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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Orthodox Western Civilization is the anti-thesis of socialist and fascist ideals

Islam is an ideology not a religion

by StFerdIII

Fascism in all its various guises has been the historical norm for human organization and not the exception. Only during the past 500 years thanks to Western civilization and progress in the realms of individualism, economics, political governance, morality, science, and caring for the sick and unfortunate, has fascism and fascist ‘cultism’, been faced with another competitive and distinctly superior form of societal organization – Western Enlightenment Liberalism. There is however, no guarantee that our Western civilization will always be in the ascendant or the most powerful ideological force in the world. Fascism is persistent, mutable and always dangerous.

The Western Enlightenment tradition is the big L Liberalism which is vastly different than the small l liberalism used today to denote left wing groups, socialists, new Marxists or the big statists that dominate the welfare state. Big L Liberalism references the orthodoxy and intent of the Western Enlightenment tradition – a tradition reliant on free and fair trade, limited government, division of powers in government, democracy, the rule of law, individuality, freedom of speech, human rights, and Judeo-Christian ethics, morality and charity. It is the most powerful societal model ever developed.

The fullness of the Western Enlightenment Liberal model encompasses all matters economic, social, political, moral and spiritual in which the individual, the elected governing class and society at large, are bound by contracts – legal, ethical, professional and societal. Only in this model, infused with Judaic-Christian ideals and virtues [not values which are just political tools], has mankind managed to achieve the creation of a society that is just, considerate and prosperous. The factors mentioned above are the main constructs of a moral, wealthy and caring society. There is simply no alternative to the Western model unless one wants to return to some variant of pagan, cultish, fascist or oriental organization.

Historically pagan cultism, oriental organization and fascism have presented themselves in various forms employing an array of trickery, gimmickry, and utopian promises to gain support. Whether it manifests itself in orientalism, Russian-Tsarism, Castroism, Chavezism, Hitlerism, Maoism, Peronism, Caliphates, extremist Islam, extreme left-liberal secularism, or China’s current one party state, fascism and its ‘cult of belief’, is a historical power which is not easily defeated or erased from human activities. What is unique is that the West did find a way out of the trap of millennia old fascist orientalism, and thereby assumed world domination and supremacy. The irony is that the very wealth of the West has now spawned small l liberal movements and thanks to petro-dollars, fascist Islam, both of whom wish to destroy the very system that has given the greatest material and moral progress in mankind’s history.

Both Islamic fascists and small l liberals will no doubt be pleased to know that fascism has really been the default organizational principle of human society. The West and its civilization is a historical anomaly. Citizens and ingrates that live in the West, who ridicule innovation, ‘carbon-based societies’, competition, or progress, should try living under an oriental or fascist regime before commenting on cultural relativity or descrying that the West is immoral, decadent or abusive. Left-liberalism and the current modern form of utopian socialism and Marxism is a naïve and dangerous Western based disease that has much in common with orientalism and fascism. Small l left-liberalism, much like fascism is a virus of the mind – a pathology that negates modernity and progress and elevates the utopian ideals of collectivism and cultural equality and relativity. Both small l liberalism and fascism lead to ruin.

Fascism in all its forms has always been open about its intention to destroy the current world and rebuild it according to the utopian values of the fascist movement in question. This makes fascism dangerous, violent and hateful of individual rights and prerogatives. It leads to widespread murder, desecrations, and suffering in many forms. But the fascists are in one perverted and deranged sense, refreshingly blunt, obvious and cruelly straightforward. It is of course wise to listen to what people say and then see what they do. Action not words is important. But oftentimes action does follow words. Totalitarians, fascists, islamists and orientalists, whatever their somewhat minor differences in thought, philosophy or action, have been remarkably clear throughout history about their intentions both in word and deeds. They express themselves publicly, in writing, in speeches, sometimes in great detail and volume, about their desire for control, world domination and the elimination of freedom. In observing modern fascism, deeds have followed words.

Modern fascism gives us many examples of such directness in rhetoric and activity. Hitler and Mussolini sneered and jeered at the West during the 1930s in books, speeches, rallies, and in the media, citing Western democratic lethargy, immorality and weakness. Even an old and experienced democrat and liberal such as Churchill was fooled by Mussolini and fascist efficiency. Totalitarians in the 1930s predicted that fascism would be the dominant world-wide religion. Stalin and Khrushchev were likewise open about their ambitions and the capability of their communitarian totalitarianism to crush the weak, effeminate West. Russian incursions across the world during the Cold War backed up this world view. Soviet central planning, organized power and nationalist esprit de corps would supposedly roll over the weak, frightened and disorganized Western democracies.

