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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


Cult of Media PC Fascism - Recent Articles

Moslem Jihad in Boston and what it tells us about the Media.

Useless, mendacious, devious, ruthless.

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 The Moslem-Jihad attack in Boston goes right to the root of many issues – the degeneracy of the media; the ignorance, stupidity and bought-off corruption of politicians who say that Jihad has nothing to do with Islam; and the pop-culture mindlessness which takes the real world and transforms it into a fantasy universe of multi-cultural relativity. Moslems bombing Boston ? Surely Christianity and America are to blame ? Empires die from within before they are eradicated by exogenous forces. The MSM is a cancer in the body of Western states.

[Tamerlane was a 15th century Moslem Warlord who laid waste to Central Asia and Northern India – which means he is a hero to many Moslems.]

Boston's Jihad attack just proves that the Main Stream Media is a direct threat to freedom. The MSM does not report 'news', they take events and form them into opinions and viewpoints, which they 'sell' to the public in order to form their opinions. Why is this true ? Consider the following facts, during and now after the killing and capture of 2 Moslem Jihadis, which escaped and still evade MSM 'news reporting':

-First the MSM was screaming that the attacks were likely the work of Tea Baggers; 'Right Wing' extremists [whatever right wing means]; or anti-tax fanatics. They were crushed when the inevitable was revealed that Boston was attacked by Jihadis and quite likely, a Moslem cell.

-After it was clear that they were Moslems, Fox News and others spent an inordinate amount of time discussing the 'hard life' of these 2 'young men' in America. Ergo the USA is to blame not the Jihadis. Forget Americans granting 2 poor Moslems asylum, a chance to live and prosper in a wonderful part of the world. It was America which did not assimilate the poor Moslem boys. A lot of hot air was given over to the family of the Moslem terrorists who insisted that they were either just losers [so not affiliated with Islam]; or set-up and framed by the Kufar Americans.

-The bombs were 'not sophisticated' and therefore the work of [unevolved] White Christians. It is a nonsense that the bombs used in the Boston carnage were 'simple'. It would take a lot of training to make the pressure cooker bomb, and some skill and tenacity to produce the supply of grenades and pipe bombs, that the Jihadi brothers were transporting en-masse.

-The MSM made no linkage whatsoever of Chechnya with the 1400 year-old Moslem – Kufar war which has raged in the area and beyond. The Arabs invaded the Caucasus in the 7th century, plundering, pillaging and raping – what else do Jihadi Moslems do ? They were stopped by the Turks, whom they eventually would convert to the cult of Mecca. But the struggle with the Turks lasted 400 years. Some 450 years later the Russians under Peter and then Catherine the Great thankfully conquered the area for Christianity and civilization beginning in the 18th century. Since that time the Moslems have waged a low-grade civil war against Russia. Yet for the MSM Chechyna is just a Moslem dominated area and relativity as peaceful, tranquil and sophisticated as Boston. No connection to the Moslem Jihad there.

-A few 'news' outlets did state that Chechen Jihadis were fighting US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This must have caused them heart burn. The reports were always qualified with 'a few Chechens' being engaged in the international Jihad.

The day the 2 Jihadis were taken it was known on Twitter and Facebook that both were practising devout Moslems; that the older one's girlfriend a Dhimmi-Dhummy nitwit [brain dead] to be sure converted to the cult of Mecca; and that both had posted various Youtube and Internet links in support of Moslem Jihad, and identifying why Kufars must be murdered. It was known that the older brother had travelled to Chechnya spending many weeks there just 9 months ago. It was highly likely he was being trained. Upon his return the 'radical' Moslem internet postings appeared. In the various firefights with Law Enforcement, professionally made grenades and explosives were used. You don't make a pressure cooker bomb in 5 minutes. It takes training. Yet the MSM still can't link the brothers with the Chechen Jihad.

