to make it easier to manage these post-truth societies.  China and the East, along with the ‘South’ will be left largely intact.  The West effaced.  Conspiracy?  Not if you are paying attention.  A German parliamentary insider in November 2020, explains what is going on.



Sebastien Friebel


The introduction of digital identities was an objective even before the Corona crisis and was being promoted by influential players. With ‘ID2020’, the Rockefeller Foundation and Microsoft have been pursuing for several years now a project for the digital, biometric registration of the world’s population, with digital immunity certificates again described as a possible use for the system.


A global vaccination campaign against coronavirus could soon be used as a pretext to roll out this control system, which has been prepared for years, worldwide – possibly in combination with the CommonPass mentioned earlier. It is important to realise that this means that the identity of every citizen (passwords, health status, bank data, social contacts etc.) will be centrally managed and transmitted to private corporations – a shocking, but unfortunately quite realistic idea. If you look at this and other projects of the digital corporations, you get the feeling that for these companies we human beings are more of a commodity or an economically exploitable raw material, and that our welfare matters very little to them.


Equally questionable is the obligation to wear a mask in public, especially without standardisation of the material used for this purpose. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, as the competent higher federal authority, states that for non-medical masks no protective effect has been demonstrated, either for wearers themselves or for others. It is characteristic that the authority then goes on, in spite of the state of current scientific data, to insinuate a pseudo-protective effect on the basis of vague formulations, even though such an effect has been shown to be non-existent just a few sentences earlier.


In this context, indirect compulsory vaccination, such as the so-called immunity pass would entail (in connection with a scarcely tested, probably genetically engineered vaccine), must be firmly rejected. As compared with the potential danger of coronavirus, the risks involved here would appear to be incalculable. 


CV-19 is being used to implement global communism.  A key aspect of the plan is the annihilation of the ‘West’ including its history, economies, heritage and institutional political-social structures.  Each nation state will align (in the West) to the same totalitarian autocratic structure.  The economy will be an entirely state-corporate affair (corporate fascism), in which only large, ‘approved’ international firms are players, meaning the disappearing of small and medium sized concerns.  Certainly, bi-annual (and entirely corrupted) vaccinations are being planned, with many governments openly proclaiming support for micro-chips.  All of this is done for ‘health and safety’.  None of it is moral, intelligent or ‘scientific’.  But in the post-truth society does anyone care about freedom, morality, science, or truth?


Cults Of Ignorance. Tearing down History.

Non Whites are absolved of all historical crimes. Fake News. Fake Education to blame.

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Black Lives Matter in Canada, co-joined with fascists Anti-fa self-loathing half-wits tearing down Canadian statues and in particular Sir John A MacDonald who was Canada’s first Prime Minister, the most important leader in the improbable creation of a country stretching from ‘sea to shining sea’, the second largest nation on the planet, blessed with resources, historical legacy and until recently, culture.


According to the usual cadre of ignorant half-wits, Sir John A and 19th century Canadians were racists, who generated a genocide against the ‘first peoples’ of the land.  These indigenous ‘Indians’ are now portrayed as native multi-culturalists, urbane, wise, sophisticated, in communion with nature, noble, dignified and superior.  In actual fact, the ‘natives’ were living some 7000 years in arrears of the hated-White man.  Endless wars, child sacrifices, slavery, early death, pestilence and a distinct lack of society, laws, technology, learning or even a modicum of science, medicine and learning were the realities. 


In the real world, advanced civilisations crush less advanced.  This is a basic fact.  There is nothing resembling ‘cultural parity’, nor the insipid and immoral declaration by the multi-culturalists that all cultures are equal.  This is absurd.  Canada is routinely described by many as a ‘great country’.  Compared to what existed in 1500 it most certainly is.  Whites hacked out of a wilderness a modern nation state.  They defeated the inhabitants.  What to do with the natives was and is a complex problem.  The 19th century Canadians did the best they could.  Revising history and ascribing ‘racism’ to a Prime Minister who helped create such a grand experiment as Canada is obtuse and deeply psychotic. 


Are the same assertions of ‘racism’ and genocide applied to the Iroquois who annihilated the Hurons and Algonquins in a tribal genocide?  Are the endless wars between tribes described as ‘racism’ and genocide when innocents including women and children were raped, enslaved and killed in their thousands?  The Fake News, the Fake Education, the Marxist rewriting of reality will lead to the very dismemberment of the system, that grants these idiots, the wealth, the luxury, the time and the tools to pull down statues and topple civilisation.