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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


Russian cult of the Tsar - Recent Articles

Russia and the Ukraine - a diversion for the Cult of Corona

A perfectly timed distraction as the NWO reassembles its forces

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It did not take long for the Corona plandemic to end.  All it took was a war along with persistent protests, stout resistance, non-compliance, the irresistible reality of the poison stabs killing and injuring millions, and a realisation ignored by most, that Corona had nothing to do with health, but with control, money, a digital ID, and endless stabbinations against the digital ID or a revocation of social and economic freedom.  This slow-simmering revolt put the New World Order cabal and national governments into direct confrontations with their populations.  A diversion was needed.  The Ukraine is the perfect diversion.

 Consider the following:

 1-Money and Labs.  The Ukraine is the world’s money laundering capital (outside of Switzerland) and is vital for the American plutocratic elite to launder money in order to bribe officials, buy elections (xi Biden 2020 coup with 40 million stolen votes) and enrich themselves.  Add to the money laundering, the fact that the US Deep State has 15 biolabs producing pathogens and WMD in the Ukraine.  The US invaded Iraq over miniscule amounts of the same.  Why are the Americans deploying WMD in the Ukraine and why shouldn't the Russians dismantle them?

2-The Eastern half of the Ukraine is Russian, the Western half is Ukrainian.  There are strong historical linkages between the eastern enclaves, and the Crimea with Moscow.

3-NATO rebuffed Russia’s overture in 2000 to join the Western alliance, and instead militarised the Ukraine with bases, armaments, ‘advisers’ and missiles, many very close to the Russian border.

4-Western states have been intimately involved in trying to reduce or remove Russian influence including the various ‘revolutions’ between 2006 and 2010 which sought an end to Russian domination over the Ukrainian political-economic structures and spheres.

 5-When Russia invaded in 2014 and took over the Crimea and parts of the Donetsk-Donbass region, no real objections were issued by Western states which in reality could do little.  Nary a shot was fired and the Ukrainian military would have been no match for the Russian.

6-Inevitably after the Ukraine tried to reclaim the eastern enclaves post 2014 failing but killing some 14.000 civilians, a reprisal was to be expected from the Russian military.

7-Putin’s fantastic and incredibly obnoxious use of ‘fascist’ to describe the Ukraine highlights a high degree of ignorance as to what Nazism entails, and how the Ukrainian state is organised, not only politically, but culturally.  Nazism does not exist outside a small brigade of neo-Nazi fighters in the Ukraine and the country itself, is not structured along national-socialist lines, nor a polycratic totalitarianism, based on racial evolutionism, as evinced by the NSDAP in Germany.  This non-sequitur severely comprises the Russian rationale for invading in 2022. 

So what will happen in the Ukraine?  The Dnieper from Kyiv to the Black Sea is the natural boundary between a Russified Ukrainian east and a landlocked Ukrainian rump to the West.  Expect the Ukraine to be split, with this conflict over by late spring.  After that, the New World Order will get back into the business of recreating a plandemic along the lines of Corona (but probably targeting smallpox or a new variant of Sars II called Sars III). 

The Corona cult and its progeny are not finished.  Russia is a diversion while the Corona totalitarians hide the dead and injured data from the stabs, erase as much information as possible on the incredible carnage caused by their policies and ‘repurpose’ their propaganda to hail the victory of the vaccines and said policies over the deadliest viral attack in history, with a death rate of 0.1%.  Russia and the Ukraine are mere theatre whilst the various regimes and cabals rearrange their forces for the next attempt at a medically induced totalitarianism, premised on forced DNA changing injections and digital IDs. 



Putinism is based on Russian history, paranoia and communal propaganda

Until Russians change, their system will never change.

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The problem with Russia is the Russian people. This is clear from the recent events in the Ukraine which tie in with Russian history. Russians demand empire, satraps, inferiors to be managed, and glory. The Ukraine is but another chapter in that long story. It also reflects the deep paranoia Russians have about the 'West', in which they place the Ukraine.

Since the early 13th century, Russians have fought against and defeated Western invasions: the Teutonic Knights, Poles, Lithuanians, the Swedes under Charles XII, Napoleon, the Nazis and even post-world War I a melange of Japanese, Americans, British, Canadian and Czechs who intervened in the Communist-created civil war which killed 10-15 millions. The lost episodes in the Crimea against the British, Turks and French, and the pasting by the Japanese at Port Arthur are exceptions rather than the rule. For much of their history the Russians did eventually, beat off their Western enemies.

Thus losing the Cold War was a national psychological as well as a human, economic, environmental, and spiritual disaster of enormous proportions. The Russian national-socialist system, named Communism, simply imploded. Without firing a gun the West had 'beat' the Russians, and in particular the hated Americans, lampooned by Russians, their media and their political oppressors, had somehow pushed Russia into bankruptcy. Even today, many Russians, probably a third, still believe that Communism was a great system – notwithstanding the 30 million dead, the KGB, the economic destruction, the lack of jobs, communal apartments, no free speech, no freedom, endless and quite stupid propaganda, no technology, no industry......

Russian history and culture is East-facing and deeply anti-Western, it is an Oriental brew, akin in many ways to the Arab view of the world and even of life.  Putin is a disaster because he destroys any hope of a reformation so badly needed in a psyche so deformed by history and propaganda. 

The Russian invasion of the Ukraine is not only illegal, it is rather insipid. $500 billion will leave Russia this year – roughly 40% of total GDP. This capital flight is the real 'vote' on what Putin is doing, not corrupt one-party elections or 'polls' of people constantly inundated with mindless propaganda.

For example on Russian TV it is stated as a fact, that the Malaysian passenger jet and its 298 dead innocents, was shot down by the Americans who then blame Russia. Further it is America which is financing the Ukraine and pushing it into war with Russia. America wants war it is declared, because its economy is so bad. Even more lurid are the claims that the Ukrainian government are 'fascists' killing Jews, innocent Russians and bombing villages.  Pan-shots of eradicated villages are offered, with sad faced Russian speakers offering vivid portraits of this fascism.  


So spaketh Pravda.  It is pathetic in the extreme. But the bizarre fact is that all of Russia believes this vomit of propaganda. At least 80% of Russians believe that their media – all of it state owned – are truth tellers. This is akin to someone in the West equating the BBC or BC, BS stations with news and information. Ridiculous. Until Russians begin to think for themselves and demand changes Putinism will be the norm forever.

1918-2014 - not much has changed in Russian propaganda and communalism

The cult of the Russian communal - all forward now for empire!

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Russian giant knocking down the capitals of the Ukraine [Kharkiv], Lithuania [Vilnius] etc. as the Soviet war machine spreads east.

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