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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

James Delingpole, 'Welcome to ObamaLand, I have seen your future and it does not work'

A Brit just stating the obvious.

by StFerdIII

Delingpole is the rarest of creatures. Hi is an Oxford trained geek with a not-so-memorable exo-skeleton, married to a beauty, and is a witty professional writer, and journalist. Weirder yet he is a Conservative. If there ever was a man who should be a card-carrying member of the self-loathing, Churchill and empire-denying, British Socialist-Elite, it would be this Oxford accented nerd with the strange name. To cap the horror Delingpole is even a regular attendee at his London Anglican church. Miracles do exist.

One reason amongst many why the great man Obama will not be re-elected in 2012, even if he runs against Donald Duck [at least Donald does not need a computer screen to talk from], is that the British socialist experiment has failed, and most of those tenets have found themselves embedded in Obama-theology. Most people understand that socialism in any program or at any level of the political-economy fails. Even when they vote socialist, the smiling Marxist instinctively understands that he is supporting a set of ideas that have little to zero resonance with reality. But delusions persist. As do Obamas.

Delingpole maps Lesser Britain's dalliance with socialism onto the Obama program. For good measure he could have included the statist era of Mr. Bush, a man who was a promoter of ever more massive government. Bush was in many ways a precursor of Obama. I called him a socialist back in 2004, when US spending had increased a mere 30% over the Clinton era. Now total US federal spending is double that of the Clinton era. Yet the really clever people say that if only we raised taxes [what double them ?], because taxes are so 'low' everything would be paid for. This is of course a nonsense. Total income taxes of GDP can only rise to a max of about 10%. Currently the level is 8.5%. Raising income taxes does nothing to balance the budget. Keep in mind as well that the welfare state ensures that 50% of people don't pay income tax, creating clients of the all means raise tax revenues on these people though politically it will never happen. This 50% is the 'working class' you know. In reality raising tax rates results in less tax revenues. It also ossifies your economy and expands the rigidity of government and its union-working elite [those poor darlings 'struggling' as working class members only making $90.000 per annum plus a pension, quel horreur]. Lesser Britain has 50% of its GDP eaten by government. Two-thirds of Scottish GDP is now government owned. My only surprise is why are there any native Brits left in Lesser Britain. Why not emigrate? But we now digress.

This is what Delingpole has to say about Lesser Britain's socialism:

1) The mindlessness of Leftist politics

Part of the Left's huge popular appeal, I'm sure, is that it requires no deep thought, no analysis. Vote Blair, Vote Obama and your work is done; you have said all that needs to be said about the kind of person you are. Nice. Well-meaning. One of the gang.....Some of us, most of us, grow out of this adolescent phase. Instead of formulating an idea of how the world ought to work and then trying to squeeze reality until it screams...”

It's one of the things I find almost charming about the liberal-left ideology – the way it's not just mistaken in a few of its notions here and there, but consistently, overwhelmingly, comprehensively wrong about absolutely everything.”

[A kool-aid drinking, group-thinking, child-cult].

2) Socialized Health Care [every pious man's cross]

....NHS (National Health System, Europe's biggest employer) Hospitals are now estimated to be responsible for around 40.000 patient deaths a year?...It is estimated that at least 30.000 of the 200.000 people who die from cancer or strokes each year in Britain would survive if treated in any other European country.”

[Cancer death rates are 40% higher in Lesser Britain than in the US for example. How moral. How noble. An extra 30.000 dead each year, a cost that the socialists never ever discuss including the Obama-care supporters. Keep in mind that the NHS is also bankrupt.]

3) Globaloney Warming and the eco-terrorist cult [one of history's greatest financial scams]

What depresses me hugely as a professional journalist is how complicit our media have been in spreading The Great Global Warming myth. Where's the investigative spirit of Watergate I'd like to know? Or are conspiracies only worth investigating when they're evil right-wing conspiracies?”

One of the things that has always puzzled me about how people who are supposedly dedicated to all the nice things in life...can yet be so astonishingly vicious, nasty, bullying, and downright fascistic in their policies.”

[Bingo. In the US see the EPA for detail.]

