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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Arab-Muslim-Nazi alliance – and its consequences

Blame the Jews ! [of course]

by StFerdIII

There are many monstrous lies forwarded by the twisted uinformed, when discussing Israel. They are illusions spurred by hate and pro-Arab sympathies. Arab imperialism along with its attendant export of Islamic fascism and intolerance, is the reason why the Middle East and the entire Islamic world is a bloody, disgusting, anti-modern manure pile. The Muslim mess has nothing to do with Jewish culpability.

Blaming the Jews for various 'crimes' is about as intelligent as blaming Poland for starting World War II. The Western media and educational system, so ill with the disease of post-modern cant and historical revisionism, display shocking stupidity and ignorance by upholding the Arab world-view of events. One note to esteemed editors and professors – the Arabs lost the Second World War, the Jews were our allies. Even this basic historical fact would be mostly unknown on almost every college campus in the West.

There are some basic facts to Israel's struggle to exist which apparently escapes most people and most media. There is the question for example of land. The Jews lived in Israel 4.000 years ago, and under David and Solomon built the area's most prosperous empire. The Jewish state was subsequently overrun by Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans. The last independent kingdom in the 'Palestine area' was Jewish – destroyed by the Romans circa 70 A.D. and whose wealth provided the capital for the Romans to build their Coliseum.

The Arabs invaded in 637 A.D. and contrary to post-modern revisionist myth, not all was holy bliss and happiness under Arab-Muslim rule. Jewish Dhimmi status – apartheid – was real and vicious. Jews paid obscene taxes; could not talk to Muslims; had no voice in state affairs; were confined to live in certain quarters and were constant targets of abuse, pograms, and general Muslim hatred. Yet they persisted in the area forming a majority population for centuries in places such as Jerusalem; Hebron; Safed and Tiberias – the most holy cities of Judaism.

Arab imperialism did nothing to cultivate the land of Israel.

When the British took over the Palestine mandate its Arab dominated parts were poor wastelands. Churchill and others observed that Jewish controlled areas within the mandate prospered. The Arab portions, unsurprisinngly, languished. In 1917 in exchange for Jewish support to fight Wilhemine Germany, the Jews were promised by the British Parliament, which was subsequently upheld as international law by the League of Nations, a Jewish homeland in the British mandate in areas where Jews were a majority. Given that the Jews were providing an economy, jobs, health care and modernity to thousands of Arabs, this was not only a practical measure, but a moral one. The Arabs of course thought otherwise.

Arab claims that the Jews 'stole' the land, were of course a later post-1967 invention and lie. During the periods of Jewish immigration to Israel from 1880-1947, this claim was rarely made, since the Jews were either immigrating to existing Jewish majority areas; or were simply living in deserted territory – legally. The Jews did not steal land, unlike the imperialism Arabs they actually bought it from absentee landlords [land title records prove this].

Even the 1947 UN approved partition between Jews and Arabs only gave to the Jews, Jewish majority areas, and some of the poorest land available. In the Jewish territories of 1947, the Jews had approximately 585.000 people and the Arabs, Druze, Christians and 'others' totalled about 350.000. These numbers come from a British and UN census. This population ratio had not changed much since 1880.

Surprisingly, Jewish majority areas in Hebron, Jerusalem and Safed were left outside the Jewish homeland, since they contained sizeable Arab populations. To compensate for this the Jewish homeland was given additional territory – largely unsettled – that was mostly desert or hard to farm land. In any event, as they always do the Jews made the land bloom with product and industry. The Arabs of course did nothing productive.

The Arabs in the area were offered in 1917, 1937, 1947 and in 2000 a legitimate and viable two state solution. The basic idea of land partitioning appeals to most moderates on either side. On the ground facts would determine what would be Jewish or Arab land. All these solutions allowed for a reasonable migration of peoples to the other homeland. But the Arabs again rejected any recognition of reality – they wanted all the Jews out of Israel and a complete neo-Arab imperialist domain to exist.

Anti-semiticism and anti-modernity are thus the major stimuli to Arab and Muslim activity in Israel and Palestine. So is lying. Arab imperialism and Dhimmi induced apartheid, along with centuries of humiliation and murder are forgotten. Palestine never existed either as a separate location, state of mind, or to describe a group of people.

During the Muslim Caliphates and eras of Ottoman rule, Palestine never existed. This area was attached usually to Syria, and latterly partitioned with Lebanon or Greater Arabia. Palestine as a concept has never existed. The Palestinian people – who are Arabs – have never existed. When the British split their mandate between 'Palestine' [from the Roman word for Philistine], and Jordan most of the 'Palestinians' or Arabs living in the area, were expected to live in Jordan or in Syrian territory.

