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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


Cults are not a Religion - Recent Articles

Modern Neo-Pagan cults and the destruction of civilisation

A vicious neolithic assault on normality, modernity and Christianity

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In one of history’s ironic movements the various cults of modern Atheism and Materialism, owe their genesis to the Catholic Church.  The scepticism which informed William of Ockham and others in the 14th century, and Descartes in the 17th century, and many contemporary Catholics, led to the view of life as a mechanical operation.  This concept is the basis of Newtonian mechanical physics.  This philosophical premise of design invention, developed the metaphysics of Deism which is the belief in an immanent intelligence much akin to a watch maker (Paley, 18-19th century) who designs the complexity of the object (and universe) and then quietly withdraws, allowing the processes within the object to run their course.

It is of course a small step from that premise (mechanistic design) to offering ‘proofs’ that an immanent intelligence is itself unnecessary to create the objects and artifacts (composite objects) of existence.  Natural laws could be discovered to account for the creation of complexity and the universe, a position put forward by Dawkins, Hawking and Mlodinow amongst others.  This position believes that natural events can lead to the birth of complex life and the artifacts of existence including water, air, the atmosphere, cosmology and ecology.  It purports that nothing can create something (Hawking’s bizarre claim that gravity can create life), or that the universe has always existed and has its own teleological development unrelated to divine intelligence.

The complete rejection of Neo-Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy and metaphysics based on physical relations of causes and events, and interactions between objects, and which was the premise of Medieval Scholasticism and science, has led to a complete unmooring of the present from the past.  Erased are the complex Thomistic proofs (and those of Kalam the Muslim proof based on the cosmological principle), for God’s existence and his conservation of all objects and their states, which necessitates an active intervention.  In place of these intricate constructs the modern age has reverted to the pagan theologies of Parmenides, Democritus or Epicurus, in which life is simply an evolution of mechanics unrelated to an unmoved mover, or a pure act.  Hume’s belief that causal relations are by themselves unimportant or based on chance, and not part of the actuality of change or potential undergirds the philosophical metaphysics of abstract modern science and physics.  In this view there is no need to explain or understand first causes, or the essence and existence of objects.  Given natural laws, many of them yet to be discovered, and surmising that there are layers of natural laws yet to be untangled and understood, this viewpoint states that modern science should pursue the ends of the mechanical philosophy both in the micro context (string theory) and the universal (cosmological laws and patterns).

This current neo-Paganism does not offer much which is historically new.  It just goes full circle back to the ancient Greeks.  This must be unsettling for the ‘progressives’ and those who believe in endless ‘progress’ or development.  It appears that the metaphysics which describe and guard-rail scientific development, and which explain the abstract mathematics which may or may not actually be relevant, has not proceeded beyond very simple theorems put forward some 3000 years ago.  The materialist (matter is the only thing which is important), mechanistic design obsession leads to a disavowal of human exceptionalism, firmly placing the human as just another animal within categories of fauna, small, weak, selfish, all-consuming, and destructive.  This end philosophical teleology of human depravity leads to the various neo-pagan cults which assault the Christian Church and seek its complete eradication:

1-Mother Earth worship in the form of ‘warming’ or ‘climate’ from plant food itself a minor trace chemical 0.04% of gas by weight, 95% emitted by the Earth Mother.

2-Totalitarianism as evinced in Gaia Fascism dictates that the human population must be forcibly reduced, to save the planet, including the eradication of husbandry farming and eating of meat.  It also demands an end to the ridiculously named ‘fossil fuels’ which are nothing of the kind, given that oil and natural gas are the second most common liquids on the planet. 

3-Non-Green Energy, in the guise of bird chopping Wind Turbines and rare metal based solar panels, must replace the hundreds of years of natural occurring and regenerating oil, gas and coal reserves, even as these technologies will never produce more than a tithe of what a modern economy needs to function and destroy the Earth Mother through massive operations to dig out precious rare metals and the destruction of the ecology to erect the panels and turbines.  The net effect is to reduce cheap energy and doom people to poverty and death.

4-Totalitarianism as developed by the Rona Fascism, demands that the human must be controlled, monitored and the population forcibly implanted with mRNA and other artifacts which may destroy the genes and immune system of the receiver, for the general ‘health and safety’ of the population.

5-Human sexuality is not a biological but social construct and mental illness, rendered in the Gay, Trans and Gender confusion is now normal.  There is no need for families or even to birth young.  Heterosexuality is viewed almost as criminal and certainly as selfish.

These neo-Pagan and quite idiotic philosophies are established for a purpose.  The end goal is the destruction of much of civilisation and the absolute reduction of the human population.  The neolithic rites and rituals around Gaia worship, along with the eradication of Christianity and hetero-normality is of course a key short term objective for the neo-Pagans.


God is Fear, not Love.

No hell, no punishment? No moral, intellectual or societal order.

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The Battle: Jesus, Our Passover Lamb 

Russell Kirk and Edmund Burke understood why Christianity was the foundation stone for Western Civilisation, a culture and concept which is now fast imploding and unless real faith is revived and rebuilt; will collapse.  They understood why the life, teaching and resurrection of Christ was so vital in the development of society, institutions, and true progress.  Kirk and Burke were two of the greatest philosophers and exponents of reality that our civilisation, now debased and effeminate, has produced.  They knew that truth and wisdom come from a strong belief, an active belief, a participatory belief, in God and most particularly and importantly, a fear of God.  If there is no fear in God almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible, there is no wisdom, no societal structure based on truth, and nor moral or even intellectual order. 

