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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, June 27, 2005

The Boys from Brussels – Androgenists Unite !

by StFerdIII

The Boys from Brussels – Androgenists Unite !  

T. R. Reid and other jokers in 2004 proclaimed EU greatness – where are they now ???
June 20 2005

There are some ‘female’ politicians in Brussels but it is hard to tell given the androgenous nature of EU politics. The EU-Cats say that 35 % of politicians are females. Either the Euro chicks are masculine or the Euro wimps have become more feminine because no one can tell the difference. The sameness and ugliness of EU politicians reflect their society. The problem with Europe is that there is no demarcation between men and women. What the Europeans want to achieve is total, complete, unchangeable sameness. The eradication of all differences – class, income, sex, cultural, philosophical, legal, taxation – all must fall to the new EU secular god of equal androgeny. Chicks and wimps united together in an ever lasting love embrace, merging themselves into the EU equivalent of Michael Jackson.

Europe has come a long way since the democratic liberalism of Churchill and Lloyd George in 1906 England. Churchill must be rolling over in his grave. When he joined the radical Georgites in the reformist Asquith government of 1906-1910 Churchill declaimed for equal access, equal rights, equal opportunity – but not equal results. He rightly called capitalism the theory of the ladder, and socialism the theory of equal misery for all. 1906 will soon turn into 2006 and the midgets running Europe have turned Churchill’s theory precisely upside down. Freedom and earning rights are to be secondary in the immature rush to due process and ensuring results.

Like Stalin’s Russia, Europe proclaims itself superior. Dumb academics like TR Reid can write yawning nonsense and lie about culture, living standards and numbers to express their view. Reid obviously never lived in Europe. If he did he would have inverted his thesis. Europe is a no-growth, lazy, contradictory, over taxed welfare state. You can swap the Lira for the Euro for the Guilder for the Mark for the Franc, for the Peso for the Upper Slobovian currency of the week, and it makes no difference. The EU Single Market experiment has failed to destroy the nexus of big government, big unions, big taxes and big corruption. The currency matters not. The political system is to blame.

To make up for it we hear lots of EU-centric rhetoric. All failed or failing nations resort to moralizing. Canada has 50 % of US GDP growth and no productivity and a far higher rate of unemployment, no military, socialized industries and government managed health care and outright corruption in its government, yet maintains it is superior to those gun toting, toothless, shoeless Americans. Europe is the same. So to make up the ‘reality gap’ the castrated, androgenous, ‘Eu-Nuchs’ babble about being nicer, kinder and more liable to cry, than those Johnny Walker swilling Americans.

Europe has a long history of lying about societal development. Marx lied in his economic analysis of contradictory capitalist growth and the economic phase development of history. Lenin lied in his underlying econometric theories on capitalist imperialism. So did Stalin in his proclamations of shoe production, hammer output and cereal creation. The Nazi’s trumpeted inflated numbers of GDP success and capital growth. Now in an Oriental twist we have the Chinese economy growing at a million % per annum and all Westerners buying in to the lie from a one party fascist state. Good grief. Don’t the jokers that call themselves analysts and journalists ever get smart ? Why do they believe one party utopias ?

So the Boys from Brussels in the latest European experiment at creating a Master Race are having problems. Poor dears. I guess a multi-layered top down, elitist, technocratic, arrogant, high tax, high spend socialist project, covering 25 distinct nations, with little in common, is probably not a great idea. I don’t think that the Dutch and French rejected the EU Constitution because they read the 500 page litany of nonsense. They are angry because there are no jobs, they live in bad housing, they have little real income, their politicians are corrupt and Europe is an abstract ideal that benefits the Euro Cat elite and no one else. I don’t believe the Dutch and French said no to the EU Constitution because they understand that socialism fails. They said nee and non because they want more socialism, more protectionism, more security, more safety nets, and more crying. Poor things, confusion knows no limits. What they need is reform. This is the outrageous irony of the Dutch and French rejection of the Constitution - yes they feel divorced from the Euro elite but the average Francois and Jan want more, not less, welfare motherhood.

TR Reid and his over paid friends should compare the EU Constitution, which is the same size as the Koran, and just about as sensible, with the US Declaration. The US Constitution is after all a mere 16 pages and Americans in times gone by, before self-hatred and loathing, were actually taught what was is the document. But a 500 page phone book Constitution fits what is Europe. In ‘EU-Nuch’ land density and process matter more than results and common sense. Being told by a Fuhrer what to do is nicer than having to think, act, take risks, earn rights and make a success.

If TR Reid and his amply-waisted academic friends want to write books, let them at least address reality. The Boys or Androgenists from Brussels are not freedom’s friends and should not be emulated. Good riddance to ‘EU-Nuch’ Land. The best thing that can happen in Europe is that the Hungarian-born, pro-US Sarkozy takes control in France, and the pro-US, pro-reform Merkel in Germany unseats his eminent uselessness Herrn Schroeder. First institute reforms, than realize success, than debate what is needed, and than make a Constitution. Ah, how logical and how un-European ! Vive illogique ! ©


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