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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


Cultural Marxism - Recent Articles

Western Civ and its Civil War and Revolution. From the 19th century to today.

Metaphysics and culture inform everything. There is a straight line from the 19th century to the current implosion of Western Civilisation, punctuated by the March 2020 Revolution.

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A Revolution

The irruption of civil war within the ‘Western’ world was officially declared in March 2020. Unofficially it was in train since the Enlightenment. The March 2020 revolutionary cry was to impose the ‘Great Reset’ using a plandemic and fake global plague as the casus belli. The antecedents of this revolution date back to the Enlightenment and especially to the 19th century - the best and worst of centuries - which picked up its metaphyiscs from the 17th and 18th centuries. The 19th century was a wondrous time of technological innovation and sophistication: railways, the steam engine, combustion engine, electricity, electrical energy and lighting, appliances, sewers and sanitation, housing and urban reforms, the end of slums and through health and hygiene the eradication of many diseases.


The 19th century was also the worst of centuries politically and philosophically. Politically the 19th century built the base of ‘Statism’ and government control, including the nexus of corporatism, or the merger and self-interested alliances between the State and corporations. This relationship was and is bi-directional, an industry can capture government (Pharma, military for eg) or the State can manage and direct an industry for the benefit of both (health, energy, education). An example is the vaccination cartel, established during the quack’s Jenner’s reign as a ‘scientist’ and ‘inventor’ of ‘vaccination’. From Jenner to the Korona Pharma-Fascism is a straight line. Our modern corporatism is reflected in the ‘welfare state’ and the ‘military-industrial complex’, and it covers the ‘commanding heights’ of our society including energy, health, education, the media, research, banking and transportation.


19th Century Theology as ‘Science’

Philosophically the 19th century was an incontrovertible disaster. Darwinism, Materialism, Communism, ‘logical positivism’, ‘rationalism’, ‘romanticism’, rampant Atheism, the ‘science’ of medicine; all of these theories and philosophies conspired to either elevate mankind and his ‘reason’ (never defined) as God, or degrade mankind to a monkey, with everything in life a mechanical, naturalist dialectic of ‘progressive’ positive changes with man no different than a virus and probably not as important. The inherent confusion of 19th century dogma is obvious and this anarchy in metaphysics is a key aspect of the current implosion of civilisation. In effect we lost reality.


The teleological model of 19th century philosophy leads to nihilism and nothing. The 19th century’s philosophical regression points directly to confusion and destruction, including trans-genderism, climate insanity, a hatred of Whites (especially Males and Christians), and a breakdown of morality, virtue and standards across society’s entire spectrum. The 19th century’s philosophical rationale and its entire premise as evinced by Darwin’s and Wallace’s naturalist theology, Comte, Marx, Freud et al, was to annihilate the cultural foundation of Western Civilisation and impose the collective will of material dialecticism and elevate State-controlled ‘Science’ or Scientism to the fore as the new Church. The Atheist French Revolution of 1789 and the Church of Reason found numerous disciples, apostles and high priests throughout the Western world, who in different ways took up the same hysterical and demented cry to establish the Church of ‘Reason’, using the most irrational and unreasonably methods imaginable.


The State as Leviathan

The crux of 19th century belief system, building on Hobbe’s Leviathan concept, is that the State and only the State, along with its agencies of ‘Science’, should impose 'order’ and 'progress’ and develop positive vectors of social existence. Out with the old, in with the ‘science’ and Scientism. Technology was wrongly equated with ‘Science’ and man’s ‘rationalism’. Conflating a railway with technocratic management is an old canard used by the power hungry. Materialism, Socialism, Atheistic positivism, the hoary and misty ‘rationalism’, are philosophies of Statism and collectivism. Thus in less than 150 years, the ‘social reforms’ and ‘manners’ created by the great Christian Wilberforce and which was the basis of Victorian and Edwardian society, was successfully attacked and effaced by the mechanistic philosophies who hearkened back to the ‘Enlightenment’ propaganda as a source of their truths.