God is not Love. 

The modern Churches are in main becoming useless appendages of the State.  They preach a Beatles melody that God is love, love, love and love is all you need.  It matters not what you do or believe.  Just love.  This is apocryphal, does not comport to the teachings of Christ, nor any of the prophets, is not found in scripture and is not based on common sense, science, or morality.  It is the insipid trumpeting of Thomas Paine’s ‘Rights of Man’, in which we should have unlimited rights, be forgiven for unlimited actions and evil intent, and be petted and patted as if God is the loving grandmother in our kitchen baking cookies and telling us in a soothing voice, ‘It is alright dear, you can do whatever you want, be whatever you want, act in any way, and I will forgive you.  Here eat a cookie.’  The modern approach to Christianity has little connection with Christianity and is a corrupted version of moral relativity and Enlightenment metaphysical madness.

Christ declared that he came with a sword to divide families and generate conflict.  He sought to overturn society and uproot traditional trees.  He said that only through him could you understand and see the Father, God almighty, and that he the Christ, was the portal to the immaterial spirit of creation.  Without a belief in Christ, you do not pass to the Father.  This is clearly stated and demanded.  No amount of ‘love’ will allow you to pass that door unless you believe.

Christ did tell his apostles to ‘love one another as I have loved you’, because they were his disciples who did in part, and only in part, believe in who he truly was and in his divinity.  He also asked his general followers to love their enemies (Sermon on the Mount), to show those who oppose us kindness, in the hopes of converting their hearts and souls, but he never declared that these enemies would be loved by God, accepted and forgiven.  He said nothing of the sort. 

Christ preached peace when peace might work, he also preached violence and overturned tables when God was desecrated and abused.  He never preached that love is all you need.  He did preach that based on actions and remorse you might forgive and show mercy, just as you would ask God for mercy and forgiveness, but you must believe in God and act in accordance with God’s wishes, to demand such grace. 

The divine Christ was scourged, beaten, tortured and crucified by the pagan Roman and compatriot Jews in the most violent and bloody manner imaginable, an episode confirming the prophecies and written by his own divine Father.  Christ was sacrificed on the exact same day that the Passover lambs were sacrificed in Jewish tradition.  He was the final blood sacrifice to God, paying the ransom of the sins of a wayward mankind who defied and still defies God’s word and intent, who still worship their graven images and idols, who still deny the created world and the miracles of life and of God’s handiwork.  Those who do not believe are never saved.  God does not ‘love’ those who disobey. 

And what ‘loving’ Father kills his own son? 

How could the Churches preach the happy melody of endless summers of love, when they ignore the wrath, the violence, the omnipotent reach of God?  The Old Testament readings on the Easter Vigil include the story of Abraham going to Mount Horeb to sacrifice his only son, out of fear and obedience to God.  An angel stays his hand, and a ram is offered instead.  Nary a sermon will pick up on the fear of God which compelled a wealthy man to attempt to kill his own son.  Yet on Easter, we have God the Father, condemning and allowing the sacrifice of his only son, even as the Christ cries out, why have you forsaken me? 

Where is the love in the sacrifice of Christ?

Christ never rebuked or effaced the Old Testament and its code and prophecies.  He fulfilled them.  He added a new covenant, that amongst Christians, we must love one another, and also love our neighbours be they Christian or not.  But to be a Christian is the message.  That means following the code and rules laid down by God.  It does not mean only love.  Love is an additional stricture added to the commandments and expectations given to Christians by God.  It is not the only and not even the most important part of the covenant.  Fearing God is the most important aspect of Christianity.  This fear leads to a moral order, a structure of thinking and activity, which drives progress and invention and creates a better society. 

The First Commandment is very clear, you will have no other Gods, but the one true God the Father.  Fearing his anger is the basis of Christianity.  Disappointing him, the premise of moral order.

The fear of God and Christ’s wrath is what drives both wisdom and ambition.  Christ is the door to the Father.  The Old Testament commandments must be upheld.  The fear of hell and punishment nicknamed Gehenna by the Jerusalem Jews was and is real.  If there is no punishment, there can be no reward.  In any game if there are no losers, there are no winners.  The material energy and physics of the soul must live on.  The immaterial spirit and essence of your soul must live on.  The proofs and the miracles over 2000 years supporting both hell and heaven are overwhelming and far exceed most modern ‘science’ in their detailed evidence. 

Why did a wrathful, vengeful God allow the death of his Son?  It was not just to remit and forgive our Sins as a sinful, deviant, unworthy race and species.  It was the great example of what is expected.  Fear God and even kill your own son out of that fear.  Fear God or be damned.  Fear God so you can endure the punishments, torture, pain and crucifixions of this life.  Fear God and follow his commandments and the model of living exemplified by his Son, so you too may partake of the immaterial eternity awaiting those who are blessed and who understand why God and real faith is so important.  Fear God so you too can be resurrected like his son, Jesus Christ.

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