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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


Cult of Socialism / Statism - Recent Articles

Review, Thomas Hobbes: 'Leviathan' – political theory meeting political order.

Hobbes the seer of state power.

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The 100 best nonfiction books: No 94 - Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes (1651 ...

The last 3 years revealed the overwhelming evil that resides in government.  The Corona scamdemic, with an IFR of less than 1%, and for the under 70s 0.05%, or the same as the flu, was used a pretence to lock down populations, terrify them, face-mask them, and stabbinate them with mRNA experimental poisons, which are now a part of many governments stabcine schedule.  Socialised health care, funded and bought news (fake) and funded and bought ‘science’ ($cience) along with the obvious capture of large swathes of big government by the criminal pharmaceutical industry, allowed the midget mediocrities residing in government to annihilate reality.  The stabbinations have killed in the UK and probably most everywhere, 3x or 4x as many, as those who actually died ‘from’ not with the dreaded 0.03% IFR Corona.  Yet the mass of the population beholden to authority, the state and socialised health care, ready to believe anything the $cience says, complied, many died, and many more would like to do it all again.  How did we get to such a supine, stupid state?

Philosophy and words which inform culture matter.  Since the Age of the ‘Enlightenment’ the cult of the state and of ‘reason’ has been forwarded as the salvation of man.  Follow reason as demanded by the expertise of the state.  Let the state and government run your life, tell you what to do, and inform all of your actions.  Obey and comply.  This mentality of the all-powerful Leviathan, has a long history, stretching back into pre-history, but today with the technological and financial apparatus now at hand, it can be fully realised. 

Hobbes' Leviathan is one of the major works of political theory and its import is obvious in today’s world of Corona, Climate and $cience. It was in reality a prophecy and its impact is obvious and real. Hobbes was a Royalist during the English Civil Wars meaning he was on the wrong side of history and reality. He was a tutor to Charles II who acceded to the throne in 1660 after the fall of Cromwell and the Puritan Parliament. In 1651 Hobbes penned Leviathan, which is in essence is an ode to 'Divine Right' rule, and the unflagging power and inherent morality, of state might. It is an important book because it eloquently presents the case for state coercion and omnipotence. Such ideals were au-courant during the dynastic Kingships of early modern Europe. They are more relevant even now. Today our secular Leviathans can trace their lineage to Hobbes' theory which met the modern political order.

The crux of Hobbesian theory can be seen in the illustration covering his work. On it is a gigantic and majestic monarch who holds sway over the land. His body is composed of countless small citizens who have given up their freedom to form the corpus of the Leviathan state. The state in return will provide succor and safety to its 'children'. All that is needed is for the average person to give up his or her 'smallness' by joining the greater body of 'good' reflected in state power.

Hobbes wrote his work after the first phase of the bloody English civil war, which never really ended until the ascension of the Protestant William of Orange to the crown in 1688 and his victory over the Catholic James at Boyne in 1689. 1651 must have been a difficult time for Royalists after the Presbyterian victory in the civil war's opening act, and the granting of Parliament rights that had once been the exclusive domain of the monarchy. Post civil-war is usually a period of social disturbance and uncertainty. For Hobbes only state power refracted through the crown of divinely sanctioned royal, had the moral and social strength necessary to bring peace and stability to a civil-war scarred state. Indeed the Leviathan of state power was the only order which should govern society – represented solely by a monarchical house:

“This is the generation of the that great Leviathan, or rather, to speak more reverently, of that mortal god, to which we owe under the immortal God, our peace and is one person, of whose acts a great multitude, by mutual covenants one with another, have made themselves every one the author....And he that carrieth this person, is called SOVEREIGN, and said to have sovereign power...”

Thus, the creation of a state Leviathan, must be managed by a 'great man' or divinely appointed superior in the guise of a monarch. By destroying the individual ego, and much of individual freedom, the society en generale will gain peace, industry, and stability.

Hobbes' theory as developed in the mid-17th century was certainly nothing new. Divine right rule had long been practiced dating back to the times of Sargon the Great in 2500 BC. Tribal leaders, Pharaohs, city-state despots, caliphs, Kings, Tsars, National Socialists, Communists and every civilizational expression had long used the 'strong man' theory to justify totalitarian or despotic governance. Merging the church and state into one body, and even better, one man, has long been an objective of the power-hungry.