The central feature of 19th century and Enlightenment propaganda is that there can be only ‘one’ answer, that of ‘reason’, or ‘science’, or what the State has decreed through its endless list of agencies to be the ‘truth’. The UN’s and BBC’s ‘verify’ programs, the ‘fact checkers, the various Ministries of Truth, have a long pedigree. All of these were present in the 19th century, as government agencies and regulators censored, issued false data and propaganda and attacked and demeaned any opposition to the will of government. More here

As the state rises in power, so too does real culture fall.

As Rome fell, so too does our own Western civ

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Rome fell in 476 AD due to a combination of economic; political; military and social factors but predominant amongst these was the decline in intelligence and in standards. Political intelligence in ancient Rome fell and collapsed into arbitrary, authoritarian rule, where the political elite could not competently manage the military and social resources of the vast empire. Security was lax and along many of the borderlands of the Roman empire, non-existent. Political leadership was cowardly with long lines of incompetent leaders rendered incapable of implementing needed political and military reform to protect Roman civilization. Social intelligence declined as well. Though Christianity was strong in parts of the empire, and comprised about 50% of the popoulation by 450 A.D., the low pagan standards, the lack of morality and a decline of rationality was a harbinger of political and military decline. The two fed each other. The lack of civic intelligence was directly reflected in the mismanagement of the empire by imbecilic political leaders. The lack of leadership and reform, and the low levels of all standards of conduct, thinking, and morality led to the debauchery of the public intellect. Thus did Rome fall. It was as Gibbon said, ‘not worth defending’. Now the question is – is our own civilization worth defending?

Western civilization has been under attack from globalists, socialists, Marxists and the welfare state for 60 years or 2 generations. It takes only one generation to destroy an ideal and eradicate the vestiges of civilization. We are thus pretty far advanced in the dismemberment of internal standards that guarantee progress and civilization. The all-powerful-state model has led ineluctably to lowering of all standards in public and private life. This is not to glorify repressive Puritanism; abstract fundamentalist Christianity or god forbid, the superstitious and silly paganisms of Native Indians or Muslims. However the all-powerful-state is just as much of a danger to our society and civilization as pagan Hitlerism, godless Communism or cultist Islam.

The state-as-God-complex, epitomizes the internal decline and much like Roman self-immolation it rots the body politic from within, spreading like a cancer until the host gives up and submits to external challengers. In the modern world the most excitable fascism which waits like a jackal for its Western prey to fall to the ground is the evil paganism that informs the fascistic elements of Islam. Islam has its red eye focused on Europe – the ancient cradle of Western civilsation – but the hyena will not be satiated with the creation of only EurArabia. It desires the elimination of all forms of Western civilization. The all-powerful-state is unwittingly aiding Islam in this goal by destroying through the guises of a Corona or Climate fascism, the very foundations of once Christian Western heterodoxy and civilisation.

How does the all-powerful-state, or the state-as-God and the attendant left-liberal orthodoxy aid the enemy of culture and civilized progress?

The omnipotent-omnivorous-state destroys the following important ‘pillars’ of societal development and civilisational creation: individualism; morality; spirituality; capital formation and innovation; high culture; and rationality including the force of reason. Europe is the classic case example of the state’s inimical effect upon the body politic. The state-as-God ideal is based on four faulty premises all of which lead to instability, self-hatred, lethargy and confused morality:

1. Western civilization is loathsome and evil.
2. Only a technocratic elite can safely mange the progress of society to ensure fairness and equality.
3. Spirituality leads to conflict and is unnecessary.
4. There are no standards of right and wrong, good and bad, high and low culture. All is good, all is relative, all is golden.