The sick sad irony is that America has spent most likely some $50 million in the past 20 years supporting Chechen Moslem fighters against Russia [a very stupid geo-political mistake]; Chechen relief agencies, and in building infrastructure within Chechnya. Hundreds of thousands of Moslem Chechens live in the US with a chance at a life divorced from poverty, ignorance, violence, Jihad and war. Yet what is the payback ? Innocents killed and maimed by a Chechen Jihadi attack in Boston, a city with the greatest concentration of Chechens outside of Russia. Most likely 2 or 3 further attacks stopped by US Law enforcement in taking down the brothers. It is highly likely there is a Chechen Jihadist cell in Boston. The MSM will not be interested.

The MSM are useful [or perhaps useless] idiots pace Lenin. They yearn for White Christians to be at the heart of every 'terror' attack. They are too mendacious or perhaps inane to connect dots and see patterns. To wit:

-There have been 21.000 Moslem attacks world-wide since 9-11 vs. 6 non-Moslem attacks since 1993 on public targets. See a pattern ? The MSM doesn't.

-Moslems have attacked New York, Buenos-Aires, Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow, Beslan, Mumbai, Sydney, Bali, Fort Hood, various targets in Israel and now Boston. Major Moslem attacks have been thwarted, often-times repeatedly in New York, Seattle, LA, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Paris, Rome, Hamburg, Berlin, Athens, Moscow, and Amsterdam. See a pattern ? The MSM doesn't.

McVeigh was a White atheist who quoted Hitler and who hated Christianity as much as he hated the US government. For the MSM he is of course a 'right wing extremist'. Anders Breivik in Norway wrote 'I am not a Christian', and quoted approvingly from Obama and Hitler. The MSM labelled him a right wing evangelical, in a country devoid of Christianity, which has no Templar order [it is a Catholic group which confuses the MSM]; and is smugly and arrogantly Marxist and Socialist. Breivik was no more a Christian than Obama. Asking 'Christians' to rise up in Norway, would be akin to asking 'moderate Moslems' to rise up and denounce Koranic hate speech. Won't happen, they don't exist.

The MSM is a direct threat to freedom. As a collectivity they are dangerous, ruthless, without scruples, morals or intelligence. They form opinions, they do not report 'news'. The MSM is allied to the state and to the various cults therein: the cult of relativity, the cult of warm, the cult of Islam is peace, the cult of abortion and infanticide, the cult of evolution [whales came from elephants don't you know]; the cult of Darwin, the cult of 'science', the cult of gay sex is fun etc.

Whatever the MSM says the opposite is usually true. The Moslem attack in Boston only proves that truism. 

Cultural Marxist Hypocrisy and Breivik

Which is why 'nationalist parties' will continue to do well in Europe.

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n. pl. hy·poc·ri·sies

1. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.

2. An act or instance of such falseness.

Middle English ipocrisie, from Old French, from Late Latin hypocrisisplay-acting, pretense, from Greek hupokrisis, from hupokrnesthaito play a part, pretend : hupo-hypo- + krnesthaito explain, middle voice of krneinto decide, judge; see krei- in Indo-European roots.]

It is to be expected. When a deranged fanatic who fantasizes that he is the neo-Medieval leader of an intra-European crusade against Socialist-Marxism and Islam destroys 70+ lives the media of course does not waste its time trying to find 'root causes' or 'explanations' which divorce this White man from Christianity. The media don't agonize over 'why did he do it?' Was there something in Western society or in the mores of political discourse which drove Breivik into insanity? Maybe he was denied a mortage? Maybe he was bullied as a child ? Perhaps he was left off of the Norwegian Olympic speed skating team? No the media wasted none of its incomparable uselessness in self-remonstration and social-psycholigical examination. The links were immediately made and remade into a fence of steel. Breivik was White. He was Christian. He was 'right wing'. He was demented. This is the media's favourite story line. Evil White men equal Christianity which equals blood, superstition and stupidity. Thank Allah we have cultural Marxism and state socialism to save us from the devil of White supremacism. In this vein soon we will learn from Harvard trained PhDs, that Hitler was actually a 'right wing' closet-Christian, along with Mussolini and Castro who were both openly Catholic. Soon the leftist bastards of National-Socialism and Communism will cease to exist. The 20th century's tragedy of total war will be blamed on right-wing Christians. Or so the big brains will offer.

