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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Real Conservatism means Virtues not meaningless ‘values’

Conservatives should reclaim the moral highground by focusing on virtues not values

by StFerdIII

Citizens, governments, businesses, investors, workers, fathers, mothers, and children all have responsibilities. Modern day liberals and teary eyed socialists however, believe only in rights and entitlements. How absurd. Rights are earned not given. You are not born therefore you deserve. You are born; you earn; you create; and you can maybe deserve. There is no doubt that modern society is breaking down; gay marriage; the ‘whore’ culture of feminism; broken families; procreation rates that are below replacement rates; muslim and non-Western immigration; legalizing polygamy; cheap internationalism; widespread corruption; ‘nationalized’ everything where others are supposed to pay for your own needs and wants; high taxes, high debt; and over-governed ninny populations are some of the outcomes of the ‘rights’ revolution – most of it pernicious to a civilization. Yet this subjective, mostly immoral and certainly counter-productive program is defined as a set of ‘values’. In essence these values mean one thing: ‘nothing is my fault; and culture is unimportant.’ Left wing nation states now indulge themselves in rather sad rhetoric where such ‘values’ represented in the statement ‘nothing is my fault; and culture is unimportant’, are to differentiate them from other supposedly ‘uncaring, uncompassionate’ nation state actors. As if people in Canada are on average more caring then say those savage Belgians or Australians; well known to eat babies and spear old people.

What however, do citizens believe in? If people understood the differences between virtues and values, they would choose the former each time. Yet in the socialist welfare world of Orwellian double talk, fat sweaty Prime Ministers and corrupt leaders can prattle on about ‘values’ – as if empty rhetoric can replace reality. Values don’t exist for the simple reason that value statements are subjective and subjectivity is wrong. The world is not grey, it is not opaque, it is not all that confusing and it is certainly not ‘nuanced’. All of these useless terms and many more, are nothing more than intellectual justification to do nothing; give up more rights to governments and judges; and ignore the virtues of right and wrong, good and bad, black and white and enshrine the immoral idea of relativity. Relativity belongs on the garbage heap of intellectually dishonest and repulsive ideas. Such attitudes lead to an erosion of Western culture; virtues; progress and civilization.

There is natural law and the natural progression of culture and virtues. Natural holds that some natural relationships in the physical, genetic, and moral sense have legal ie. normal patterns. Deviating from such patterns and laws promotes chaos and destruction. Polygamy for example is a failed cultural artifact that does not benefit nor support a civilizing society in which family units; education of children; and the passing on of moral and material virtues are necessary for progress and rising living standards. Polygamy militates against female rights, objective lessons of morality, the key male-female familial partnership and most of all against the proper upbringing of children. There are good cultural reasons why Islam is a failure – and polygamy is one of them. The same applies to gay marriage. There are good reasons why these and other pagan practices including; human sacrifice; nature worshipping; mysticism; infanticide [of female babies]; and superstition have been cast out from civilized society and conduct. Natural law has its uses, as any wise man will tell you; ‘Not all change is progress’.

Many items can be used to highlight the social strains in which virtue is eradicated. The military is a modern concrete example of the disdain that natural law is held by society. A military is the prime function of government and security its main concern. Can anyone seriously argue that the world is not a better place with the defeat of Wilhelm’s Germany; Hitler’s Nazi madness; or the idiocy of Communism? Today we have the same nonsense applied to Islam. Radical Muslims will desist in their 1300 year war on the world if only we don’t upset them; import them and give them wealth and rights; understand their root pain; and eliminate the Jews. This is of course crass ignorance and immorality on a grand scale.

True ‘Conservatives’ would maintain that Canadian and EU governments have a responsibility to protect our civilization and our foreign assets, interests, and citizens from harm, attack or theft. Liberals would state that governments have no such responsibilities since internationalism and international rights supersede national obligations. So when soft power countries are confronted by terror they naturally appease and seek to hide behind international groups. When their citizens are kidnapped and beheaded, usually on video in graphic detail, they do nothing but complain while grudgingly asserting the ‘rights’ of the terrorists to display their violence. They assert terrorist rights to barbarity precisely because they do nothing to stop it. They are in effect accessories to the murder of their own citizens. A fundamental responsibility of government is to protect its citizens. Yet the EU and Canada have forfeited this responsibility and are viewed not as peaceful, ‘righteous’ nations, by militant Islam, but weak, effeminate states that are easy targets for Islamic terrorists.

So what are ‘soft power’ and ‘values’ really about? Both are just another socialist fantasy – another way to escape responsibility and do nothing and free ride off of other more adult nations or make sure that governments control all natural law functions in a society by creating a citizenry of little babies and whiners. A fundamental obligation of a national government is to protect citizens and their natural rights – this is part of the Lockean contract between the governing and governed. If a government cannot protect its citizens, or steals it rights by imposing socialism and replacing virtues with ‘values’, it has simply given up its legitimacy. Soft power and ‘values’ rhetoric are just more programs of doing nothing and avoiding hard choices and harder responsibilities. Ultimately of course both are just the expression of weakness and incompetence and ultimately failure.

‘Values’ and soft power rhetoric are just sad examples of liberal-socialist immorality and any politician or government that engages in this must be dismissed.

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