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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The mad rush towards the ‘Mommy State’

Society’s FGAM alliance [females, gays and anti-males] controls the agenda. Sadly.

by StFerdIII

The feminist-gay revolution is in full swing and stronger than ever. The emasculation or ‘de-manning’ society enthusiastically proceeds apace. With glee and joy the current chattering elite, with their gay and male-hating friends in full solidarity have done a wonderful job at not only destroying the family unit, common sense morality and the virtue of being virtuous, but they have also succeeded in demolishing manhood. Men used to be men – sometimes gracious, sometimes aggressive, sometimes chivalrous, sometimes rough, sometimes coarse, sometimes swaggering – but at least in the bad old days men were men, and women acted like women. Now of course society is told from kindergarten to post secondary schooling and through the media and in the pop pulp literature of the day that being a man is hateful, disturbing, unnecessary and deeply insensitive. Instead of aspiring to produce intelligent manhood, now we are told to look like Michael Jackson, act like Justin Timberlake and be brainless like George Clooney. Society will pay a price for the de-balling of the male specimen.

The de-balling of men has all sorts of repercussions. When you de-genitalise the male race some obvious ill side effects occur. For instance the heterosexual family unit is no longer the aspiration or optimum model of society but merely one choice amongst many reative choices. Female led polygamist households? – no problems, this is viewed as female emancipation. Male polygamist households? – no problems, this is viewed as female choice. Gay couples adopting normal children? – no problem, gays are loving creatures too after all. Lesbian couples adoption children? – no problems after all women have genetic impulses towards motherhood and love, even if they are dykes. Trans-gendered men acting as women building families with say another trans-gendered female cum man? – no problems after all sexuality and emotional stability is only relative. The only issue for the left liberals and socialists is how much tax money do we want to give to these wonderful new household creations?

The de-balling of men is therefore viewed in politics at large. Women dictate policy. Women vote more often and in higher percentages then men. Women arranged in various categories which are really insipid marketing definitions such as ‘soccer moms’, ‘dinks’ etc. have a great impact on the policy preferences of those seeking power. Women demand emotionalism; relativity; due process; sensitivity and lots and lots and lots of welfare programs. Not for the female-gay-anti-male [FGAM] axis the ideas of individuality, capitalism, results and virtues. For most females the ideas of Orthodox Liberalism and the truer principles of the Enlightenment ring hollow. Women want security, comfort, help with children and an ever expanding set of programs to make society, mushy, squishy, squeezy, soft and teddy-bearish. Any politician that ignores the FGAM axis is soon out of power.

There are a few exceptions to the FGAM obsession with collective socialism. But not many. You will meet the occasional female entrepreneur, corporate climber, or politician who is just as hard-assed and nasty as any American corporate chief. But that is rare. For the most part in Canuckistan North, the FGAM alliance votes left wing and with gusto. If you break down the ‘Conservative Party’ [in quotes because only in Canada can a left wing party be called ‘Conservative'] votes you will see pretty quickly that 2/3 are from men – and a lot of them are white men. Nothing so disturbs the FGAM alliance as the fat old white man. To the FGAMs the fat old white man is about as deplorable and immoral a sight as George Bush riding naked on a white horse into Baghdad. Nothing stirs the FGAMs more, than inane white man chatter about virtues, individuality, responsibility, tax cuts, spending cuts and rolling back the mommy-state.

FGAMs are deeply committed to the creation of the all powerful mommy-state. Disdainful of men and their manly nonsense FGAMs declare that the world would be a wonderful peaceful place and everyone would be drinking coke, if only men did not exist. Peace apparently would be ensured if men were eliminated and since sexual procreation mandates, at least for now, the use of sperm, the closest the FGAMs can come to completely emasculating society is to make sure the mommy-state is in control. Thus the entire apparati of national socialism is raised up: socialized health care, socialized day care, socialized energy, socialized public services, socialized power generation, socialized and subsidized economic sectors of all varieties and of course tax monies used to fund gay, female, and eco-fascist lobby groups. If anyone believes that globalization is making the mommy-state smaller then you have had too state subsidized and protected trees falling on your head.

FGAMs love big government. Into the arms of the big kissable mommy-state run the FGAMs secure, happy and fulfilled. Females after all were the biggest supporters of Hitler’s National Socialism [though admittedly gays did not get on too well in the 3rd Reich], and women ardently supported Communism in the deformed Stalinist state of Russia. The main and only dissenters against Communism just happened to be of course stupid white men. Ditto for the dissenters in the Third Reich, very few females were opposed to the Hitler regime. In fact women swooned over the Nazi leadership elite, and even the ugly little monkey Hitler was deemed a savory sex symbol by German babes. FGAMs love power and power emanating from big happy mommy-government apparently really turns them on.

But once the FGAMs seize power not all is bliss. Military and defense concerns are deemed less worthy than national day care projects or expanding welfare to pay off gay couples or enable transgendered adoption of innocent normal babies. History is rewritten where stupid white men terrorize the planet and commit untold crimes against humanity while all other races are deemed noble, pure and advanced. Virtues and individuality along with initiative and perseverance are dismissed as white men’s ideas and are indeed immoral concepts designed to enslave the globe. FGAMs demonstrate little tolerance for debate since that too along with Parliamentary processes is just another stupid white man’s trick to prevent the meaningful expansion of the mommy state. Better to jump over that hurdle and use the FGAM friendly court and judicial system to expand their power.

The FGAM alliance is inevitably a collection of sorry sentimentalists, socialists and not very bright sorts who are trying to destroy civilization. They are confused, immoral at times and certainly not democratic. Eventually they will be beaten down and beaten back. But not if stupid white men and other non white men don’t wake up and realize what is going on. The creation of the mommy state might benefit the FGAMs and their liberal legal friends but it does nothing to further cultivate civilization. The sooner we deconstruct the FGAMs and the mommy-state the better. In America there is talk of ‘blue vs. red state’ politics. This is true – but inside this conflict is something even more basic – the FGAM alliance against men. But don’t expect any media talking heads to bring up that discussion.

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