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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stop crying over Lebanon and face reality

Immoral relativity and crying over a terrorist state and its 'innocents'

by StFerdIII

Crying over Lebanon and the ‘innocents’ who live in a terror sponsoring state. It is nauseating. Lebanon a failed state in which 50% of the population supports Hezbollah; where terror runs unimpeded; where a government has not secured its own territory and does nothing to aid a legitimate nation state called Israel, is now suddenly ‘innocent’ and the world weeps over collateral damage in a war that it started. Here is a thought. Maybe there would not be Lebanese civilian deaths if the Lebanese government was legitimate, had secured its territory and had complied with UN resolution 1559 calling for the ejection of foreign fighters and terror groups from Lebanon. But all of that is too common-sensical. Better to demonize the Jew and Israel’s so-called ‘unrestrained’ response. There is something very sad about a world in which the most sensory observations are ignored. Lebanon has been and will remain until it is regime changed and occupied – a part of the problem in the Middle East. The current attack by Israel is about 24 years over due.

Back in 1982 the Israeli’s were forced to stand down and retreat from their gains in a recent invasion of Lebanon in their attempt to wipe out Arafat’s murderous PLO. Under US pressure the Israeli’s retreated back to within 20 miles of their own border giving up most of their territorial occupation. The result was predictable. Hezbollah financed by Iranian and Syrian money was created; the attacks increased and in 1983 241 US troops were killed by Hezbollah. Yet this activity went largely unpunished. As late as 2000 Israel was still ‘occupying’ land to create a barrier between Hezbollah rockets and Israeli cities. Rockets, Hezbollah terror and PLA attacks proceeded apace. Again there was no real force applied to Lebanon to cease these activities.

As usual the UN, the US and international ‘opinion’ forced Israel to leave their thin buffer. In return UN resolution 1559 was passed asking that terror groups and Islamic and Arab jihadists leave Lebanon and that the Lebanese government secure its own territory. As with every UN resolution the Arabs promptly ignored the decree, sidestepped UNIFIL the UN force on the ground making it look like the impotent UN force that it was; and rained down more rockets, destruction and death upon Israel – with nary a whimper of concern from the media or international ‘opinion.’ This would be akin to the media ignoring the Blitz on London and focusing their outrage on the night raid on Hamburg. As if the RAF did not have a right to defend itself and visit destruction on a failing, fascist state.

Lebanon is not innocent. How about that for an idea. Lebanon is host to a violent, hateful, and well armed terrorist group, with upwards of 20.000 jihadists in its ranks, which has sworn to eliminate Israel and its Jews from the face of the earth. Worse it is the puppet for an Iranian master. Mad Iranian dictator Ahmadinejad said recently that: “Israel has pushed the button of its own destruction. The Zionists made their worst decision and triggered their extinction by attacking Lebanon." That is pretty clear I think. Maybe the media and the chattering liberals should start believing what these fascists have been saying for a very long time.

Hezbollah is a puppet of Iran but is still a part of the Lebanese government, occupying two cabinet positions and seats in its parliament. The Lebanese have permitted Hezbollah to build their centers inside neighborhoods using civilian areas as shields. Lebanon allowed Hezbollah to import 13,000 missiles to be fired into Israel’s cities and towns. The 60,000-man Lebanese army has not sealed off the Syrian border and, according to reports, has allowed Syria to re-supply Hezbollah in the midst of its aggression. The Lebanese government has allowed Hezbollah to build underground fortresses on its southern border in position to attack. It has allowed Hezbollah to launch rockets into the towns of northern Israel to terrorize and kill innocent civilians. Now the cowards in the Lebanese government, who are our great allies according to Bush, say they will fight Israeli troops that pass across the frontier. Again does the media and chattering left liberal class not hear or see reality ?

Insanity. How then is Lebanon ‘innocent’?

It is clear that Lebanon and the Lebanese people have little interest in destroying Arab and Islamic terrorist groups. As long as Jews are killed it is okay. Lebanon was once a majority Christian country. It is now a majority Arab country and extremely hostile, at the street level, to Israel. Though ministers pay lip service to peace and Western interests, nothing in their actions gives one confidence that they really mean what they say. These officials have allowed a parallel state to exist – much like what happens in most fascisms. In fascist states there is a normative state which is mimicked and controlled by a parallel terror state. Nazi Germany is a case example of such a state. We can view the same wicked folly in Lebanon.

The insidious appeasement of terror has deep roots and support in the West. Crying for the Lebanese civilians killed is rather rich, considering that thousands of Jews lie dead but I don’t remember seeing protestors in Western cities screaming that the Lebanese government are fascist murderers. No these demonstrations are reserved for the wicked Jew and the state of Israel which is trying to defend its existence.

It is contra-reality insanity.

The root cause of this war is simple – it is Arab and Islamic intolerance, hate and terror. The swaggering arrogance of Arabs coupled with a fatalistic ideology of fascist hate means war. It is that simple. It is incredible that a tiny piece of land which for 3000 years before the Arabs invaded and conquered it was Jewish and then partially Christian, can cause such animalistic bloodshed. Lebanon, home to radical Arabs and Islam, is hardly innocent.

It is indeed a big part of the problem.

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