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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Corona, Medical Nazism and Scientism

Dystopian Fascism premised on the Church of Scientism.

by StFerdIII


Follow the Science, the Fascist Corona Church preached and screamed.  All must be stabbinated with experimental poisons, in contravention of the Nuremberg Code, the high priests of Corona ejaculated.  Not being stabbed with immune destroying experimental gene altering products, not wearing a useless face-diaper, not being imprisoned in your own house, not following the mindless dictates and idiotic rules of those who know nothing, is not only sinful, but a reason to be publicly humiliated and burnt.  Corona was Medical Nazism, as simple as that.


Marketed as the greatest calamity in history, Corona was sacralised and confirmed by the High Priests of ‘the science’.  Follow our Church for salvation the Corona faithful moaned.  The end of humanity assured the ‘health industry’.  Severe Fascist measures are merited to combat this calamity, screeched the elite and their propaganda.  Any deviation will imperil the mass beseeched the fake news.  In it together, look her in the eyes, do your duty, sacrifice for the greater good declared the ’experts’ the ‘ministers’ of this and that, those who know.  Puerile half-wit slogans expounded daily, unendingly, chillingly and menacingly.  The ugly jackboot of Orwellian fascism on full display.




The Corona fraud was an endemic attempt at totalitarian control, with the benefit for the criminal elite and criminal industries such as Pharmaceuticals to print profits.  Full stop.  It was a US-led and US-inspired ‘new world order’ implementation, straight out of a Huxley-Orwell book and real time movie script.  The intent of the Corona Fascism and its ‘radical transformation’, which is now being built into the nation-state ending WHO Pandemic Treaty, was to terrorise, marginalise, atomise, and deconstruct the modern world and the individual.  It was designed to forcibly and illegally inject unknown substances into as many humans as possible.  Perhaps the real objective, was simply profit-mongering with criminal Pharma making US$1000 a second in profits, and with corrupt politicians, ministers, governments and other elites paid off, bought or blackmailed, or large corporations profiting and making obscene profits such as Amazon which doubled its profits, while small and medium sized businesses were crushed.  But quite obviously, and inevitably, when looking at the real data, the Corona fascism was not just about profits.  Sinister evil was at work, a demonic presence, a transcendent devilry



Criminal Pharmaceutical firms long ago bought governments, ‘health’ agencies, regulators, universities, ‘studies’ and ‘the science’.  The quacksine industry is the most criminal in history.  Saint Jenner, whose statue adorns many a public building and church, murdered his own son and his friend a boy called Phipps.  Both died at age 21 after being stabbed with infected cow pus some 20x, to ward off small pox.  This non-science is now lauded as a pivotal point in ‘health care’, ‘saving hundreds of millions of people’ from certain death.  In fact, sanitation, hygiene, waste removal, clean water and using hydrocarbon energy and ending the endless deposits of horse dung city streets ended common diseases.  You don’t need quacksines to be ‘healthy’.  Quite the opposite, the health issues ranging from Autism to Cancer, map perfectly to the rollout of endless quacksinations.  You won’t find proof of this online of course; the internet is constantly scrubbed of incriminating studies and real world experiences.


The outcome of Corona Fascism was primarily widespread social-economic-personal and mental destruction and desecration attendant by massive death, injury, infertility and destroyed immune systems.  mRNA was and is, junk science, without merit, but it serves a purpose, if the powers-that-be, want to inject foreign elements into your body, or pace Minister of Health Hancock on Whatsapp saying Gates owed him one for injecting millions with nano-chips (now passed off by the Fake News as a ‘joke’).  The Fake News, paid by governments to terrorise the population is of course the real sinister joke.  Billions were injected by governments around the world, into media outlets to promote the Corona Medical Nazism.


