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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Forget Laissez-Faire we have ‘Lazy–Fair’!

Unaccountability and Cultural Marxism run amok.

by StFerdIII

All is good in the lands of Lazy-Fair. Laziness, gullibility, hatred of the modern world, a human ‘right’ to whine, cry, complain, break laws and be intolerant of others. Lazy-Fair is a new doctrine built upon cultural Marxist and socialist ideals. Be lazy, don’t interfere, don’t care, and all is fair. Relatively fair that is. Or it must be. Cultures, individuals, ideas, even Islam are fair and equal. Just be lazy and let fairness rule. Why care if nothing matters and all is good and fair? Embrace your humanity, let the Lazy-Fair reign!

The traditional term, ‘Laissez-faire’, was coined during the time of the Louis the 14th, the French 'Sun King' [with the usual French modesty]. Louis’ Finance Minister, ironically the statist Colbert, told the would be world-unifier and dominator, to leave the burgeoning French industrial complex alone, or ‘laissez-faire’. Colbert, himself certainly no orthodox liberal, meant that government should be relatively indifferent, outside of taxation or some regulation, in regards to private economic production and exchange.

It is a good doctrine that has never been tried in history outside of some epochs during the 19th century. In reality governments impose massive dislocations on any and all exchange, production, and consumption. Taxes are just the most obvious example, but regulations, non-tariff barriers, source of origin requirements, discriminatory trade agreements, preferential treaties, environmental and labor standards, and bureaucratic meddling all distort the laissez-faire concept. It is now nothing more than a philosophical abstract, or one supposes, an aspiration of what might be.

Contrary to its more impressive namesake the new Lazy-Fair as a doctrine is of course a completely different program. It is more concerned with promoting the opposite of Colbert’s doctrine. Lazy-Fair is best summed up by the 2 iconic ideas of cultural Marxism so prevalent in left-wing politics today: relativity [nothing matters]; and ‘rights’ [you are given, you don’t need to earn rights]. Given these two premises the state must not allow Laissez-Faire, but impose itself to assure Lazy-Fair. The societal impact from the derivatives of this ridiculous concept is of course vast.

In train since the hedonistic heydays of the narcissistic 60s, the Lazy-Fair cultural phenomenon has already proven itself a complete disaster. By trying to eradicate the military; family; gender differences; virtues; high standards; morality; faith; and individual responsibility; and through an irresponsible increase in government power leading to savage attacks on freedom and economic progress; the Lazy-Fair cult is responsible for myriad political-social and economic issues.

Crime is double what it was 50 years ago; educational standards are far lower; pop culture is a travesty of stupidity; the family is breaking apart; and ideas like respect, hard-work, politeness, and even a basic understanding of how markets work, or why innovation is important, are receding. This says nothing of 40 years of appeasing Islam which has lead to thousands of dead and entire states now in thrall to pagan Islamacist ideals.

The entire edifice of the media, educational systems and pop-culture, are all bent on facile ideas that have lurked in the ideological compartment of mankind’s fervid imagination for thousands of years. Communalism, one-world globalism, state manufactured socialism, eco-harmony, respect for paganism – all in the name of destroying the ‘chaos’ of a truly liberal society and of bourgeois capitalism. Demolishing the modern world to institute a fantasy one-world of fairness and love is to be diplomatic, moronic.

Lazy-Fair is the childish doctrine of a spoilt and immature age. Lazy-Fair doctrine shares the same puerile concepts which dominated the minds of disturbed men such as Rousseau, Marx, Proudhon, Gramsci, the Frankfurt School, Sartre, Derrida, Foucault and the deconstructionists. Lazy-Fair takes the post-modern gibberish of cultural, moral, historical, and human relativity and extends it into an overarching philosophy of control. It does this by advocating socialism through statist governance; elite control through the eco-earth cult of mother earth; and through controlling culture, education and the media to attack Western history, standards, and beliefs.

Derrida one of the leaders of the post-modern Marxist cult, sums up Lazy-Fair ideals: ‘The models that are now collapsing are roughly those that, at the dawn of industrial society, were discussed by Kant to Heidegger, passing by way of Hegel, Schelling, Humboldt, Schleiermacher, and Nietzsche.’ The models are of course Western constructs – religion, culture, the economy, its political structure, its history etc. Derrida and his rabid friends desire the deconstruction of the West and the imposition of Lazy-Fair doctrine – all is equal, relative, open and communal. To understand its ambitious and harmful scale, you can take the open-borders, pro-immigration argument, and extend it to all areas of society.

The modern world is an anomaly. Its rise was not preordained in some insipid Hegelian or Marxian dialectic or stage theory. It was not created by aliens [as Scientologists believe], or by the ‘lost’ civilization of Atlantis [which was the island of Thera partially blown up in 1200 BC.]. Nor are we dependent on the nurturing love of the earth goddess. Nor are cultures, systems, ideas, virtues, and historical-political development of equal import, interest and impact in the creation of the modern world.

Laissez-Faire has much to commend it. Put government in its rightful restricted place. Create a culture of moral virtue, high standards; market based economic exchange, and opportunity protected by Western laws, traditions and political division of powers. This is how clean, powerful and moral states are built.

Lazy-Fair has nothing to recommend it. It casts about for the lowest common denominator, trivializes Western traditions and elevates anti-modern ideas, paganisms and absurd earth cults to prominence. Lazy-Fair might appeal to the populist politician but it is an odious anti-modern development that should be tossed into the garbage can of immoral and dangerous concepts.

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