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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Capitalism and freedom

Capitalism destroyed slavery, child labor and created the modern world

by StFerdIII

Historically two truisms can be made which the current media, education and Hollywood-struck mass ignore. In the construction of society there is the conflict between freedom and coercion. Statism or big government is the coercive form of gang-ruled violence. Statism is by default, immoral, violent and prone to war. Capitalism is the opposite of statism. A capitalist system is based on human rights, contracts and production and has little interest in violence. Yet today’s average Western society which is grossly ignorant about how the modern was created and why freedom in many countries is now the norm, will rail against capitalism, affix mendacious epithets to democratic liberalism, and scream that capitalism means war. The opposite of course is true. The greatest threat to the world is statism – in any of its forms be it; European socialism; Islamic fascism; Russian Orientalism or Chinese Communism.

The French protest about everything to do with reality wishing to escape the real world and live in fantasy-land. Socialist populists dream up ‘national values’ programs to buy votes and entrench state power. Socialist health care or other insipid and immorally inefficient socialist job creation programs become a national identity issue. Taxes rise and so does government spending. Dumb ideas like Kyoto or Global Warming initiatives drain billions from public treasuries as governments eagerly lie about man-made ‘catastrophic’ effects upon poor mother earth so they can raise taxes, micro-manage energy intensive industries and hire more government monkeys parading in red hats as bureaucrats. Politicians and their statist gangs pay themselves great sums of money and pensions while handing off deals and contracts to their friends. Leaders of all varieties in conjunction with the legal elite dream up charters, rights programs and minority protection programs and seek to control education, the media, key industry, and cultural institutions. Fascist Islam attacks any and all in a repeat of Nazi and Communist aggression and stupidity. Big statism proceeds apace yet the mass remains mostly inert and indifferent. Maybe if real history was taught in society there would be a revolution against the ever increasing power of the state and against fascist monstrosities. Capitalist is the cure for the disease.

Europe pre 1760 was not a Dickensian paradise full of fat, happy, waddling men, smoking pipes, strolling through green grass and watching the children dance in flower beds. It was an ugly society. Death came early – usually before age 35. Most children died before the age of 5. Food was short and there was little or no free trade in agricultural, textile or mineral products. Famines were constant. So too were fires, disease, war, rapine, arbitrary justice and ignorance. Education was non-existent. Work was hard to find and consisted in physical and not mental exertion. Feudalism and slavery reigned, and high taxation ensured the poverty of all but a minute political and economic group that ran society for their benefit. Wars to steal and plunder were unending. Brutality and gang rule the norm. Yet this pre Capitalist Europe is of course the socialist’s orgasmic wet dream – a reality they would dearly love to impose on the modern world – again.

The statists have tried innumerable times to destroy the modern world – and one should not expect the ignoramuses to give up any time soon. Big socialism in Europe and Canada is the pale ugly cousin of Nazism, Communism and fascist Islam all of whom have followed or still follow in the case of Islam, the ugly path of pre-modern Europe. Statism in its essence wants to return to the ‘good old days’ of pure, mythical and heroic times – managed by an elite of course. Not for the statists the mundane and boring world of liberal democracy with its cheap and plentiful food and consumer goods, elections, job creations, production orientation and unheroic life style where aggression and war is not welcomed simply because people are too damn busy to be bothered with looting and criminality. No the statists want to wipe out reality, ignore the 5 senses, reverse the scientific-enlightenment culture and set of virtues established over the past 300 hundred years; and impose a technocratic all knowing elite that will decide what is best for the little children of society. The fact that Nazism, Communism, and Islam were and are unmitigated failures does not make an impression on the modern statists. They love power and control and ‘heroic’ deeds in recreating society in their own image.

The record for statism is murderously bad and incredibly immoral. What statists create is the exact opposite of their rhetoric. They don’t create heroic societies and intelligence – they manufacture poverty, war, ignorance and immorality. Statism is a failure since it destroys human rights, negates freedom of thought and innovation and plunders private property. Inevitably the economy declines, wages decline, and the standard of living falls. In order to hold onto power the statist gang will blame someone – usually the Jews or the Capitalists or the Americans. They will initiate programs of genocide against such ‘infidels’ by killing them or reforming them in ‘re-education’ camps. External aggression as the domestic society plunges into chaos is of course inevitable. Statism leads to war. This is a truism that most modern ‘analysts’ ignore. Capitalism on the other hand leads to trade, production and societal improvement.

The historical record makes this obvious. Capitalism in its modern form started to take off around 1760 thanks to the Scottish Enlightenment, the French Physiocrats and assorted ideals based loosely around Classical Liberalism and laissez-faire. Feudalism, gang rule corruption, the stultification of the mind and crushing poverty were eliminated by capitalism. The Scottish Enlightenment produced geniuses that graduated from poverty that would make the poor today appear rich, to produce technologies that allowed the construction of railroads; massive canal projects; locks; the steam engine; modern factory machines; production processes; new agricultural and harvesting equipment and modern economic management tools to name just a few. When you see the French protesting for ‘jobs for life’ grab a book and read about Telford [canal builder], Watt [steam engine] or Brindley [railroad inventor] and their rise from mud huts to self taught levels of incomparable genius and creativity.

The Capitalist revolution in its first 100 years resulted in a huge increase in life span; consumer goods like cotton clothes which allowed the mass for the first time to change clothes and buy cheap fabric; abundant food; and the creation of trade opportunities, not to mention the establishment of factories, urban centers and the like, which allowed people to work, earn money and spend their surplus on factory made items. Within 100 years Capitalism had destroyed feudalism, slavery, and child labor, which had pre-existed capitalism for thousands of years. By 1850 very few children were working in factories since longer living parents had more disposable incomes and did not need their children to support the family. Ditto slavery – dead in the West thanks to capitalist technology and the US civil war – but alive and well in Islamic states and Africa. Capitalism has been the only system yet devised to not only give people a voice in political affairs; a means to improve their living standards and access to modern appliances and technology – but it has been the greatest force for liberation ever known to man.

But you won’t read the above in any Western high school, university or newspaper. The statists would hate to have you understand that socialism is not the highest form of development. They have too much to lose. In creating their mommy-state full of taxes, programs and regulations they have too much to lose if people decided to roll back statism. Maybe people like mommy holding their hand and telling them what to do and being mediocre. If so this rejection of our glorious past bodes ill for the future.

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