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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 


The Moslem cult of failure - Recent Articles

Cultural Marxism and the Divine right rule of the Elites

Immured from reality, the elites have nothing in common with the peasantry.

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In an op-ed in the WSJ, a bastion of what I would call Keynesian-elitist theology [the WSJ usually accepts such distorted theologies as open borders, illegal immigration is mandatory, Islam-is-peace, and governmental spending is part of the economy]; Peggy Noonan reflects on the Moslem invasion of Europe, categorized by the elites and Mandarins [even the Church], as a 'refugee problem', or a 'human rights' conundrum. 


She writes:  "But in this crisis talk of “the elites” is pertinent. The gap between those who run governments and those who are governed has now grown huge and portends nothing good."  This gap has been obvious for a few generations.  It will only get worse. 

 Elites are the problem:


“...[due to the Moslem migration] Welfare systems will be strained. Youth unemployment is already high. In Britain the crisis could contribute to a vote to leave the EU outright. There are fears, which the elites take lightly, that floods of displaced people will “alter the cultural balance of the country for ever,” as the columnist Melanie Phillips put it in the Times of London. The Gulf states have not offered a home to their Arab and Muslim cousins. Dutch right-wing leader Geert Wilders this week called the wave of migrants an “Islamic invasion” in parliamentary debate, “an invasion that threatens our prosperity, our security, our culture and identity.” A recent poll showed 54% of Dutch voters opposed to welcoming more than the roughly 2,000 refugees previously agreed to. Hungary is building a fence.

Reading the popular press of Europe you see the questions. Do we not have a right to control our borders? Isn’t the refugee wave a security threat? ISIS is nothing if not committed to its intentions. Why would they not be funneling jihadists onto those boats?”


Rights to security, border control and cultural maintenance are obvious to any sentient person who respects civilization.


Noonan might likely be fired for linking Islam with the implosion of the Near East and an invasion of Marxist Europa. Islam is a failure. Now it wishes to export its 7th century pagan fascism to every single developed country, not to assimilate, but to eradicate.


These obvious facts are denied by the elites. In fact the political-media elite do their best to propagandize the ideal of 'refugees', women and children searching for a better life; just like 'you or I' would do. The problem with this narrative is that it is wholly false. Most of the millions heading into Europe, are young Moslem males. Even the Useless Nations has admitted that fact.


The media canard of picking out the crying wife #3, with her downs child, in a sea of young Moslem men, wears thin. Likewise, the drowned baby in Turkey canard has been debunked a thousand times.  The father should be in jail for murder. He sold his family to human traffickers and their boat floundered. He desired new teeth and was selling his kin to be the 'anchor family' in Europe or Canada, where he would join them. But the peasant never hears of this from the mainstream-political media establishment.


The problem is obvious, and Noonan makes it a polite contention. The elites, the political-media Mandarin class, have no common interests with the peasant.  None.  They view Moslems as cheap labor and an antidote to demographic issues.  People with brains view the Moslem fascism as inimical to civilization and progress.  Most sane people also know that in England for eg. 80% of Moslems are on some sort of welfare, with 50% unemployment, and sex gangs ravaging young white girls that the media and elite call 'Asian gangs'.


Is it any wonder the average thinking man hates the elite? Why would you believe these elitists with their own selfish agendas, when your own lying eyes, can reveal the truth.


But the issue runs even deeper. We are defenseless.


Unarmed peasants - most of us are just that - do not, cannot, will never, upset the divine-right rule of the elites.  Unfettered state power leads to destruction and an implosion.  History has no exceptions to this rule.  When the secular state takes over everything, and imposes its secular theology on everything, and coerces the peasant into submission, it always ended with blood and war.  At least it did in times past.  No medieval serf would put up with the current state of affairs - including an invasion by Moslems into their country.  But we do. 


We are just unarmed knaves, watching TV, getting fat, screaming about world cups this and that; with no moral compass, no theology, no worldview.  Just a tingling that the theology of the elites, is really, really messed up.  But weak, cowardly, egotistical, we don't do much about it.  Except moan, vote for the same party we did last time, listen to the mainstream media and remaining clueless about the vast bureaucracy which seeks to undermine freedom.




Michael Coren's 'Hatred: Islam's war against Christianity'

The fruits of the multi-culti theology.

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Coren: “..silence of the moderate Muslims which makes them a partner in the crimes of the extremists.”

[I would ask, what is moderate about pagan fascist Islam ?]

“..alleged Muslim moderates alike have encouraged or allowed a persecution of millions of people that surely one day will be looked back upon with international shame.”

Islam's war on Christians. 1400 years and counting. Islam is a cult, dedicated to Muhammad and his family idol Al-ilah which means the Lord of Mecca and which references Baal. Islam is in part a cult whose impetus is to eradicate all Jews and Christians. The Koran – Mein Koran or Muhammad's Struggle – and Mein Hadith, make this clear. Coren's book is only stating the obvious, but considering the multitude of multi-cult loving nitwits in Western society, perhaps restating ad nauseum, what should now be common knowledge is both necessary and mandatory.

