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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

J. A Klein: 'Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical Islam'

The O Messiah, Genius, Visionary, UN and Islam lover.

by StFerdIII


The best commentator on the stupendous nonsense surrounding the media creation the O-Messiah; the Arab-Black Deity who was supposed to lead America into a new world order of hope and change is Michelle Malkin ['Culture and Corruption' is reviewed here]. A close second is Joseph A. Klein, reporter, investigator, and writer. As Klein relates the O Genius was, is, and always will be, a political hypocrite, an elitist arrogant; a radical Marxist-Socialist who did sit in a racist church for 20 years and who ardently believes that American history including most Whites are evil [hence the 'typical white person clinging to guns and bibles' quotes that he issues forth]. The O God is convinced from his Muslim past [and present ?], that Islam is peace and merriment; and that the UN is the moral arbiter of the hope-and-change new world order, which must supersede and dominate the US Constitution and judicial processes. The US in other words must be just another member state within the international Marxist-cultural relativity order. So the O Messiah believes. The proof for these assertions, certain to annoy the PC Leftist crowd, is supplied in Klein's excellent book.

There is no doubt that the O'Barack is a Marxist. He wants wealth redistributed [excepting his own of course]. Somehow a man who was a lawyer making $80.000 a year [public records state this]; and than a $120.000 a year politician now lives in a custom built and paid for $3 million mansion. One assumes that the Marxian ideal of eliminating private property and destroying the 'ruling classes' oppression of the 'proletariat worker' does not apply to deities like O'Hussein. Programs of control and wealth confiscation can only be applied to the evil targets identified by such great men, including racist Whites, Jews, capital owners and when convenient big banks and big businesses [though as long as they donate money to political campaigns they might be spared or even supported, see GM, Citibank, AIG etc.].

As Klein proves, the O Genius is certainly an ardent lover of the UN, which is of course the most trans-nationally powerful socialist organization on the planet. The UN ethos and its animus towards the West resonate in the current Chicago-Land White House. The UN is also the Muslim's favourite vehicle to extort money from the West, stop any criticism of Islamic Fascism, and redefine the popular culture. As Klein sources:

In particular, the United Nations has become the Islamists' version of the Trojan horse. By penetrating and transforming the secular norms of international law through the UN, Islamists aim to infect our political and economic systems with a sharia-friendly ideology, in which strict, draconian Islamic rules apply to all people, regardless of their faith or nationality.”

Muslims are using the UN to protect Islam and to pilfer Western budgets. That is obvious. The largest bloc at the UN is the Muslim bloc which comprises 56 nations out of the 192 total. It is this group which is trying to criminalize any critique of Islam as 'hate speech' and which is using various UN agencies to transfer Western tax money to Muslim states. As Klein states:

As a group, OIC member states pay less than 3 percent of the UN's regular budget.....the OIC has ensured that it controls 30 per cent of the total votes in the General Assembly and then garners the balance of votes it needs from its left-leaning allies in Latin America.”

So the West pays for the UN, but the Muslim states benefit ? How logical. Not only that, but UN organizations are actively raping Western taxpayers to transfer literally billions of dollars per annum to Muslim and Arab states, to fund anti-Western and anti-Jewish wars, programs, and propaganda. Why doesn't the media and the vaunted academic 'class' moan about this wealth, political and cultural evisceration?

Klein details the monies sent by Western states to UN organizations such as UNRWA [Arab refugees in Israel and Gaza]; UNDP [United Nations Development Program]; UNICEF [UN Children's Fund] and other groups. There is a direct flow from Western taxpayers to Muslim militant groups, terrorists, political parties and Arab-Muslim programs of war, discrimination and Jihad. It totals billions each year and yet most people are completely unaware of the scale of this transfer, nor of its cost in life and in property. For instance Klein mentions that on the UN Human Rights Council, only 22 of the 47 members are free countries [p. 60]. Incredibly Muslim nations control over 1/3 of this organization. Yet Muslim countries are killing Jews and Christians, persecuting pagans and animists, denying women equality, engaging in misogyny, polygamy, and the dishonour murder of women; and the torturing and disfiguring of men and women for trite offences committed under the poorly named Sharia 'Law'. It is ridiculous. Further as Klein tells, the UN HRC “deftly use the UN to exploit Western guilt about its racist past, to immunize Islam itself from critical scrutiny.” [p. 157] So not only is the UNHRC a perverse example of non-Rights regulation; it is now a forum used by Muslims to distort debate about Islam and cast calumny on the West.