A real ‘pandemic’ is self-evident, it is not an IFR (infection fatality rate) of 0.3%, with an average age of death with, not from the ‘virus’ of 84.  Deaths ‘with’ a virus or any other ailment is not a pandemic, false death-accounting and fraud is not a pandemic, nor is a ‘pandemic’ a total of fake ‘cases’ from fake and arbitrary testing.  Murdering older people in old age homes and socialised health care to ‘gin up’ the dead counts is also not a pandemic, but a criminal act, which will go unpunished.  Record amounts of midazolam and morphine were distributed in the G20 during the scamdemic.  The ridiculous and unscientific premise of face-diapers, which forced inhalation of Co2 and bacteria, not to mention plastic carcinogens, is so obvious and well-articulated that only the truly low IQ and brainwashed believe in their efficacy.  They are simply symbols of submission and compliance.


The Stabbinations have killed far more than the Corona.  They were rushed, probably pre-made before 2020, and were never tested if they actually reduced transmission of a SARS II virus from one human to another.  In every country the stated death of Corona was 8-15% of the actual death from Corona, not with fake tests.  An example is the UK, where the government maintained that 150.000 died from Corona. The actual number is less than 20.000 or ~15% of the supposed dead count.  An FOI with the ONS can confirm this.  On the other hand the policies of lock-downs, stabs and isolation have resulted in 3-5 times more dead than the virus itself.  In the UK we have 30.000 dead during lockdown and some 60-100.000 dead post the stabbination programs.  This was repeated in every G20 country.  Outside the G20 those countries who did not subscribe to the Rona religion had no issues with the ‘pandemic’.  Curious that.  Also rather curiously, the fake news, fake politicians, fake health care, fake government, and fake science, so ostensibly concerned with ‘health’ could care less about the carnage which the Corona policies enacted on innocents.  Few if any of the Rona cult acolytes can name or spell any of the ingredients of the quacksine.



Flu was also added to the Rona dead counts, along with heart disease, dementia, and other respiratory illnesses.  The death rates never changed in 2020 or 2021.  They were the same or below the 20 year historical average in every country.  Conveniently global flu disappeared during Corona, this is interesting that given that the Rona faithful screamed that lockdowns, which killed up to 20x more people than the virus,  and their face diapers, along with endless stabbinations prevented Corona.  Did they only stop the normal flu, which was never targeted by these policies, but not the Corona virus, both of which are from the same family of 300.000 viruses?  How does that work in reality?


The only argument with the planned Corona scamdemic, an operation with 10 years of planning and patents, is the purported objectives and real power brokers.  Was it designed to ‘cull’ the human herd to save Gaia?  Or was it simply a fascistic, medical-Nazism with the attendant totalitarian control and destruction of freedom, all for health and safety, a prelude perhaps to the Climate-fascism whose plans are well in train and being developed in real time including reduction of food supply, digital currency and identification including the EU’s 2018 ‘Vaccine passport’ scheme15 minute cities, and 250 mRNA products some of them even dealing with ‘climate related diseases’.  The next lockdown and Nazism will be premised on both ‘saving Gaia’, by the complete elimination of clean burning, abiotic hydrocarbon fuels and a pathogen, emitted by the ‘changing climate’ which has produced ‘an evolved zoonotic’ which will ‘kill’ both granny and children.


Corona like Nazism, was and still is, a religio-Fascism.  Scared texts and gospels.  A high priest of interpreters and soothsayers.  Endless propaganda.  A Dear Leader (Fauci or similar in every country).  Massive corruption, fraud, graft, bribery and theft.  The IFR for Corona was the same as the flu, average age of death in the 80s.  Far more dead from lockdowns and the stabs than from the virus itself.  One thing is certain, another scamdemic will be announced and under the auspices of the WHO pandemic treaty, or to save Gaia and the ‘climate’, and there won’t be much the individual nation state and its craven, corrupt political class will do to obstruct or deny another attempt at Orwellian premised Nazism.  It will be up to the average person to rebel and bring the fascist apparatus down.

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