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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Former Atheist Michael Bunner: 'God, Science and Reason'

The mental and moral confusion of Atheism

by StFerdIII


New Atheists” Have a God. They Call it Nothingness. ...assumptions that the universe emerged out of nothingness without a cause cannot be observed, tested, or measured by scientists. Instead, this is a philosophical view based upon starting assumptions, personal beliefs, and faith in the creative power of nothingness.”

Brunner's book is an excellent dissection of Atheism. Who isn't tired of hearing the Atheist incoherent say 'I don't need your Christian God, since I am a good person and I believe in science'. The ignorance of this attitude needs almost an encyclopedia-depth response. Bunner achieves it in one volume. Bunner is a scientist who is exhausted by the irrational, hypocritical and confused nonsense spouted by Atheists. Atheism is a cult, whose belief system leads to degradation, natural-selection racism as evinced by the Nazis, plenty of dead bodies, and a world with no purpose, no morality, no strictures, no science, but a plethora of science-fiction, hyperbole, tautology and philosophical sophism.

According to the befuddled Atheists and their cult dogma, nothing creates something, dead matter is living, the material world is the only reality; immaterial spirituality is a 'fairy tale'; and fish became philosophers of climate, evolution and pregnant multi-verse galaxies. Even more bizarre is the Atheist theological belief that a 100 trillion cell human complexity is arrived at by random chance, the perfect ratios of the cosmos, the earth's distance from the sun and moon, and all matter of natural physical 'laws', is happenstance, luck, dialectical chemical development sans meaning, or just a peculiar aspect of this universe, which resides as one amongst 10500..

Bunner: “purposelessness,” and by extension, the nonexistence of God? This is nothing more than the dogma of faith in nothingness. It is not science.”

Atheists pour out scorn on the idea of an immanent universal and divine intelligence, but pray to the Gods of Chance, Time and 'Mutations' which obviously only kill genomic material. They seem quite happy to pray at the Church of Science Fiction which includes shrines to evolution or amoeba to astronomer natural dialecticism; pregnant black holes full of other 'universes'; spacemen who brought magic pixie dust to earth, to seed life; or the cult of warm which says that a trace chemical 400 parts per million 95 % emitted by Gaia causes 'climate to warm'.......

I would term Atheism a mental illness, but that does a disservice to those who suffer from true neurological problems not of their own doing. Atheism is a self-induced retardation of both the mind and the spirit.

Bunner is scathing of the irrational, non-scientific cant of the cult of Atheists. Atheism always preens itself as 'rational' – the exact opposite of what it really is

atheists are perpetually confused about the difference between how things work and why things exist.

An example is gravity. Yes gravity exists and can be computed – but why does gravity exist ? Science has no answer to this.

Science cannot explain the substance of gravity, as it is invisible and has no mass and no form of its own. Science cannot account for the governing mechanisms that are internal to the processes of gravity. It cannot explain how gravity “comprehends” the mass of two physical bodies and the distance between them so that it can adjust the force that it exerts on them.”

Atheism is metaphysics and philosophy pure and simple. It has no connection to science.

Science has absolutely nothing to do with which conclusion is ultimately reached. That power is held by the discipline of philosophy, which is comprised of models in our consciousness that incorporate concepts and ideas believed to be “true” but which are unable to be observed, tested, or measured.”

metaphysics, as this is the realm your atheism originally came from, and the realm to which it should properly return. However, we do take offense at the tactics you are using as you make your retreat.” [these include lying, rhetoric, fake data, assumptions parading as science etc.]

Atheists believe that the 100 Trillion cell complexity named the human is just one gigantic big 'whoops'. The brain, communication, emotions, imagination, movement, thoughts....all just a bunch of molecules programmed by accident, knocking about magically performing an exactitude of functional perfection....According to this non-logic was coded by the interplay of chance, time and code mutations from say Microsoft Office. much information in one DNA molecule as there is in a full thirty volume set of encyclopedias. Do you also believe that all the information content in a set of encyclopedias could have “just happened?”

The human brain is the most sophisticated “machine” known to exist in the universe. One theory is that the human brain is the human mind, and it evolved via the Darwinian mechanisms of random mutation and natural selection. This notion is problematic for several reasons. First, the brain is matter, and matter has never been demonstrated to think. Second, humans can reason, communicate, remember, recall, and make both objective and subjective decisions, none of which appears to be programmed or controlled by our DNA. Third, we have the ability to observe, to sense, to contemplate, to create...”

Atheism rejects free will as Bunner states, scientific naturalism worldview rejects the existence of free will. Christianity empowers and demands free will. For the thinking man, reason will lead you to faith:

God is the most reasonable philosophical explanation for the existence of order in nature. He is also the most reasonable philosophical explanation for the existence of randomness and chaos. God has empowered nature, through natural processes and mechanisms, to continuously dismantle and recreate itself. In the same way, God has empowered man to make objective, subjective, and moral decisions which impact both the natural world and the whole of humanity.”


Bunner is right. This book by a scientist and former Atheist is a good deconstruction of Atheist dogma. 

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