Today most do. When the Arabs discuss the great Palestinian refugee problem, it is a problem they created. When Israel declared independence in 1948 it was Arab leaders who demanded that the Arabs in Israel leave. So they did. But the Arab states did not accept the refugees. Instead they demanded that the UN and the West save the Arab migrants. So today 60 years after the event, most Arabs from Israel still squat in camps. Thanks to their brethren.

The Arabs of course don't discuss such things. They also forget that about 1 million Jews were forced out of Arab countries post World War II. Luckily for them Israel existed to receive this great refugee mass. The Arabs usually forced the Jews out, coercing them to leave with little money and stealing their property and possessions. Little has changed since 637 A.D. and the original establishment of apartheid Arab imperialism. Jews were lower than dogs in the cultured Arab mind.

Arab fascism is famous – though largely forgotten. The Koran itself, regardless of what Western apologists say, is a political doctrine of apartheid and supremacism. It is not a religion. Modern Arab fascism started in the 1920s, running alongside similar developments in Italy and Germany. The Grand Mufti of Jersualem, appointed to his post by the appeasing British in order to quell Arab violence, was [shockingly!] an anti-semite fascist, who wanted the eradication of all Jews. Thus he supported Hitler and the Nazi cause.

It should be no surprise that the Arabs and Muslims warmly embraced the Nazis. Islam and Nazism are of course similar supremacist doctrines. The Grand Mufti was a hero to most Arabs at the time. His pronouncements to erase all the Jews and destory Zionism, were rapturously embraced by the Arab populations. When Rommel approached Cairo in 1942 the Arab population celebrated what they viewed as their 'liberation' from their 'allies'. Nazi money, doctrine and officials supported the Muslim, anti-semitic cause. The Mufti and his fascist friends imposed a Nazi-Arab dictatorship on Iraq. They raised legions of Arabs to fight in the Balkans and beyond. The Mufti received a gracious reply from a fawning Hitler to his question of instituting German practices in Palestine to solve the Jewish question. The answer of course was a yes.

The British finally cleared the Middle East of the Nazi's and their supporting Arab legions in 1943, and yet the signal fact that the Arabs enthusiastically embraced Nazism is rarely known today. The remannts of this era are to be seen in the Baathist parties of Iraq and Syria, and the despotisms that abound and misrule the Arab world. Arab and Muslim poverty and alienation can be traced to the Koran, and Arab culture, but also to its profound links with Nazism.

When the Arabs lost the war, the Mufti moved to Egypt, enjoyed popularity and support, and urged the destruction of Zionism through the use of terror. When Israel smashed the Arab armies in 1948, it was terror which was seized upon by the Arabs as the main tool to topple the Jewish regime. They had proven themselves incapable and illiterate in conventional warfare. So terror was now the only tool left. Terror against innocents that is.

Arafat the proto-typical modern terrorist, so beloved by Bill Clinton, the UN and chattering internationalists and responsible for 100.000 dead Christians in Lebanon and scores of innocents in Israel, declared in 2002 that the Mufti was his hero. The linkages to fascist ideology run deep in the minds of Arabs and their leaders.

The PLO – Arafat's creation – began its life in 1964 and became relevant post 1967 when the Arabs, as usual, were once again routed by the Jews on the battlefield. Arafat turned Lebanon into his base and started a campaign which turned pluralistic Lebanon into a killing field – Maronites, Christians and Druze all were slaughtered since all were magically and conveniently supposedly allied with the Jews. The international jet-set yawned.

Today Hamas and Hizbullah carry on the grand Arab-Muslim tradition of one-party; one-state Nazism and indiscriminate terrorist murder. Yet it is the morons on campuses who paint the Star of David beside a swastika. It is the immoral and ignorant marxists and internationalists who call Jews fascists and terorrists. And it is the mentally undeveloped media and cadre of couch potatoes, which shouts out any Jewish slight or misstep, but refuses to report or acknowledge Arab-Muslim barbarity, past or present.

It is sick, bizarre, and truly pathetic. But sadly almost predictable. Who now knows that the Arabs lost World War II? Who cares? No one really. Israel a democratic country where even in war, the civilian rule of law is applied to the military, is to blame for Arab 'suffering'. Maybe the Arabs and their deformed apologists might want to accept the idea, that it is actually the Arabs and Muslims, corrupted by their fascist culture and ideology, who are to blame.

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