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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Refuting the absurd claim that Hitler was a 'Christian'

How stupid are Atheists ?

by StFerdIII



Overy,Why the Allies Won,(W.W. Norton, 1996) 284.

..The same month that the Papacy condemned communism, a second encyclical was published, "Mit Brennender Sorge" ("With Burning Anxiety"), which condemned the Nazi persecution of the churches, Nazi racism and Mussolini's deification of the state. Though Hitler often invoked God or Providence when he spoke, he was a thoroughly lapsed Catholic [God for Hitler was Germany]. Hitler considered Christianity incompatible with with the new National-Socialist age--it was "merely whole-hearted Bolshevism, under a tinsel of metaphysics". He deplored the survival of religious observance among German ministers and generals, "little children who have learnt nothing else". He regarded Christianity and communism as two sides of the same coin, sharing in St. Paul a common Jewish ancestor. Hitler took the German nation as his religion. This did not make him a pagan as was widely believed, although paganism was practised under the Third Reich. The German Faith Movement, under the banner of the golden sun-wheel, with the "Song of the Goths" as their anthem, indulged in pagan festivals and invoked the gods of pre-Christian Germany. Heinrich Himmler's SS generated a pagan theology, a pagan liturgy, even a pagan credo.”

Hitler was not a Christian. This nonsense is just more bile that the desperate Atheists fling at the Church. It is deranged.

From the Atheists and Marxists, calumnies and slander, not truth and reasonableness, are vomited. According these people; the Christian Middle Ages were 'dark' [they were anything but, see here]. Christians in 1492, except Columbus, were 'flat earthers' [not many after 300 AD believed in a flat earth, see here]. The Inquisition which killed 3250 or so people was the worst form of theological fascism imaginable [Moslems murder this many daughters in 3 months each year...see here]. Christianity is opposed to science [modern science was built by Christians, see here]. Christians burned down the library at Alexandria [that was Caesar, followed by the Moslems, see here]. And, Hitler was a Christian. Good god. No limit to stupid it appears.

Having studied Churchill, the European civil war of 1914-1945; and the rise of Nazism for some 20 years, one can safely conclude the following regarding Hitler and his National Socialist Democratic Workers Party [Nazi for short in German].

-Hitler never was a Catholic and never went to Church. [see here]

-Hitler and the Nazis were proponents of Darwinism [survival of the fittest or those able to murder the most]; Evolution [the first Nazi textbook was on evolutionary 'science', pond scum to philosopher etc. see here]; Nordic pagan myths; and the Occult.

-Hitler was clearly a delusional Atheist. He never believed in a 'god' as defined by Judeo-Christianity, but in the Evolutionary 'law' of genetic/racial superiority – a 'fact' propelled forward by mysterious, unknown 'scientific' forces' in which the 'best race', namely the Aryans had a 'duty' to expunge inferiors from Gaia's crust; and kill the untermenschen [see here].

-Hitler was a fanatical anti-Christian, but was quite fond of Islam [fascisms of a feather, do flock together, see here].

-The Nazis persecuted the Church, forcing both the Protestant and Catholic Churches to submit to Nazism [note that Islam has always mandated the same]; and killed many Bishops and Priests [much to the delight of Modern Atheists/Fascists].

-Hitler and his gang had a detailed plan to exterminate not only the Jews, but the Christian church. The Nazis wanted their own 'Church'. The Nuremberg trials revealed Nazi documents which had a 'Thirty Point Plan' to eradicate Christianity, including point #1 which stated: 1. The National Reich Church is determined to exterminate irrevocably and by every means the strange and foreign Christian faiths imported into Germany in the ill-omened year 800 [Charlemagne’s coronation as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire], [see here].

-The only 'fact supporting the myth that the Nazis-were-Christians-is the belt the German armed forces wore which said 'God is with us'. This however comes from Prussia and had been created by Bismarck. Apparently atheists are too dull to know the difference between German leaders and epochs. In public speeches Nazi leaders would declare 'God is with us', followed by 'Germany is our god'.

-No reference whatsoever to Christianity, Christian theology, Biblical quotes, or Church liturgy, can be found in Nazi speech-making, or in Hitler's writings.

As in Communist Russia, Christian churches were pilloried, closed, and the faithful raped, beaten, harassed, killed or transported to the gas chambers or worker-camps. 6 million Poles were killed by the Nazis, hundreds of thousands of them were Christian. Inter-alia [source]:

The Catholic Church in Poland was especially hard hit by the Nazis. In 1939, 80 percent of the Catholic clergy and five of the bishops of the Warthegau region had been deported to concentration camps. In Wroclaw, 49.2 percent of the clergy were dead; in Chelmno, 47.8 percent; in Lodz, 36.8 percent; in Poznan, 31.1. In the Warsaw diocese, 212 priests were killed; 92 were murdered in Wilno, 81 in Lwow, 30 in Cracow, thirteen in Kielce. Seminarians who were not killed were shipped off to Germany as forced labor.

Of 690 priests in the Polish province of West Prussia, at least 460 were arrested. The remaining priests of the region fled their parishes. Of the arrested priests, 214 were executed, including the entire cathedral chapter of Pelplin. The rest were deported to the newly created General Government district in Central Poland. By 1940, only 20 priests were still serving their parishes in West Prussia.

Of the city of Poznan's 30 churches and 47 chapels, the Nazis left two open to serve some 200,000 souls. Thirteen churches were simply locked and abandoned; six became warehouses; four, including the cathedral, were used as furniture storage centers. In Lodz, only four churches were allowed to remain open to serve 700,000 Catholics.

Other Catholic areas of Eastern Europe suffered the same fate. Thousand of German Catholic priests and laymen were murdered by the Nazis starting in the mid 1930s [see here].

Far from being 'Christian' the Nazis were the most anti-Christian cult imaginable, surpassed only by Islam.

In the Hitlerian-Nazi world-view, which is very similar to that of Islam, the state which would be the religion of the masses, was uber-alles. Hitler's variant of Communism put the Nazi's in direct competition with Bolshevik Communism which he blamed on Jews; and other forms – however tepid and distorted – of Socialism. It certainly put all religions on the Nazi enemies list. National Socialism or Nazism means what it says. The Pagan Reich nationalized and socialized all aspects of German social, political, economic and individual life. All of it. There was nothing – to use Mussolini's phrase – outside the state including theology. In this regard the establishment of a Nazi Church was a foregone conclusion and plans for its inception were well in train by 1939. This logically meant that Christianity, Judaism, and any other forms of private or public worship had to be exterminated.

 Atheist true-believers, who derive solace from the 'pond-scum became the philosopher of physics' nonsense called 'evolutionary science'; have always tried to explain away Hitler [as well as Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and other mass murdering psychopathic atheists]. Their arguments are as mendacious as they are absurd, and they are an affront to civilized, intelligent people. Enough already. Such immoral, evil claims as 'Hitler was a Christian' say more about the mental infirmities and psychopathologies of the true atheist-believer, than they do about real history, facts and truth.

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