These premises which govern the welfare state are idiotic. Western civilization and the medeival ideals of our forbears along with Judeo-Christian ethics are the core organizing principles of our civilization and indeed of any civilization worth calling itself one. The institution of the Church has nothing to do with the basic ideals of Christian ethics nor does it negate the spiritual, intellectual and economic advancements given to mankind by the medieval and early modern ears, which were the greatest set of innovations in the history of human development.

The omnipotent-state promulgates that the Catholic Church for instance or the other worldliness of some parts of Christian doctrine, mean that the ethos, the principles and the preachings of Christianity are somehow unworthy. This is dangerous and anti-rational. Christianity is many things but neither Christ nor his main followers wanted a clerical elite [witness the attack by Christ against the moneychangers at the temple who used profits to enrich the clerical elite]; instead they focused on freedom; the eradication of slavery; empowerment of women; and mercy for the poor and sick. Importantly Christianity and Western ethics revolve around rational individuality and the methods to succeed in life and as well as coming to a personal understanding with God and your own existence. Dangerously the state-as-God replaces a spiritual essence, which all humans need to survive, with a belief in a technocratic, all-knowing elite, who 'own the science'. Personal salvation and the individual understanding of spirituality is thus replaced by government dictats. This inevitably leads to lower standards.

When a society has no spiritual faith or higher belief it disintegrates into mysticism or apathy. Thus our Western civ is now a godless hypocritical, and cowardly collection of self-loathers, which allows Islam and pagan cults offering up sacrifices to viruses or climate, step by step to build their mosques and temples over our Churches and freedoms. Unsure of itself and feeling unworthy in the face of those who seem so confident, the West submits, funding mosques which now are the most prominent features of many large European cities including Rome, encouraging Islamic immigration, and funding Koranic schools which teach hysterical anti-Western propaganda. Debasing our energy system with non-Gaia friendly and useless turbines and solar panels, ensuring penury and scarcity. Implementing gender fascism enforced by a useless police corps. The Western self hatred is evident in its submission to Islam and these cults of irrational stupidity through ‘hate laws’ governing all speech that could be ‘hurtful’ to the wonderful paganism of Islam [anti-Jew or anti-Christian hate speech is of course to be applauded and protected], or the various pets of climate and gender fascisms.  The state-as-God demands the unfettered arrival of endless Islamic immigrants, as well as funding polygamy and ‘fetching marriages’ to 2nd cousins from the home country.  Opposing such policies makes you a racist, fascist and criminal. 

Submission to Islam, the Climate cult and the gender fascists, follows a general pattern of decline in Western society as it builds an anti-Christian, anti-rational world. Unfettered Muslim and African invasions, Corona and Climate Change are the hallmarks of this pagan immorality. Clean burning carbon, gas and coal are toxic. Work is eschewed. Profits forsworn. Innovations deemed unimportant. Productivity is not a concern. Welfare, vacation time, and redistribution are the vital keys to living. The rhetoric, the multi-cult technocratic model, and the replacement of high culture with low standards are exalted in an orgy of anti-Westen and anti-Caucasion racism and slander.  Genders don't exist.  Intelligence and reason are replaced by a mystic belief in the all-powerful state and an acceptance of the crude fascism exemplified by Islam or the Corona-Climate Fascisms.

Rome conquered Europe and fell in a self-flagellation of loathing, low standards and non-existent morality. Freedom has responsibility. Part of freedom is based upon high standards, rationality and knowing right from wrong; good from bad; and having the will to defend the fruits of millennia of labor and experimentation. 
The 'West' has failed and is now engaged in a civil war of destruction. History repeats and bites.  

Glossary of Cultural Marxism. Demonising Whites, Reality and Civilisation

How it all ends. With words followed by deeds, followed by Government as God.

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Curated and amended from source.  A glossary to the upside-down world of stupid we are now drowning in.  Freedom is selfish.  Fascism is liberty.  Colds are plagues.  Anti-White racism is not racist.  Science is theology. 

Dr. James Alexander is a Professor in the Department of Political Science at Bilkent University in Turkey.