4) Hating Nuclear power

By 2015 – when those nuclear power stations are decommissioned – Britain is going to be in chaos. It will have lost 40 per-cent of its electricity generating capacity, leading to widespread power failures and black outs. Heating costs have risen exponentially, causing more deaths among the elderly who need warmth but can least afford it.”

[How rational. Carbon based energy generation will also be neutered. At least for now the Obameds seem to pressing ahead with nuclear. But carbon energy sources are definitely targeted for reduction by the EPA and court system.]

5) Mis-education system

This is not how history is taught any more. Not, at least in my country's state schools system, and not in yours either. Now history might more appropriately be called, 'Guilt and Oppression Studies'. No longer is it a means of instilling in our children pride at our nations' many great achievements, nor of teaching them about heroic personal examples which they can emulate.”

[Islam invented everything don't you know. All cultures are fabulous and equal except White Euro-North American culture which is infinitely inferior].

6) No Freedom. Newspeak Orwellian-style

Note, for example, the way the Left has managed to capture one of the most cherished words in the conservative lexicon – freedom – and subvert it to its own ends. Freedom used to mean the same thing as liberty. Now it is often used in the antithetical, Collectivist sense, of 'entitlement to services administered by the state'; 'freedom from discrimination'; 'freedom from poverty'; 'freedom from injustice.'”

[It sounds like an Obamed speech. 'Freedom', no we can't].

This was John Milton's argument in Areopagitica..against censorship and in favor of free speech. Only by exposing all ideas, good or bad, to the test of open discussion can we ever hope to revel the truth of God.....John Stuart Mill put the secular case for the same argument....if we allow our opinions to go unchallenged then the truth, severed from its rational roots, becomes enfeebled.

[Notice how the socialists like Obama and his friends always cry when criticized, or declaim that speech must be 'managed'. Managed to get the answers they want of course and the policies they desire with no dissent.]

7) The greatness of our culture

..Modern Judeo-Christian civilization is the apogee of human accomplishment. It has cherry picked all that was best about previous great civilisations – most notably, indeed almost exclusively, that of the Greeks and Romans: the Persians and the Pharaohs and the Ancient Chinese you can frankly keep – and created a society about as just and fair and universally beneficial as any society made up of flawed human beings is ever likely to be. WE ARE THE BEST.”

[Exactly. Well said.]

8) Immigration destroying our culture

...will the United States remain a country with a single national language and a core Anglo-Protestant culture? By ignoring this question Americans acquiesce to their eventual transformation into two peoples with two cultures...Huntington is right. We ARE ignoring this question.”

[Socialists use race and 'racism' to buy votes. They want a debased national culture. It allows them to balkanize politics and enlist the 'minority' to support them through state-welfare bribes.]

The above are just some truisms expressed by Delingpole in analyzing his country's descent into socialist dystopia, and transposing that onto the USA. The great man, the Obamed's plan for transforming America was always radical. He was bludgeoned back into a 'centrist' position [if Marxism is the new 'centre'], in the 2010 elections. But the impulse from he and his elitist friends are still there. Create a NHS for the USA. Curtail free speech. Reduce carbon energy usage via state and court power. Promote immigration from Islamic and Hispanic states. Turn a blind eye to Islamic home-grown radicalism. Degrade our own history and culture. Promote socialist-mediocrity in the socialized school system. Enjoin young minds to unthinkingly join the Goddess Gaia cult. Demonize anyone who is not a part of the 'team' and who does not orgasm and faint at the Obama's [or the next 'great man's] every utterance of hope and change......

Intellectually we have entered a dark age. The path to socialism and state control is a 60-70 year process. Obama did not spring out of the green grass. He is a product of the cultural zeitgeist. So too is Lesser Britain's socialist fantasy-world. Rolling back the Orwellian world of state-power is quite difficult. The power of the bureaucracy generates its own growth and momentum. But it can be done. One method is to let it go bankrupt as it most assuredly will. Intellectual bankruptcy must have political-economic consequences. Just ask Russia circa 1991. Or perhaps Britain and the USA circa 2021.

This is a very good book by Delingpole. I doubt he gets invited to the smart-people's parties in London.



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