Hobbes' theory is little more than justification for the eradication of a parliamentary balance of power, and by extension, the crushing of freedoms, both real and theoretical of the population. In effect Hobbes would have the world turn away from the division of powers encased in the US Constitution, or the late modern period of British parliamentarism, to a pre-modern world of arbitrary governance by one man, who ruled over a sedate and subordinated commons:

“The only way to erect such a common power, as may be able to defend them from the invasion of foreigners, and the injuries of one another, and thereby to them in such sort, as that by their own industry, and by the fruits of the earth, they many nourish themselves and the live contentedly, is, to confer all their power and strength upon one man, or upon one assembly of men, that reduce all their wills, by plurality of voices, unto one will… be acted, in those things which concern the common peace and safety; and therein to submit their wills everyone to his will, and their judgements to his judgement.”

Hobbes is calling for a cult. A cult of the state and a cult of the monarch. The problems with a cult are too many to list in full but could include inter-alia, a loss of free speech, expropriation of property, a loss of independent action, no check on state power, corruption, arbitrary laws, and even rule by inbred dunces. Hobbes seems to believe that 'royals' are designated by the immortal God as our superiors and are infallible. In actual fact royalist history reveals many incompetents, inbreds, sociopaths, miscreants and immoderate imbeciles. Not all 'great man' are bad or foolish, but too many turn out to be murderous psychotics along the lines of a Napoleon or Hitler.

Hobbes stands at odds with Locke, and the orthodox liberal position of Jefferson, JS Mill and Gladstone. History was moving on and Hobbes was standing still. Yet his ideas found a receptive audience and embedded themselves in the sub-conscious of our culture. The modern secular state is a monstrous Leviathan, more completely omnipotent than anything Hobbes could have fantasized. In an age of tepid Globalization, we were told that the nation state would be obsolete or mortally wounded. It would be a 'race to the bottom' in social security and welfare nets. The poor, the young, the old and the sick would all perish. Of course, the opposite has happened. With an increase in technology, trade and financial exchange, the state has accrued enormous strength and reach.

Hobbes' book is thus a prophecy. The monarch is the state. The state is King. Our individual wills have been neutered and transferred to the monarchical state. The process of the state is the all-power monarch. It rules and we the small little yeomen peasant on the front cover of Hobbes Leviathan jacket, swarm together to be warmly joined in the body politic of our great new master and King – the state. Hobbes' poem to the morality and omnipotence of Kingly power did not find its relevancy until the 20th century. It is doubtful that many in the 17th century believed that an all-powerful despot was the only organizational framework for society. But 360 years on his ideas have become the de-facto template for state power. This fact is not a positive, but it does make Mr. Hobbes a seer of bad tidings and unfortunate cultural and societal degradation.

The wisdom of Bastiat. What would he think of modern France?

The victory of Statism over reality.

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What would the famous Bastiat make of modern France?  A country dominated by the EU or German Empire, and massive, overweening, overwhelming government?  A country invaded so relentlessly by Muslims and Africans over 30 years, that Paris looks like it belongs somewhere in central Africa, and Marseilles appears to be sited in Lebanon or Arabia.  A country so debauched by self-loathing that any policy which may remotely indicate sovereignty, independence, cultural pride, or common-sense is categorised as fascist, hateful, and bigoted.  A country which highlights where the inexorable growth of government leads to, namely state despotism.  A country still wedded to the Rona fascism, stabbinations, interventions and soon a border where to enter as a mere peasant-tourist, you will need to have 4 fingerprints taken, along with 6 photographs and have your movements tracked and known.  Surely this is the utopia of democracy and liberty.  How did the France of Bastiat end up here?


Bastiat was the famed mid-19th French economist noted for his adherence to economic reality; and the disavowal of socialist-utopian schemes. In today's parlance he would be a conservative-libertarian, ignored by the main-stream media as an 'extremist' and condemned by modern Keynesian's as 'heartless'. But as Bastiat famously declared, in economics it is the 'unknown' which is far more important that the 'known'.


“The tribute paid by the people to commerce is that which is seen. The tribute which the people would pay to the State, or to its agents, in the Socialist system, is what is not seen.”


The consequences of socialism and government statist power are all too real and run through the width and breadth of the political-economy. Nothing in life is free – not even paper printed up and called money, which apparently resolves all economic ills, themselves caused of course by government.