Black. A fashionable colour, to be worn under the skin. Frequently mentioned by pale-skinned women like Meghan Markle and A.O.C. “Kwasi Kwarteng (UK Chancellor) is only superficially black.“ (he is a Conservative party politician)


Build Back Better. A slogan which indicates that our rulers want to destroy what we have and then force us to rebuild it in accordance with their prescriptions.


Carbon Dioxide. A dangerous cause of anthropogenic global warming. A side-effect of being human. Elon Musk is working on a technology which will enable our short-lived transhuman or A.I. bot successors to breathe out helium.


Case. Not a case. “There has been an increase in the number of cases of Covid.“ Case from fake testing is now cause for a pandemic lockdown.


Charlatan. A compendious term which enables us to classify in one category computer modellers, behavioural scientists, politicians, civil servants, members of SAGE (UK advisory of Rona fascists, comprised of quacks, communists and morons), academics, doctors and journalists.


Climate Change. A paraplatitudadox.  A fraud only challenged by Rona for its ignorant, fraudulent, Fascistic dogma.


Compliance. Support for a government displayed without requiring anything as inconvenient as a vote. Beloved of dictators. 


Compliant. (n) is a person with zero critical thinking skills (about 80% of the population).


Conspiracy. 1. A politically incorrect way of saying cock-up. 2. Literally, ‘breathing together’. But now obsolete, replaced by wearing a mask and, for a while, in 2020, by respiracy – solitary confinement on a torture device known as a respirator.


Coronavirus. A fairly harmless virus, which causes colds, now redefined as the Bubonic Plague’s uglier older and far worse, brother.


COVID-19. A deadly disease, fatal to everyone, transmissible asymptomatically, but, oddly, discouraged by the sight of humans wearing masks.


Death. Not death. “There have been a million deaths of/by/with/from/near COVID-19.“  Death reporting is now replaced by hand-waving and put Rona down on death certificates in exchange for money.


Dictator. What Western politicians want to be when they grow up.


Fauci, Anthony. See charlatan, dictator, also science, the.


Far Right. Responsible for everything: Trump, Brexit, the Death of Granny, the Death of George Floyd, Ladies and Gents, Michael Portillo’s jackets, Owen Jones’s politics.


Far Left. It doesn’t exist. See Left, the.


Gender Theory. An old-fashioned academic subject, soon to be replaced by Latin. “Yes, we had gender a few times, and, if I’m honest, it was boring.


Human. Usually associated with cancer or a virus.  Not a species anyone has sympathy for anymore. Hence transhumanism and A.I. bots. Hence, eventually, hominids or robots. 


Hysteria. A condition formerly only experienced by women. Happily, in the age of transitioning, a condition easily experienced by members of both sexes and all genders: anyone, in fact, who reads, sees or hears the news.


Johnson, Boris. A trolley. See buffoon. Also a purveyor of polyslogans. See politician.


Left, The. A group which denies that the culture war exists, and which claims that anyone who believes it does exist belongs to the Far Right. Sees itself as the centre, and defines anyone to the Right of it as Far Right. See Far Right, Far Left.


Mask. Something worn over the mouth and nose in order to signify compliance. Thought to help humans reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide molecules while breathing out, and thus prevent climate change. An essential fashion accessory for those between 2020 and 2022 who wished to show they had the right opinions.


Model. 1. What every thesciencetist hopes to secure for a bit of gender. See Ferguson, Neil. 2. In lieu of that, what every thesciencetist develops, using a computer: combining limited and implausible assumptions with randomly selected data to achieve a publishable result, exaggerating everything for the sake of a scare, having not only satisfied peer review but also the people really in charge. Done for money and power.


‘mRNA Vaccine.’ Slang for bad shit. Not a vaccine. Widely considered to be made out of untested or badly tested reagents, licensed without any liability for their manufacturers, and designed to be used on humans for certain ends (achieved far less often and with less effect that originally claimed) and with certain side effects (manifested far more often and with more calamity than claimed at any time). But more likely small components which leaked out of Elon Musk’s A.I. bots lab, with their own idea about how to speed along evolution by climbing into needles during the pandemic.