The hypocrisy of the media in regards to Breivik is fantastically illuminating. Breivik and Christianity stand condemned even though Breivik was not a Christian and not much of a conservative. A very good analysis of Breivik's motives is here:

The butcher of Oslo, Breivik or Andrew Brewer of London as his Manifesto cover states, spent years accumulating the material for this long 1600 page dissertation....Some of the material is actually well-researched and detailed – even if plagiarized. The dichotomous brain of the insane – at one time lucid, at the next psychotic. Breivik was right about cultural Marxism, the benefices of Judeo-Christian culture, the millions killed by the Moslem Jihad over 1400 years; the destruction of higher purpose within Western society by the political-elite and their multi-cult programs, not to mention the corrosive effects of state socialism and welfare. A large part of his Manifesto is thus correct and full of facts. But to go from facts to murdering innocents is a step that only a psychopath can take.

But the point is this; detailing the benefits of J-C civilization is not the same as being a Christian. There is no proof that Breivik attended church or even believed in the New Testament. No Biblical passages are quoted in his Manifesto giving him impulse to murder Moslems. The same of course cannot be said about Moslem Jihadists who regularly quote the Koran. There are no long dissertations about why 'Christians' have to kill cultural Marxists or Moslems, based on scriptural illogic or mis-reading. Nor is there any evidence within the Manifesto that Breivik was motivated by Christian theology – something again that Moslems cannot claim since the Koran in over 700 phrases advances the idea of terror, war, and sending the Infidel to hellfire.”

When Moslems blow up, dis-honor kill, mutilate or attack non-Moslems, the cultural Marxists search for root causes, and spend an inordinate amount of time justifying the actions. They cleanly divorce the Moslem perpetrating the crime from Islam. They broadcast through the lame-brain media and various political channels that Islam in no way is connected with the 17.500 Moslem attacks since 9-11. Whether it is the Black Juba Christians being attacked and slaughtered in the Sudan, or Black Nigerian non-Moslems being gang-raped in Nigeria; or Jews set upon by Arabs and slaughtered in their beds; or downtown Mumbai being bombed by Pak 'rebels'; or White women being raped in Oslo by Moslems, it matters not. The great brains of the world whine, shriek, cry and pull their hair declaiming that Islam has absolutely nothing to do with the crimes thus committed. Terror is after all 'independent' of 'faith' they claim. Of course in the case of Islam they are wrong.

There are over 800 verses in the Koran advocating violence against non-Moslems and stating that those who don't follow Muhammad's cult are kindling for hellfire. 30% of the Koran is openly anti-semitic – a comparable level to Mein Kampf. Exactly none of the New Testament demands that Christians kill non-Christians. Exactly none of the New Testament describes in lurid detail, the suffering of non-Christians in Hell-fire, as they crackle and burn – kindling for the great Satan's pleasure. And exactly none of Christ's life is comparable to Muhammad's. Christ did not possess sex slaves, he did not lead 80 odd military expeditions, he did not order the murders of others, he did not kill Jews with his own hands, he did not have sex with a 9 year old, and he did not demand that the Christian cult go out and conquer the world, and expunge the homeland of non-Christians.

But besides all that Islam and Christianity are the same. So deformed minds tell us.

Breivik joined or formed [no one knows right now], a group called the PCCTS Knights Templar, dedicated to European liberation from both cultural Marxism and Islamic Sharia Law. Both are laudable objectives. Murdering innocents is not and Breivik needs to receive the death penalty – something that will never happen in the Euroland of happy socialism. This sorry association with the Knights Templar, and Breivik's insistence that Christian culture is the only means to repulse both of his hated enemies, is the only link that the media have to claim that Breivik is a Christian. The man himself never makes that claim. He does declare in his manifesto that he believes that Christian culture is the only antidote to the corrosion of cultural Marxism and Islamist ethos, now dominating Europe. He is right. But Norway is a spectacularly socialist-atheist country, with empty churches and an open hatred for Christian ideals. I don't see how Breivik intended to gain 'popular support' to use his own words, by appealing to the non-existent, and long-ago dismissed Christian religiosity of the Norwegian populace. It is weird.

