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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Russian imperialism and bloody empire building.

Georgia disappears and the USA and the West do nothing – except be 'concerned'. Where are the street protests and the no war for oil crowd now ?

by Lego Acies

Russia is an ethno-chauvinist state which has never given up the dream of re-constituting the Soviet empire. It has now invaded and destroyed a small, ancient, and democratic Georgian state allied to the US and NATO. Russia imperialism will now be turned eastwards after destroying this non-Slavic entity and the Americans and NATO will do nothing proving that American weakness and perfidy is real, and that NATO and the EU are little more than conference clubs busy with meetings and paper work. Hard power is needed in a hard world, not soft-headed posturing and useless rhetorical flourishes.

GW Bush has proven himself in the latter years to be another Jimmy Carter. Firm on Iraq – a wimp everywhere else. The US has misread Russia for 17 years since the Soviet Union collapsed and the Communist-KGB nomenklatura seamlessly moved from being the elite in one fascist state through some phases into another authoritarian, non-democratic one. When GW looked into Putin's eyes and fell in love [while holding hands one assumes], it revealed the deep ignorance which the US establishment holds about Russia. This preposterous view of Russia has actually persisted for decades going back to the 1930s.

FDR trusted Stalin more than Churchill, inanely muttering a few times that the British Empire posed more of a threat to US interests than the Soviet. Truman's containment policy post 1948 was the right strategy but the Americans did nothing to stop the Russian rape of Hungary and Budapest in 1956, nor of Prague in 1968. Pro Arab and Muslim Russian meddling met with no concerted US response during the 1970s and 80s. When Russia invaded Afghanistan the Americans did react first under Carter and then more meaningfully under Reagan to arm and aid the Arab-Muslim forces. But that realism has long since faded with the collapse of the Berlin wall, and the creation in the minds of the American elite of Russia as an ally – including it for instance inside the G7 industrialised nations.

Russia can never be trusted. It is largely an orientalist power with boundless imperial ambitions and claims to the east, south and west. In the past 50 years Russia has fought hot wars with China, various Central Asian states, Eastern European nations, and in the Caucasus. The trend and pattern is pretty clear. Russia desires increasing its empire further south, east and west. Each region has its own prerogative.

The Russian 'West' includes what all Russians regard as Russian motherland territory – the Ukraine. Ukrainians and Poles are regarded by Russians as inferior races, useless, lying tribes who have no claim to their land. It is a chauvinism and supremacism which runs deep. The Russian 'West' contains industry, the world's best farmland, the Crimea, and the great port of Odessa. It is not difficult to figure out why Russia wants it back.

The Baltic or north-west border area is the same. Rich, lying along the Baltic, and protecting the great port city of St. Petersburg, the 3 small weak Baltic states which like Georgia are NATO allies, are merely squatting on territory first coveted and temporarily conquered by Peter the Great. As with the Ukrainians, the Balts are untermensch and must be displaced from the Russian quest for Lebensraum.

In the 'East' the Russians have fought the Chinese along the Amur river corridor and will most likely have to do so again to establish political-economic and military superiority over a China which is expanding fast, and exporting literally hundreds of thousands of Chinese into an empty Siberia. Russian pretensions have existed for decades over various islands north of Japan which would secure oil deposits and even the Korean peninsula itself.

In the south the Russians have always desired 2 objectives – complete control over the Black Sea and a presence along the borders of Iraq and Iran in the Caucasus area. These twin ambitions have animated Russians since Catherine the Great defeated the Turks and turned the Black Sea into a Russian controlled lake. But now post-1991 the Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan stand in the way of the Russian empire expansion to achieve Catherine's goals [which also included the occupation of Constantinople].

For some reason this long history of military adventure and imperial lust for control of key southern lands and seas, makes little impression on either NATO or the US. In the 'great game', the Americans seem to believe that they need Russia to help contain Iran and North Korea. This is rather insane. All the Russians are doing is selling arms and expertise to both states and playing for time – much as they did with Hussein's Iraq where Russia made billions each year from oil concessions and arms exports. In the war on terror, the Russians have done nothing outside of some small aid in intelligence. The Russians are doing nothing to rebuild Iraq or Afghanistan – two ventures portrayed by the paranoid and slavish followers of Putin in the Russian media as American imperialist fiascos. Even the exportation of Russian nuclear material and skill to terrorist states and organisations remains a signal threat.

So now we have a small Europeanised statelet – Georgia – with a non-Slavic language, and ancient traditions being squashed by the Russian imperial state under the most ridiculous of casus belli. The Russians of course desire to control the strategic areas of Georgia and eventually Azerbaijan. Pipelines and geo-political location make these two statelets objects of interest. After Georgia is forcibly annexed or forced into some kind of political subservience to Moscow, Azerbaijan – another former Soviet slave republic – will be next. And the West will do nothing.

There is little outrage in the West over this war for oil pipeline control and imperialist gain. Thousands of Georgians are most likely dead, killed in an illegal invasion by a mafia-fascist state. The Russians have spent 10 years fomenting rebellion and trouble in Georgia and in two troublesome provinces. No state has the right to such interference in the affairs of another and certainly no moral right or power to destroy the integrity of a bordering state. This is a direct violation of UN and international law – so where are the one-world UN loving crowd and the legal mavens who declaimed over the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq ?

Nowhere of course. Georgia's crime was to be an independent democracy in the way of Russian ambition. It is a white Christian country – not a black, Muslim, Arab or Asian state. Ergo it foregoes any sympathy since white Russians killing white Georgians is of little interest to the multi-cult, victimology hypocrites. No 'war for oil pipelines' cry will be heard from this merry band of idiots.

The US has again left an ally in ruins without aid or even minimal rhetorical support. US standing in the world is not low based on Iraq – the Iraq war is won and the Americans were right. US standing in the world, as with all great empires, is laid low when commitments, common sense and hard action are foresworn and replaced by empty headed soft power assertions and the deferring to useless international fora or allies. The Americans are the ones who need to defend Georgia and it is the Americans who have again let another ally die an ugly death.

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