Bastiat's sensibility runs counter to the socialist-statist addiction the current world finds itself in. If the Pharaohs build pyramids does that really improve your fictional GDP, itself a spending algorithm of little factual relevance? What are the unforeseen consequences of debt, printing money, and governmental interference in most of the political economy? What happens to your freedom when government can impose an endless array off taxes to 'save the poor'; 'provide for the elderly'; 'aid the little guy'; or create 'equality', 'fairness' and 'fraternity' for all? When you strip away the baseless rhetoric, the statistical lies, the mendacious declarations, what do you see but naked power, ambition, and the will to control?


Bastiat would likely die of shock if he returned today to his native France or meandered through the modern socialist America of xi Biden and the moron US plutocracy. The state controls over half the economy in France, and over 45% in the USA. Keynesianism mysticism, with unlimited spending, endless current and future liabilities and debts, and the issuance of paper money, along with political promises to 'do more' would likely cause Bastiat to die of a heart-attack. There is no end in sight of the collective madness now called 'democracy', which is really undemocratic mob-rule; and statism.


Bastiat on Government:

Government is that great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. For now, as formerly, everyone is more or less for profiting by the labors of others. No one would dare to profess such a sentiment; he even hides it from himself; and then what is done? A medium is thought of; Government is applied to, and every class in its turn comes to it, and says, “You, who can take justifiably and honestly, take from the public, and we will partake.” Alas! Government is only too much disposed to follow this diabolical advice, for it is composed of ministers and officials—of men, in short, who, like all other men, desire in their hearts, and always seize every opportunity with eagerness, to increase their wealth and influence.


Bastiat on the arrogance and ignorance of 'Great Men':

I cannot avoid coming to this conclusion—that there are too many great men in the world; there are too many legislators, organizers, institutors of society, conductors of the people, fathers of nations, etc., etc. Too many persons place themselves above mankind, to rule and patronize it; too many persons make a trade of looking after it.


Bastiat on the French Revolution, which gave the world Robespierre and Napoleon....]

[quoting from] Robespierre: “The principle of the Republican Government is virtue, and the means to be adopted, during its establishment, is terror. We want to substitute, in our country, morality for self-indulgence, probity for honour, principles for customs, duties for decorum, the empire of reason for the tyranny of fashion, contempt of vice for contempt of misfortune, pride for insolence, greatness of soul for vanity, love of glory for love of money, good people for good company, merit for intrigue, genius for wit, truth for glitter, the charm of happiness for the weariness of pleasure, the greatness of man for the littleness of the great, a magnanimous, powerful, happy people, for one that is easy, frivolous, degraded; that is to say, we would substitute all the virtues and miracles of a republic for all the vices and absurdities of monarchy.”


At what a vast height above the rest of mankind does Robespierre place himself here! And observe the arrogance with which he speaks. He is not content with expressing a desire for a great renovation of the human heart, he does not even expect such a result from a regular Government. No; he intends to effect it himself, and by means of terror.


The ridiculous assertion that government programs fairly redistribute wealth:

Accordingly, orders are given that the drains in the Champs-Mars be made and unmade. The great Napoleon, it is said, thought he was doing a very philanthropic work by causing ditches to be made and then filled up. He said, therefore, “What signifies the result? All we want is to see wealth spread among the labouring classes.” ...Now, if all the citizens were to be called together, and made to execute, in conjunction, a work useful to all, this would be easily understood; their reward would be found in the results of the work itself. But after having called them together, if you force them to make roads which no one will pass through, palaces which no one will inhabit, and this under the pretext of finding them work, it would be absurd, and they would have a right to argue, “With this labour we have nothing to do; we prefer working on our own account.”


Whence we arrive at this unexpected conclusion: “Society loses the value of things which are uselessly destroyed;” and we must assent to a maxim which will make the hair of protectionists stand on end—To break, to spoil, to waste, is not to encourage national labour; or, more briefly, “destruction is not profit.”


Socialism and the inevitable plunder:

As the result of its systems and of its efforts, it would seem that socialism, notwithstanding all its self-complacency, can scarcely help perceiving the monster of legal plunder. But what does it do? It disguises it cleverly from others, and even from itself, under the seductive names of fraternity, solidarity, organization, association. And because we do not ask so much at the hands of the law, because we only ask it for justice, it alleges that we reject fraternity, solidarity, organization, and association; and they brand us with the name of individualists. We can assure them that what we repudiate is not natural organization, but forced organization.