“..discrimination against Christians or any other non-Muslims is in fact integral to orthodox Muslim teaching, and the more profound issue to the serious-minded is not the existence of sectarianism but its extent.”

As Coren states, the various great and good within Christianity who want to have a 'dialogue' with Moslems are the worst form of worms and witless morons. Islam desires the destruction of Christianity. It has no interest in pious, inter-faith 'reason' and 'accord'. Islam is supremacist, fascist, Jihadist and quite intolerant.

there is no commitment on the part of Islam to reshape its relationship with Christianity. A fundamental difference between the two faiths, and an obstacle to peace between the house of Islam and Christianity, is the differing manners in which each religion perceives its place in greater or secular society.”

“Jihadists see their holy war as a long struggle and the aim is less victory in Nigeria than the establishment of a totally Muslim Africa. As a result, there have been brutal attacks in Somalia, Sudan, and elsewhere...”

Sex slavery, violence, hate, pulling down churches, slaughtering and beheading Christians and putting their heads on pikes....such acts inform the cult of Muhammad. It is a worldwide phenomenon.

Boko Haram [Nigeria]has been kidnapping little girls who are Christians, trying to turn them into sex slaves, trying to convert them by force. Their strategy is to marry the girls and kill the men...”

“...terror campaign is known as the Islamist Insurgency in Nigeria or the Sharia Conflict and has its origins in the fact that while Nigeria’s constitution is secular and there is supposed to be a separation of church and state or mosque and state, twelve individual states were allowed to apply sharia law between 1999 and 2012. Nine state have full sharia law – Zamfara, Kano, Sokoto, Katsina, Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa, Kebbi, and Yobe”

An anti-Christian war by Islamists intent on bringing all of Indonesia under sharia law is going strong, and it’s estimated that more than 30,000 Christians have been killed and perhaps half a million forced from their homes. The government is having some success with its antiterror and anti-Islamist campaign but the situation is still unstable and dangerous. During the worst of the jihadist terror there were forced circumcisions, rapes, beheadings, and torture..”

Syrian Christians have been killed, Syrian churches have been destroyed, Syrian Christian culture has been effectively ruined. Although estimates are difficult to establish, it seems that at least eighty-five churches have been burned to the ground, vandalized beyond use, or bombed into rubble by Islamic militias. Entire towns, such as the town of Ma’loula, have been raided.

And on and on it goes. Toss in ISIS in Iraq and Syria and a pattern reveals itself. Islamic Jihad. Coren outlines just a fraction of the Moslem Jihad against Christianity in Africa, the Near East, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia. Just a small percentage. It makes depressing reading. Yet the average person will hear and see none of it within the MSM coverage they assume to be 'news'. And of course the idiots in the multi-culti will drone on that 'most' Moslems are 'peaceful' and that Islam is 'tolerant'. So too were most Nazis and Communists one supposes and of course Hitlerism and Stalinism were just 'extremist' forms of benign theologies.   

Politically Correct Dogma and stupidity. A buyer's guide to Islam.

The cult of moral relativity.

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A buyer's guide to the stupidity of moral relativity and Islam:

  1.  Islam means submission to Allah and Muhammad and the denial of free-will, freedom, and actions not sanctioned by the Koran. Ergo slavery to Muhammad-Allah means freedom.


  2. Islam denigrates the female, dresses them up in bed-sheets, allows polygamy, stoning of women, dis-honour murders and rape of Infidel females and sex-slavery. Ergo Islam liberates the female.


  3. Islam is a racist, Jew-hating precursor of Nazism. If you identify Islam as racist, then you are the racist. Ergo the Moslem cult is tolerant.


  4. Mein Kampf is an Arab-Moslem best-seller and the Koran openly states that Jews must be killed. Ergo Moslems have no interest in Nazi theology and fascism.


  5. Islam demands the eradication of Christians and Christianity, and the forcible conversion of Christians to Muhammad's cult. Ergo, Islam tolerates the 'people of the book'.


  6. There have been 25.000 Moslem attacks just since 9-11. Ergo Islam is peace.


  7. The Moslem Jihad from 632 AD until the Crusades in 1096 AD, wiped out Christianity from Arabia to Southern France, culled millions of sex and labour slaves from Europe; forcibly converted millions more, pulled down 30.000 churches; and slaughtered well over a million Christians in battle and through death-via-slavery. Ergo the Crusades are to blame for the Moslem jihad.


  8. When Moslems cause 'terror' in Western cities, the main concern is not the Moslem Jihad, or its victims, but Islamophobia [or Naziophobia] since Moslem mayhem is only one part of 'society's overall violence issue'. Ergo Moslems are not the problem, but non-Moslems are the real issue.

Eventually Moslems will blow up the centre [again] of a major Western city. The response from the elite, politicians, the quackademics, the media and other useless parasites will be:

-Islam is not to blame

-All Moslems are moderate

-The West is to blame

-Moslems are the victims

-What about blacks killing blacks in Chicago anyways ?

A world of lower education leads to this.