In Palestine, Klein writes that under UNRWA in 2008, the US alone contributed some $184 million to [p. 100]. The EU also threw in almost $300 million. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, so beloved by the media and Leftard cult, enthusiastically gushed in 2009, that the US would increase this funding level. What does UNRWA do with the money? Perpetuate the fraud of the Arab refugee camps in Israel and Gaza which have grown from 300.000 in 1949 to over 5.1 million today. Why are Arabs still living in shanty towns and why are Jewish refugees from the 1940s fully integrated into Israeli society and why were the Jewish refugee camps phased out of existence after 10 years? Arab and Muslim culture are to blame, not nasty Jews building a modern society and providing jobs, health care and education – something that the Arabs themselves seem incapable of producing in Israel or Gaza. The reason why so many Arabs live off of UN largesse in refugee camps is because, rather perversely, the Jews have created a modern state, which attracts Arabs looking for welfare, jobs and opportunity. It is the Jews who are funding hospital, social services and charity within Gaza and the UNRWA-run camps.

Perhaps the worst offender however, within the UN in helping the Muslim Jihad is the UNDP. The United Nations Development Program is the largest of the UN bureaucracies but of course as one would expect, only one Muslim state contributes to its budget (Kuwait), with the US as the largest donor. As Klein laments:

Just like the Islamists, the United Nations Development Programme embraces anti-capitalism and wealth redistribution as its guiding ideology. For example, in 2003, UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch-Brown proposed a 'guerilla assault' on the free market principles of the IMF and the World Bank use to set their policies.”

and it gets worse.....

...[the UNDP] Millenium Development Goals. These goals, scheduled to be achieved by 2015, focus on raising the standard of living around the globe through massive wealth redistribution programs that would supposedly enable poorer countries to develop their economies...pushing each developed country to give away 0.7 percent of its gross national income (GNI) to meet these goals....approximately $50 billion a year.”

The UNDP is engaged in nothing else other than the forced confiscation of Western money, in order to transfer most of this to Muslim and Arab states – all under the guise of fairness, equality and helping 'the little guy'. Marxist and socialist buzzwords and empty-headed rhetoric we hear every day from domestic politicians. The UNDP is a vehicle for Muslim enrichment as Klein references:

Forty percent of all donations to UN humanitarian and relief agencies since 1992 have found their way to Organization of Islamic Conference member states.....on top of all the oil money the West is already sending the Islamists' way – a compounded jizya, if you will.”

This is incredible. 40% of all transfers to the UNDP and all other 'humanitarian' aid ends up in failed Muslim states. Why are we funding the failure of Islam ? Why should Western tax dollars give succour to an anti-Western cult and ideology which is not a religion but a social and political movement ? We already pay an oil jizya which is a tax paid by non-Muslims to their Muslim masters. Since Muslims and Arabs own 50% of the world's accessible oil, the oil jizya is seen by Islam as a legitimate form of Dhimmitude or non-Muslim domination. Muslim states never found oil; developed it or invented means to refine it into practical usage. The entire supply and retail chain of oil was invented by Western states. But the really smart people don't see the transfer of $1 Trillion a year from the US and Europe to Muslim states as anything else other than 'normal'. What is not normal is that we pay the Arabs and Muslims anything for a resource that they never would have developed, and certainly not at the current rates of appropriation. Either stop the oil jizya, or at least stop the immoral funding of Muslim nations through the UN.

These UN transfers, as Klein reveals, fund the Jihad. Klein proves that the UNDP and “other UN agencies help Islamists channel monies from these sources through interlocking relationships with Islamic financial and charitable institutions, to fund nefarious causes.” For example The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in 2001 sent $500 million dollars to fund the Palestinian Jihad. The IDB accesses UN money which is purportedly to help the poor Arabs in 'Palestine' (p. 88). No UN programs of course, have been set up to help poor Jews or Christians in Israel, nor in any other country. None. For Muslims this UN money can and is used for anything including the purchase of weapons, military equipment, bombs and the buying of foreign political leaders and influence at the UN. It is criminal.

The great genius O'Messiah fits into this picture for two reasons as evidenced by Klein. First Hussein O'Deity loves Islam. That is obvious. He has made this fact pretty clear on each and every occasion. Even 'radical' organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, the progenitor of Qutb's Salafist Islamic fundamentalism and the inspiration to men like Bin Laden, are greeted by high fives and yo brother handshakes at the White House: “The Muslim Brotherhood has a sympathetic ear in the Obama administration. At least ten Muslim Brotherhood members were invited to attend President Obama's Cairo University address.” [Which was an execrable bit of fantasy, see here]. Nice. A racist, radical Muslim group is being group hugged in the West Wing.

The Obamed cult also loves the UN. The entire US administration and its judiciary seem intent on using UN law to contravene and override US constitutional and case-based law [see the last 2 appointments to the Supreme Court, hard core socialist – internationalist females]. It is nothing less than a revolution in America's legal structure – one never commented upon by the media or really clever people. These types simply assume that the UN is benign, gorgeously moral, and indifferent to political programs. This naive paradigm is not only dumb, but extremely dangerous. As Klein proves, the UN is the Islamic vehicle of choice to first plunder, than neuter and finally to dominate the West. The fact that the most pro-UN and pro-Muslim President in history sits grinning and gawking like a child in the big chair, should give everyone pause.

A great book. Please read it.



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