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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

OK you win, let’s destroy the Anglo Countries – then what is left ?

Erase the Anglos and the terrible white man from history, so what remains ?

by StFerdIII

In the mental illness called ‘post-modernism’ that passes for current intellectualism, it is high fashion to deride Anglo’s, whites and British created civilization. Modernity, the white man’s burden, the fabrication of the modern world and the improvement of the human condition since 1700 is not an ephemeral miracle in the long travails of the human race, but rather according to the post-modern midgets, a system based supposedly upon racism, exploitation, luck, and blood. The relativity thesis posits that the Arab-Muslim world, Sudan, Congo, Laos, Turkmenistan, Argentina, Bolivia, Communist China, Soviet Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Mexico and Tanzania are all worthy states with long, glorious ‘nuanced’ histories of peace, wealth, development and untold civilization and cultural splendor. So alright let’s eradicate the white Anglo’s, their history, and their bequeathed states of the US, Canada, Australia and Britain – what then would history look like?

A cursory glance through modern history would show the poverty of the state of the world sans les anglais and the empire of the Anglos. The social, parliamentary, economic and moral systems that make life worth living in the modern age were developed and extended in the Anglo domains. Stemming from the 1215 Magna Carta [Great Agreement] and pushing through the renaissance, the Enlightenment, the age of Reason, and the Industrial Revolution[s], the Anglo-sphere [to paraphrase Mark Steyn] did more to create the modern world than any other collectivity. In fact without the Anglos life would still be in the Hobbesian tradition of being ‘nasty, brutish and short’. Such facts make little impact on the Anglo-white hating relativists who enjoin that pagan non-white, pre-modern societies are just as worthy as the modern world. They say this of course from the comfort and wealth of their million dollar first-world homes.

A modern society cannot function without parliamentary processes and the division of powers between the executive [president or prime minister]; the legislative [congress or parliament] and the judiciary. The first time such a division occurred in the history of man was in ancient Roman pre-Caesar times, and this example was copied and modified by the British from 1649 [the Cromwellian revolution and destruction of unfettered Kingly power]; through to the not-so-glorious revolution of 1688 [where the protestant Dutch under William took over England]; to the Pitts Elder and Junior and the establishment of Parliament as the ultimate arbiter of power representing not just the landowner class [as was the case in ancient Rome] but the burgeoning urban and working classes as well. During this period from 1600 to 1800 the rest of Europe and the world were under the heel of dictatorships, fascisms, paganisms and arbitrary rules of various unsavory sorts. Only in the Anglo countries was there a modicum of institutional progress towards freedom and equality before the law, and equality in opportunity.

The Western Enlightenment was pushed to its furthest practical limits in the Anglo-sphere as well. The Scottish Enlightenment which spawned not only Adam Smith but the geniuses that created modern turbines, railways, canal systems, modern ships, and the division of labor, was named by Voltaire as the center of European civilization. The Scottish Enlightenment was allowed to flourish only after the English had civilized and modernized the Scots. Before 1600 the Scots were an uneducated, fighting, feuding, rabble that showed no signs of cultural advancement. It would have been a very brave and foolish man who would have predicted in 1600 that a mere 150 years later the Scots would be leading the most important economic and intellectual revolution in modern European history. The English destruction of the clan system, the paganism of the Highland and Lowland Scottish tribes, and the introduction of modern education, economics and rationality were the necessary precursors of the Scottish Enlightenment.

The economic and industrial revolution unleashed by the Enlightenment combined with the institutional processes of the British parliamentary system made the British empire a reality. With growth rates far above that of its Continental competitors the Anglos were able to field a military that on a per capita basis was far larger than anything that ancient Rome could offer up [Rome at its height had 70 million people and an effective standing army, both in the East and West of 300,000 vs. 500,000 in the British empire out of a population of 25 million], and with modern appliances and transportation able to cover the globe and sundry trading and military interests. It was an astonishing display of power. Not only did the British conquer and subdue far-flung territories, focusing on trade routes and key strategic fueling points for its Navy, but they also civilized the ‘natives’ bringing Enlightenment traditions, Christianity; rationality; education; commerce; and moral standards to backwards and uncivilized parts of the globe. Say what you want about imperialism but one cannot deny the fact that living under British rule sure beats that of Arab, Russian, Chinese, Congolese, or Mexican rule.

The greatest gift the British gave to mankind was America. Of course the little minds of the world hate America. Their simpleton obsession with hating the only defender of modern freedom is somewhat baffling – until you understand that these relativists have no notion of freedom; no idea how fragile it is; nor any concern about how it developed; nor any idea of what will take its place once it is gone [hint: it is called fascism]. So okay let’s gave the post-modern socialists and relativists what they want – let’s erase the white Anglo history; all white Anglo countries and the white Anglo traditions. So what is left ?

Well I guess the following would have occurred right?
-Africans and Asians would have developed the Western Enlightenment tradition of freedom and individuality.
-The rationalist revolution of the mind would of course have occurred in say Mexico or Papua New Guinea.
-The industrial revolution would have taken hold in Prussian Germany or Tsarist Russia
-The 19th century which gave rise to unparalleled innovation and which occurred chiefly in Britain and the USA, would of course have happened instead in Venezuela or militarist Germany, or in France under Napoleon le trois
-The Parliamentary division of powers and Constitutional guarantees of freedom would have been formed in corrupt Spain, Italy or perhaps rollicking freedom loving Iceland.
-The ending of slavery would have been effected not by the British navy of the 19th century nor the American Civil War and rights movement, but rather by Ottoman Turks, Arabs and West African chiefs.
-Mexicans and Brazilians would have fought two world wars against German militarism and Nazism and landed on the beaches in Normandy ready to fight for the continued progress of the human race.
-Arabs and Turks would have fought the Cold War against Communism and charged into the Chinese trenches in Korea to prevent an important geo-political area to fall under Chinese domination.

Hating whites, Anglos and the modern world is just plain idiotic. If not for the Anglo’s who else would defend civilization? Are the Argentines, Mexicans, French and Russians going to do battle with fascist Islam to save the human race from another fascism? Are the Africans and Asians going to create the modern world once the Anglo’s are wiped out? Did the Mexicans and Brazilians fight on the beaches and in the hills during World War II?

If you hate yourself and the modern world so much, do us all a favor and move to Tehran, submit yourself to a pagan moon cult and officially join the anti-reality coalition. Don’t try telling the rest of us that history, modernity and the Anglo’s are a nonsense or somehow immoral, inane or corrupt. In fact the post-modern relativity fetish is the absurdity. Or do you really expect the Mexicans and Africans to defend civilization? If you do then you truly are a child of Lenin’s useful idiots.

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