The fact is this. Breivik viewed himself as the Pan-Euro saviour. A man cut in the mold of Charles Martel or Richard the I, sallying forth on his knightly steed to rid Europe of political pestilence and cultural sin. Nowhere in his 'manifesto' does he quote from the Bible using it as an excuse to murder and rain down carnage. Nowhere does he use phrases from the New Testament to justify the slaughter of the children of the cultural Marxist leaders of Norway. To link Breivik to 'White society' and Christianity is not only unfair but a process of demonization. This is the media hypocrisy that so many are tired of. Grand patience and explanatory sermons for Moslems. Hatred and contempt for White men and Christian culture.

Melanie Phillips and the cults of irrationality.

There is nothing rational about the irrational.

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Cults, cults everywhere. All supported by really-smart people and progressives. One thing to love about Melanie Phillips is her precise and apposite non Politically-Correct writing. She eschews PC Fascism for reality, trading in cults for rationality, and supine prostration for independence and enquiry. She is quite similar to Orianna Fallaci, the former lioness of Italian truth-telling who set the record straight in many books about what Islam truly represents. In her work 'The World Turned Upside Down' Phillips rightly demolishes the bastard ideologies which were birthed out of the poorly named 'Enlightenment'. It is no exaggeration to state that from Hume and Rousseau, through Hegel and Darwin, we come to Eco-Fascism, the multi-cult cult, and irrational ideas about life, humans and society [see here for a review of her book and her detailed destruction of the Eco-Fascist cult].

The Enlightenment of course was not monolithic. There are various strains and national variances during the 17th and 18th centuries at work – the French, Scottish and English being the most notable and all focused on different aspects of 'liberating' man and installing reason. Even though many good concepts flowed out of the Enlightenment it was at its core a movement which was obsessed with demonizing medieval Christianity and divorcing man from metaphysics. That was the thrust of the effort. Most if not all of the Enlightenment 'thinkers' felt that reason was the new religion, and that any form of faith in a higher divine essence, or in the mysteries of life or the soul, had to be expunged. This is simply neo-paganism, wrapped up in a theological certitude that science can explain everything – when we all know that it can't. As Phillips states;

What Darwinism and environmentalism also derive from the vision laid down by Comte and Bacon, who reduced everything to a materialist worldview, is their ruthless subordination of evidence to a prior unchallengeable idea. All are ideologies, and as such they block the path to true enlightenment. Environmentalism uses science to betray science....Darwinism, meanwhile, is not so much science as materialism applied to biology....As Karl Popper has argued, Marxist theory of history and Freudian psychoanalysis are not science at all but pseudoscience....People who refused to see these verifications were unbelievers.”

The Enlightenment was a reductionist set of theories centered around natural materialism, or the physical world of the 5 senses. There is much that is good about such a theory. But not everything in life is either materialist or reductionist. Science cannot explain everything. Huge gaps exist in the theology of Darwinism. The origins of life and of the universe cannot be explained by scientists. The first causations of what constitutes our natural 'laws' have not been discerned nor proven by the scientific method. The belief that only rationality is important, and that only reason can exist to explain our world and thus be used to organize our society is rather ironically, completely irrational and even mystical. It is thus more of an act of faith to believe the 'Big Bang' theory, than it is that a divine essence originated both the universe and life – the great clockmaker to paraphrase Newton. As Phillips points out;

The mathematician David Berlinski has written...that physicists were so alarmed by the theological implications of the Big Bang that they immediately tried to block off this dangerous line of thought altogether by suggesting that although the universe had a beginning, there was no beginner...'Quantum cosmology is a branch of mathematical metaphysics. It provides no cause for the emergence of the universe and so does not answer the first cosmological question, and it offers no reason for the existence of the universe, and so does not address the second.'”