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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Code words for Anti-Semiticism.

Jew hate is racism - no matter what pretty words are used to cover it up.

by StFerdIII

Sophisticates and mainstream media lovers have a redoubtable list of nice words for Jew hate. Similar categories of course do not exist in the politically-correct multicult universe for those who criticize Islam, Arab culture, Gays, or the mindlessness of GlobaloneyWarming and Prophet Obamed-worship. Such loathsome types are fit for only two categories – fascist or racist. For the really smart people however, many 'nuanced' and 'complicated' code words exist to hide and cover-up their Jew hatred. Such word-smithing makes anti-Semitic racism not only okay but truly progressive and sure to impress dinner conversationalists. Here is a partial list.

 'Sophisticated' Jew hating can be covered with the following labels:

 1. Anti-Zionist

An old-time favorite dating from the late 19th century and coined by the early progressive movement to denounce the creation of a Jewish state pushed forward by the likes of Herzel and Weizmann and supported by pro-Israel non-Jews. Anti-Zioinism is supposedly an objection to the “Jewishification” of an area or state, including lands 'occupied' by Arabs. It is not the 'Jew' which is objectionable [so they state], but the religious, cultural and social Jewishness of any Zionist entity. It is of course a rather hypocritical position.

 Zionists are both secular and non-secular Jews. They also include non-Jews who support the creation of a state to secure Jewish safety and development. So what is an anti-Zionist but someone who objects to Israel ? But what is Israel ? It is a Jewish state founded on lands which contained Hebrew and Jewish tribes 3500 years ago and 2000 years or more before the Arab invasions of 636 AD. So by logic an anti-Zionist is someone opposed to Israel and thus a Jewish state.

 Given the 2500 year history of mass exterminations, pograms and holocausts [there is more than one in history, though Hitler's industrial form was the most lethal], it is hard to argue that an anti-Zionist is not an anti-Jew bigot. And what is their esteemed solution to secure the safety of Jews ? The answer is of course nothing. In the minds of the anti-Zionist, if Jews die who cares.

 2. Opposed to 'Israeli' policy

Akin to anti-Zionism this category espouses the following: 'It is not the Jew I hate but the actions of the Israeli government – especially when they build houses on bird-shit covered hillocks on the West Bank of the Jordan river. Can you imagine ? What an outrage !'

 The problem with opposing 'Israeli policy' is that almost all such policy is defensive and all such policy follows establishing a Jewish state along the agreed upon internationally-sanctioned, UN approved boundary positions between Israel and the Arabs. Add to this the 5 Arab invasions and defeats and Israel has every natural, legal and moral claim to develop whatever lands they now have, or took previously from winning wars of survival.

Of course the Jews develop and the Arabs destroy – Gaza is an obvious example of this truism. So those who object to Israeli policy are actually objecting to the development of civilization. That is really clever.

 3. Against all 'religious' states – especially Israel

Israel has 7 million people, with 2 million non-Jews – mostly Arabs. Of the 5 million Jews many are secular and many are of the left-wing persuasion politically. There is no 'religious' state in Israel. Judaism plays an obvious role in spiritual and cultural matters, but when over half the population is not really 'Judaic' it is absurd to suggest that religion controls the state. In fact under the Israeli constitution and political system church and state are by law separated and that separation is maintained – something which is not true of course in a Muslim state. So isn't this objection better directed at Islamic states ?

 4. Fascist actions by the Jewish army

The Western mainstream media loves to show Arab propaganda of Jews 'slaughtering' innocent Arabs. The reality is of course the opposite. When Arafat the fascist rejected the Oslo agreement and launched a murderous intifada the world yawned. But when Jews fight back every movement is watched. The problem here is one of perspective. Arabs kill indiscriminately. The Jews don't. Jewish culture is a life-cult. The Arab is a death-cult.

 The Jewish army is the only military in world history to fight under civilian laws and rules. Israeli army personnel are court martialled and tried if they break civilian laws including killing civilians or innocents. One reason why the Jewish Air Force does not carpet bomb terrorist camps or large swathes of Gaza is that such actions – which would be taken by Arabs if they had the resources to do so – is against Jewish law, military law, and cultural morality. It simply does not happen.

 For these sophisticates and objectioners to Jewish military action, perhaps they would be better-off analysing the means and mores of the Arabs. No civil, military or moral law precludes the Arabs from slaughtering innocents, launching rockets into day care centers or blowing up innocents in public spaces.

 5. Jews killed Christ, so.......

 Fundamentalist Christians and the legion of anti-Semitic churches use this reason as a convenience to mask their racism. Christ was of course a Jew, who became a 'Christian' through Paul's writings and his doctrine of Christ's divinity. So why would Christians object to the Romans and Jews killing a Jew ? In reality Christ was a Jewish teacher with prophet pretensions who desired a reformation of Judaism. He was no more a Christian, than John the Baptist.

 Under Roman rule it was the Sadduccees who ruled the massive second temple complex and profited thereby; and it was the Pharisees who controlled all Jewish education and spiritual development. Christ wanted to simplify Judaism by removing these two powerful pro-Roman groups from interceding on behalf of God, and give 'God' back to the people in direct and personal communication; and to infuse the ethical concepts one finds in Matthew, to groups outside of the existing power structures – the poor, the female, the sick, and the lost.

 As with John the Baptist, Christ the reformer was doomed to death. Romans abetted by their powerful Jewish friends did not take kindly to social upheaval. Religious zealots, 'Messiahs' [and there were quite a few during Christ's time who proclaimed themselves the savior of the Jewish state]; and political competitors were simply killed. Roman law and custom killed Christ, not a howling Jewish mob. One supposes that those who use 'Christ was killed by Jews' as an excuse for anti-Semiticism, also hate Italians.

 The Convenience of codes:

Objecting to say fundamentalist Jewish groups like the Hasidics or other Orthodox sects is one thing. There is nothing wrong with saying that one objects to a fundamentalist interpretation of a set of old books and rules which where written over 1500 years between 1500 BC and the era of Christ. In this case specific and non-sweeping arguments can be made why fundamentalism needs to be reformed. This is a positive contribution.

 But the simple reality is that most 'Israelis' are not fundamentalist Jews. Most are decidedly 'Jewish lite', secular or indifferent. The Jewish state is a complex mixture of different groups, and Israeli politics is mostly left of center, with any 'conservative' politician being casted as 'right-wing' – which he might well be when compared to the social communalists which dominate Jewish political-economy, even though such a label is largely useless and has little meaning.

 Facts are facts and opinions are not reality. Israel is the only state in the Middle East which promotes life, democracy, rights and the law. It is the only state in the region which has transformed a wasteland into a modern and successful economy. And it is the only state in the region which allows Arabs and Jews to mix freely and openly. No where else in the Middle East does this occur.

 Code words to hide anti-Semiticism abound but they should not fool the listener. Jew-hate has a long pedigree dating from Greek-Jewish conflict before the era of King David circa 1000 B.C. There are many reasons for it; envy; hatred of Jewish economic and cultural prowess; the 'different nature' of Jewish society; the canny Jewish ability to survive any catastrophe; their love of life, laughter, and effort; the support of America for Israel's survival....the reasons are as many as the socio-economic realities of the regions they fled to after the Roman destruction of the second Temple.

 Jew hate is irrational, immoral and disturbed. Hating Jews is like hating life. Vilifying the Jew is like condemning modernity. Being an anti-Semite is not progressive, intelligent or informed. Jew hate is what it is – idiotic, uninformed, and malignant racism.




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