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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Truth about Covid-19, by Dr Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins

For many, a Great Awakening.

by StFerdIII


This book was published and issued during the height of the Corona scamdemic.  It is still a very good read and summary of 2.5 years of unbridled medical Nazism and societal Fascism.  As Mercola and Cummins relate, there never was a pandemic.  A pandemic is not 0.03% IFR death rate, nor is it based on fake tests or fraudulent data.  You know you are in a pandemic because you will see it, feel it and observe the injury, the illness, the death not only around you, but likely within your own family, or at the very least, along your own street.  A pandemic is not when old seniors are disappeared behind closed doors in a Long-Term Care Facility or a Hospital, where copious amounts of midazolam or morphine were apparently distributed and where the ‘raging pandemic’ only affects 82-year-olds with co-morbidities.  The Corona Fascism is simply one of the greatest crimes in history.  This fact will not be erased by Big Technology, social media, the Fake News, Fake Medicine, Fake Government, Criminal Pharma, or Fake Science and their political muppets.  There will be a day of reckoning and criminal trials.  It may take an ice age of time to realise justice, but it shall happen.


Mercola and Cummins present important truths that this book collates and presents without hyperbole, without exaggerated diction, without implausible claims, but with true data, real life observations, medical facts, and an intimate knowledge of how the body actually functions in response to viral events.  There is also an overwhelming display of why the ‘vaccines’ or quacksines as they should be known, do not work as advertised and are in fact deleterious, injurious and often fatal.  Mercola has been demonised, his site on natural health has been targeted as ‘misinformation’, he and his family were threatened with physical and prosecutorial violence unless he took down articles criticising the Church of the Covidian and the Holy Jabs; and he is mentioned by the Biden administration to be one of the top 5 ‘disinformers’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’, who must be monitored if not punished.  When all of that has happened to you, then you know that this man is spot on and understands what he is talking about. 


Important take-aways from this book:


Lab leak

-The official story is that a woman ate a bat in a wet market in Wuhan, ingested a virus which somehow had become mixed with a pangolin (anteater) virus and then mutated twice into SARS II.  It spread from bat-woman to the rest of Wuhan.

-The problem is that no bats or pangolins are sold in the Wuhan wet market and bat viruses do not transmit to humans; but the US-Sino lab for biolab pathogen experimentation sits astride said market.  The virus was either deliberately or accidentally released from this lab.



-Event 201 with Bill Gates (GAVI), Pharma, WHO (Gates is the largest single financial investor), various Governments, Universities, ‘experts’ and even media manipulators met in October 2019 to ‘war game’ a virus pandemic.  The Rockefeller funded John Hopkins University was in the forefront, along with many other Rockefeller funded groups and individuals.

-GAVI, the WHO and major banks amongst other actors have long been involved in funding digital IDs tied to ‘health’ and vaccination status.

-US CDC (which kicked off the panic) received $80 million in direct monies from pharmaceutical firms from 2014-2018. 

-The Pharma industry is the biggest political lobbyist in Washington and accounts for some 70% of ‘news media’ revenues during most of the year (outside of big events, election years).

-The Rockefeller Foundation issued an April 2020 ‘Common Pass’ scheme, or digital ID connected to health status (vaccination), even though the vaccinations would not be rolled out until December 2020.


The Data fraud pre-Stabs

-Only 6% of US Covid-19 deaths were from Corona as the sole cause of death.

-94% of US Covid deaths listed 2.6 co-morbidities.

-Average age of the Corona dead was over 80 years old.

-It is clear that Corona was not a plague but a virus which triggered attacks in already ill people with co-morbidities (similar to what pneumonia can do).

-Average survival rate was statistically 99.991%.  For the over 80s the death rate is similar to influenza or roughly 1.71% infection-fatality-rate.

-Obesity was a key common attribute of those dying from Corona.

-Ventilators increased the chances of dying and were involved in thousands of deaths.

-PCR tests were known to be useless and fraudulent before the pandemic started. 

-Most who tested positive were asymptomatic (not ill) and could not spread what they don’t have to others.



-Lockdowns did not stop the spread of the virus, no scientific proof of this claim exists.

-Lockdowns did injure our natural immune systems, making any illness including Corona, far more likely.

-US billionaires in 2021 alone increased their wealth by over $1 Trillion, as money and wealth shifted from the middle and lower classes to the wealthy.

-Over 100.000 US businesses (2020-21) have permanently shut down with many thousands to follow (2022 and succeeding years).

-More than 40 states reported record opioid usage and related deaths.

-Dramatic increases in suicides, alcoholism, abuse, family violence, and rape were also recorded.

-For the record it is estimated that in the UK, between 30.000 and 50.000 died during lockdown (no access to healthcare, thousands murdered in old age homes and the NHS etc).

-Children suffered horribly from school closures, wearing face masks and being subjected to a blitz of terror propaganda.


The Immaculate Injections

-Medical Pharma has never been able to develop (with over 20 years of trying) a quacksine against a Corona-virus. 

-In the UK (per 2021 data) 68% of hospitalisations and 70% of Rona deaths were ‘fully vaccinated’ (poisoned) (the 2022 data is 90%).

-The mRNA trials were based on data fraud, manipulated calculations and broken protocols and conventions.

-The jabs have not stopped transmission or reduced symptoms and are responsible for millions of injured and dead with an injury rate of 1 in 40. 

-Covid IFR outside a nursing home is 99.7% meaning that an injection is simply unnecessary.

-Natural herd immunity has long existed and our natural immune systems can cope with Corona, especially if supported by exercise, Vitamin D, zinc and ivermectin.



The book has little to say about the face-anus-wraps or diapers (masks) which collect fungi and bacteria, and which force the wearer to eat Co2 as well as this unhealthy cocktail.  Well over 1500 studies outline the demerits of wearing a face mask and how the 0.1 micron sized virus can easily enter and exit the mask.  Overall however, this book is a good summary of the Corona fascism, the intent of the ‘Great Reset’ and the imposition of Medical and Technological tyranny and Nazism.  Anyone who believes that there was a ‘pandemic’ or who believes any part of the Corona narrative is simply a compliant, ignorant moron.  Reality is not ‘conspiracy’ and many of the predictions by ‘conspiracy theorists’ are simply true.  The contract between the citizenry and its government, its ‘news agencies’, its ‘health professionals’ and its corporate masters is now shredded, null and void.  Anyone with critical thinking skills knows what has transpired and is more self-aware and hopefully more prepared for what may come, than ever before.  The Great Awakening.   

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