Narrative, The. A singular story spoken by someone with a hysterical, coercive voice. Supported financially by the government. Necessitates hypocrisy. Reinforced by cancellation.


News, The. Sometimes called ‘fake news’. Mostly bits of explanation and propaganda designed to substantiate polyslogans.


Paraplatitudadox. Any boring platitude which is elevated through the use of paradox to become threatening to survival, mental health and political equanimity. For instance, climate change. “The climate is changing.” See hysteria.


Peer review. Sometimes called, by those with a speech impediment, ‘power review’ or ‘pal review’. Designed to filter out originality and acuity and criticism. Ensures compliance so that science becomes the science. Eric Weinstein: “Peer review is not peer review. It sounds like peer review, It is peer injunction. It is the ability for your peers to keep the world from learning about your work. Real peer review is what happens after you’ve passed the bullshit thing called ‘peer review’.


Politically correct. Out of date term. Now called SJW, Woke, BBC newscaster, Guardian journalist, Government minister, Undergraduate. See woke.


Politician. Mediocre simpleton used by conspirators to perpetuate policies on behalf of the people really in charge.


Polyslogan. Sometimes spelt ‘polislogan’. Any polysyllabic slogan used by a politician in a time of scare. Usually with three components, sometimes two, in the style of the old “See it, Say it, Sorted” formula favoured by National Rail, also Obama’s “Yes, We, Can” and Johnson’s “Take, Back, Control”. Examples were initially awkward but then refined: “Stay alert, Control the virus, Save lives.” “Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives.” “Stay home, Save lives.” “Catch it, Kill it, Bin it.” “Hands, Face, Space.” Only hominids are stupid enough to resist such slogans. The Government is now manufacturing sculptures of three monkeys with their hands hygienically away from their faces, accompanied by the slogan, “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil”. After a few years, this slogan will be silently changed to “See evil, Hear evil, Speak evil”.


Pronouns. Elements of modern etiquette, akin to the gloves, wigs, visiting cards, forms of address of the peerage of yore. Frequently worn by the most energetically modish of our contemporaries. Almost as effective a way of virtue-signalling as taking the knee or wearing a mask.


Science, The. An engineered trans form of science, adjusted to satisfy the people really in charge, since they like things to be definite.


Sex. Formerly referred to the classifications of male and female. Then referred to what males and females did with each other. Now a taboo word. Not to be mentioned in polite society. Instead pronouns should be used.


Taking the knee. A nervous defensive gesture adopted usually by educated or extremely well paid people. A form of virtue-signalling. In future, in the age of the hominids, to become a mocking phrase, “taking your knee”, akin to “pulling your leg”. “I saw Gareth Southgate, and took his knee.


Thesciencetist, A. The name for a new type of scientist, who takes ‘the science’ as his postulate. A sort of earnest charlatan. Not to be confused with a scientist.


Trans. A contemporary phenomenon whereby extremely confused people acquire momentary certainty and amuse themselves by confounding everyone else who is not confused or certain in the same way they are. Sometimes a term used for those who are transitioning.


Transition. A word for changing one’s body when one can no longer be brought to change one’s mind.


Vaccine. See virus.


Virtue-signalling. Acting in such a way as to indicate that one has the right opinions, i.e., those which please the people really in charge. Examples include wearing a mask, taking the knee, and using pronouns.


Virus. See vaccine.


Woke. Suffering from self-inflicted virtual trepanning. Already signed up for the zombie apocalypse.


Zero. The number everyone in modern politics can count to, like our hominid ancestors and our hominid descendants (once the A.I. bots crash). The word zero is commonly followed by words signifying things to be extirpated, e.g., Covid, carbon, poverty and tolerance.