Islam follows the same pattern. Islam through various declarations, religious codes, fatwa’s, wars of aggression and racial hatred, is rather obvious in its intention to convert or destroy Israel and the West, and replace them with a supposedly superior system. Indeed Muslims demand and expect that the world must submit to Islam or be forcibly converted. We can hear excitable anti-Western Mullah’s on the TV and radio, view terrorist groups killing innocents, read Islamic web-zines spreading hate literature, and feel ourselves assaulted whilst we hear the ravings of militant Islamic leaders and Islamic politicians descrying Westerners and Jews. The message is clear and we should understand it. The tangible hatred of the immoral degenerate West, with its perverted vision of freedom and secularist consumerism must submit to Allah and Islam for purification. Such an ideal is no different than Hitler’s dream of world domination through disciplined Nazism, or of the Lenin-Stalin pronouncements foretelling the submission of the West to a Godless worker’s paradise. It is the fascist objective of annihilating freedom.

Such oriental concepts of ‘burying’ the individual and freedom in a panoply of cultish, state manufactured oppression is not historically novel. It is as old as Sargon the Great’s Near Eastern empire of 4500 years ago in which slaves and not citizens served a divinely appointed leader. Private property, rights, social mores, and free-thinking were not tolerated. Such social designs find their modern expression in Russia, Islamic states, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and other nations in which cults of obedient automatons are whipped into nationalist frenzies by government media and lies, to serve the whims of the corrupt few. It is oriental cultism on the march.

Orientalism is as wide and valid a category as is ‘Christendom’ or the ‘West’, which is used by orientals to denote nations as different in texture and taste from Finland, Chile, and Canada. Yet much like the categories ‘Western’, or ‘Occidental’, orientalism and its disparate sets of groups, tribes, nations, religions and beliefs all do share some common denominators. This is a clear upon analysis and is as valid as remarking that Canada, Chile and Finland all share in varying measures the Judeo-Christian-Romano-Greco philosophies that inform all Western states.

Fascist and oriental doctrines all share one common theme – their utter failure. One needs to ask - what is the purpose of societal ideas, of philosophy and of religion? A core objective of societal organization including religious doctrine must be to provide a road map for living and to help humans caught in a seemingly puzzling and anarchic world. Rules, patterns, and types of acceptable behavior and attitudes are codified. In the religious sense people are expected to follow such decrees or face punishment from a God or spirit who will pronounce eternal life or eternal damnation depending on how one lived. In the social context people operate within ‘laws’ or ‘rules’ and are punished if they disobey. The most important fact is however the result. Does the society in question – religious, secular, fascist, or liberal - deliver spiritual, social and economic ‘goods’ that benefit its members?

An ‘ideology’ or philosophy of life has to demonstrate some tangible and worldly benefits. If not it sinks into mysticism and dogma. If there are no concrete, observable and definable assets delivered by the government, ideology, religion and its leadership to its followers, it is hard to comprehend the purpose of the doctrine. For instance is it really enough in the religious context if the ‘roadmap in life’, means that all benefits accrue to the ‘believer’ in an afterlife when the bodily organism is dead? Shouldn’t religious ideals help those in this life and deliver other ‘goods’ such as well-being, safety, self-realization and comfort?

In the current modern world we can state that the fascist–orientalist structure of society is a failure. This includes Islam. It does not mean that the people who believe in Islam for example are failures. Of course they are not. Nor does it mean that the West is perfect – far from it. But the point is rarely made in the West since it is not politically correct to do so, that Islam [and fascism in general] is an economic, social, spiritual fraud. Many politicians in buying votes, trip over themselves running to the local mosque to ensure that compassionate voters and the liberal media elite understand that they too love one of the world’s ‘great religions’. This is disingenuous poppycock. Islam is not a religion but a political-state construction premised on the age-old paganism of fascist-oriental philosophies. It is the philosophy of anti-civilizational development, and the sooner the world realizes this, the faster Western policies can be adapted under the Bush doctrine to the real threat facing modernity – namely the immoderate fascism of a modern form of an age old evil – Islam.

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