The Barbarism of Socialism:

I know not to what barbarous age we should have to go back, if we were to sink to the level of Socialist knowledge on this subject. These modern zealots incessantly distinguish association from actual society. They overlook the fact that society, free of regulation, is a true association, far superior to any of those that proceed from their fertile imaginations.


The myth of 'collective right':

Collective right, then, has its principle, its reason for existing, its lawfulness, in individual right; and the common force cannot rationally have any other end, or any other mission, than that of the isolated forces for which it is substituted. Thus, as the force of an individual cannot lawfully touch the person, the liberty, or the property of another individual—for the same reason, the common force cannot lawfully be used to destroy the person, the liberty, or the property of individuals or of classes.


The usual declaration that you are the state, and the state is you:

...because, setting out upon the maxim that nothing exists independently of the will of the State, you conclude that nothing lives but what the State causes to live. But I oppose to this assertion the very example which you have chosen, and beg you to note, that the grandest and noblest of exhibitions, one which has been conceived in the most liberal and universal spirit—and I might even make use of the term humanitarian, for it is no exaggeration—is the exhibition now preparing in London [Crystal Palace 1851]; the only one in which no government is taking any part, and which is being paid for by no tax.

[can you imagine an expo anywhere in the world not funded mostly by public tax money?]


Government in the mid-19th century was very limited indeed compared to today. It was only during World War I that government expenditure, regulation control and indirect power over the economy comprised 10% or more of the total GDP of the modern state. That 10% is now 50% for many nations and shows no signs of diminution. In 1850 perhaps 5% of GDP in Bastiat's France, might have been under the purview of political and bureaucratic elites. That total today is roughly 52%, a seemingly inexorable trend towards statism. The socialist tide shows no sign of abatement, even in lieu of bankruptcy.  The state is now the new God, the new religion, the new altar of supernatural faith and the repository of divine rule.




Corona: Massive Government always leads to despotic totalitarianism

Fascsim and Communism are simply expressions of state power

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The word ‘Fascism’ does not identify ‘right wing’ theories.  ‘Right wing’ properly defined is ultra-libertarian, even anarchic.  The use of ‘wings’ is itself puerile and problematic but if we were to start at the ‘far left’ and work our way to the ‘far right’ the route path would look like the following:

Far Left Fascism/Communism > Socialism>Welfare State > Liberalism >Libertarian   >Anarchy (Far Right)

There is very little difference in the programs of Communism and Fascism, a reality understood by Communist supporters such as Orwell or G.B. Shaw.  Both rely on the military, civil violence, control of the courts and media, intimidation and complete control of all aspects of personal, civil, business, corporate, and social life.  Nothing can lie outside the cult of government, as Mussolini expressed and defined Fascism.  Communism is no different.  The only difference is one of emphasis: the objectives (national, transnational), race, which group to demonise, the extent of force to be employed versus the use of psychological terror (including the use of drugs in our own time).  The result of both cults is the same.  Government and the state rule all.  That is their defining feature. 

For both Communism and Fascism, the complete control of life managed by a small, unelected elite, with its endless appendages of governmental coercion is the foundation of power suffused with propaganda which outlines the cult’s ‘mission’, using emotive language around ‘liberty’, ‘equality’, ‘historical dialecticism’, ‘truth’, ‘community’ and ‘duty’.  The enemy without (the Jew, the Christian, the untermensh, the capitalist, the bourgeois, the unvaccinated), must be met, defeated and burnt in sacrificial rights and under the lights of ‘science’ and ‘determinism’. 


Within both Communism and Fascism, the objectives of the cult are the determining reasons for existence.  The individual does not exist.  Rights are not ‘natural’, nor ‘God-given’, but are simply the gifts from a ruling, superior elite, to the grateful underclass of unimportant, faceless workers and regime supporters whose lives mean nothing, unless they support the regime and the ethos of the cult.  Hence, thought crimes, and crimes associated with a disobedience reflected in not following social dictums or expectations is pervasive as is the use of mass formation and hypnosis to generate guilt and shame amongst those who may dissent. 


These elements of behavioural control are essential tools and features of the Communist and Fascist.  Sargon the Great of 3200 B.C., supposedly the first great conqueror and empire builder, would have no problems in understanding and identifying modern methods of mass control and coercion.  The Nazis simply took age old facets of despotic governance and applied technology.  The same is even more true today with the Corona Fascism.


Populations are of course much larger today than in times past with an increase in the human population by a factor of 7 times in the past 100 years.  Ostensibly this could raise problems in enacting a Fascist or Communist state, either nationally or transnationally.  In reality, the size of population in any era, has never posed a threat to unlimited, or unrivalled force and coercion.  The Nazi cult kept its membership to a few million, the Russian Communists to about 10 million.  Both were able to subvert and control the apparatus of governance over populations many times the size of their cults and original followers.  As power accrued, others joined, either to engage in plunder, or simply to survive.  At a certain point, the ‘crusade’ of the Fascist or Communist becomes too alluring to ignore, or too powerful to contradict. 


In the ‘West’ thanks to trade, commerce, capital, and institutions which were once transparent and functional, living standards have risen considerably and the average person is much wealthier than in previous eras, if one ignores (rather incredibly) the enormous amounts of debt which overshadow governments, pensions, and individuals.  We are a debt driven and indebted society and these debts will lead to economic and social dislocation at some point.  Financial implosions will be more common leading to calls for ‘government’ to do ‘something’.  Which they will, namely increase their power over the financial system, in which they already are a major stakeholder. 


There is an erroneous belief that education is also ‘better’, leading, supposedly to a more ‘informed’ mass of citizens, who would not allow their ‘freedoms’ to be taken.  It is hard to connect this belief with reality.  Much education is ‘philosophy’ and social engineering, or plainly anti-science (evolution, warming), or racist (anti-white ahistorical revisionism), or confused (gender theology).  Real life skills, trades, building, creating or connecting to the world of the 5 senses is simply ignored, or debased, echoing the Roman aristocratic belief that only inferior people build or work.  Governmental education has created a society of social engineers and philosophers.


Given the ‘communistic’ ethos of modern education, it is better seen as a pre-requisite to Communist or Fascistic governance, extoling as it does, the benefices and blessings of technocratic-governmental power including the use of ‘science’, an old ploy first developed in the modern era by Fascists. 


Racial theology is also used to justify anything, including the demonisation of freedom and past achievements in all spheres.  The dumbing down of education has been a primary topic for decades amongst those who study modern standards versus those of previous eras including the 19th century.  Fascism and Communism through government control of the education system, can quite quickly and easily ‘re-educate’ populations to support their programmes. 


The Corona Fascism would be impossible without the unlimited size of Government which has plagued the Western world as a trend since the 1960s.  ‘Government must do something’ is the cry.  Socialised health care is a central feature of the modern medical Nazism now being trialled on unwitting and rather moronic populations.  Without governmental control of health, the Corona fascism is impossible.  With governmental-pharmaceutical control of the means of health care, there can be little dissent by doctors, nurses, or health workers.  You will simply be marginalised, demeaned, calumnied and fired.  Your ‘studies’ will be burnt.  The Corona Fascists have no issue in burning books or the truth, or even, in killing those who are too avid in opposing the Medical Nazism.  Well over 50% of health ‘professionals’ were Nazi supporters in Germany.  Today we can reckon that 80% or more are rabid enforcers of Corona.  Not much has changed with the totalitarian instincts of those who practice health care, who probably view themselves as little Gods.


The truth about the Corona Fascism, or Communism if one prefers is simply the following:

·       The coordinated assault across all G20 countries indicates this was planned or at the very least, agreed upon in advance

·       The vaccines kill and injure millions worldwide, yet this verity is now burnt and ignored by governments and their controlled media

·       There is no proof that the vaccines (a collection of poisons and proteins) will protect anyone from a flu or improve one’s health

·       Ignoring truth and injury can only be achieved through massive government control, propaganda and coercion

·       The government including their monopoly on health care, is a prerequisite to enforce a Corona totalitarianism and the distribution of violence through drugs

·       Socialised education has not produced ‘fitter’ or ‘more competitive’ populations but the opposite

·       Criminal Pharmaceutical firms have long bought government, universities, politicians and agencies as proven in various cases of bribery and fraud


We are witnessing the creation of a Communist or Fascistic Medical totalitarianism.  Nothing has changed from past eras except the size of Government.  That singular fact makes a transnational form of total-control, imminently possible.