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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dialogue with the Arabs – a complete waste of time

Israel has a right to exist. Period.

by StFerdIII

Land for rockets. Land for terror. Land for Hamas. Every US President goes through the same meaningless gestures at the end of a long term in office. Legacy building and all that. Let's force the Israelis into giving up more concessions to Arab imperialists, so the State Department and the President of the moment can posture for photos, and preen their records. So the idea goes. It is of course a total waste of time. You can't rationalise with the irrational.

The State Department and the chattering, [and very concerned with knitted eyebrows all around], internationalists have spent 60 years or more playing this silly game. Arabs took 90% of the original British Mandate of 'Palestine', and then 50% of the remaining lands, which were not under Jewish majority rule. Yet this has never been enough. The Arabs or significant part of their leadership and population, want the Jews erased from history. This is non-negotiable.

In 1937 and then again in 1947, Jewish majority populated areas were promised as a homeland, to a people who suffered the worst industrialized holocaust in history; and who had endured centuries of pograms, hate campaigns and murder. The UN, the international community and the Jewish leadership, all signed off on a sensible solution – those lands which are Jewish should be given to a persecuted people who had first lived in the area 3500 years ago. Only in a contained state, with secure borders would the Jewish people be allowed to live in peace, free from genocidal persecution. The Arabs, who had invaded Jewish lands in 637 AD in a series of rapacious Muslim conquests, of course disagreed.

The problem for the Arabs is the mere existence of any Jew, anywhere. A vibrant modern, and advanced Jewish state in their midst, is the worst possible sort of insult – especially compared to the poverty and ignorance of the surrounding Arab states. This virulent anti-semiticism is nothing new to the Arabs or Muslims. It is built into the Koran, and the very earliest actions of Mohammed and his Arab moon-cult gang, included raiding Jewish caravans, oases, towns; and slaughtering Jewish males and selling into slavery or sex concubinage, Jewish women and girls. When the Saturday people rightly rejected Islam and correctly viewed Mohammed as a raving madman, spewing nonsense, the anti-semitic die of Pan-Arabism, embedded in Koranic imperialism, was cast.

Many 'roadmaps' to peace have been proposed and all were either rejected or ignored by the wonderful, cultured Arabs and their leaders. Many canards exist in the Jewish-Arab debate – all of them detrimental to the Jewish state, and all of them are nothing more than obscene Arab propaganda. The first problem with Jewish-Palestinian discussions is the word Palestinian. There has never been a Palestinian state, people, tribe or group in history. Even the Arabs admit to making this term up. It came into existence around 1967 as the PLO [the terrorist group bizarrely named the Palestinian Liberation Organisation]; succeeded in making displaced Arabs a nation. There are no Palestinian – Jewish talks; it is a discussion between Arabs and the Israeli state.

Seen in this context the second issue emerges. The UN sponsored refugee camps are fountains of terror – precisely what Arab leaders wanted post 1947 when about 400.000 or so Arabs were told to leave the war zone, and return later, after the Jews were annihlated and erased from history. The Jews of course won – as they would win all 5 major conflicts with the Arabs. The Arabs created the refugee issue and now clamor for 'right of return' or a demographic conquest of Israel through the 'return' of 1.2 million Arabs into the Jewish state. Given that Israel has 5.3 million Jews or non Arabs; and 1.7 million Arabs; this would tilt the demographic balance and power greatly to Arab advantage.

So in any negotiations this second issue raises two mandatory solutions from the Jewish perspective. First there can be no right of return for Arabs; and second, Arab states should accept their own populations back – why should the West be forced to fund UN terror camps? The Arabs of course will have none of this. Their political leadership has long agreed that the terror camps are useful propaganda pieces to set Western newspapers and campuses againt the Jews. If the West is stupid enough to fund such camps, why would the Arabs take their Arab brethren back?

The third issue is Jewish national security. Areas such as the Golan heights, and strips bordering Gaza and highlands north and south of Jerusalem are deemed by the international ignoramuses, and Arabs, as 'occupied' territory. These lands were of course taken in war, by the Israelis, as they fought off Arab attempts at genocidal destruction. These lands are not only honestly won, they are vital for national security. Israel is in some places a 10 minute helicopter ride in width. It is a narrow thin piece of land which can be easily targeted by air and rocket attack. Having defense depth is vital for the state's survival.

The Arabs of course reject any Israeli claim to having a viable security perimeter. Syria wants command of the Golan heights which opens up the entire northern part of Israel to missile attack. Arabs want land returned in the south and want Jerusalem handed back in toto, to Muslim domination. Water supply of course also plays a role in the debates over land and 'occupied' territory. These desires are part of the Arab plan to annihlate Israel – first by neutering its defensive lines; and second through land and demographic conquest; which will precede yet another Arab war against the Jewish state. Another Arab onslaught is only a matter of time.

The fourth issue is the international community's support of Arab terror. The Arabs in 'Palestine' have received 9 times more per capita money and aid than the Western Europeans did during the 1947-48 Marshall plan and reconstruction process. UN programs; US aid; EU funds; all these and more are perverted and corrupted. The Arabs have nothing to show for the approximately $ 1 Trillion given to them over the past 15 years. This does not include international recognition of such terror groups as the PLO, Islamic Jihad, or tolerance for Arab fascist groups such as Hizbollah which now dominates Lebanon as a Syrian-Iranian proxy.

While not showing any demostrable return on our investment, the Arabs have of course put the money to good use. We do have the Arabs engaging in arms buying; terrorist murder; rocket launches and of course immersing themselves like pigs in mud, in fraud, corruption and mafia-gang like rule. The Israeli economy is a world leader in exports; technology and GDP growth. The Arabs have proven themselves masters at fascistic terror, destruction, hate and racism and total losers at domestic peace and growth. Yet these are the people with whom the US State department is so keen to appease?

Hamas, Hizbollah, Islamic Jihad and other terror groups have widespread popular support. Textbooks in schools are full of anti-Semitic, anti-American drivel and racism. Any and all problems are blamed on the US and the Jews. Poverty, terrorism, corruption, murder – all these somehow stem not from the poverty of Islam and Arab culture, not from its irrational pagan hate of all things Jewish and modern – but from outside exogenous forces emanating from the Great and Little Satan.

It is ridiculous.

Here are some real ideas for the State Department and the chattering and useless UN and international jet-set crowd. Cut off all aid to the Arabs. Turn off the international money taps. Make the Arabs sign a declaration that Israel has a right to exist within all territory now under its control. Make the Arabs sign a declaration renouncing terror and guaranteeing peace with the Jewish state. Make the Arabs sign a declaration renouncing all claims to 'rights of return' and destroying the Jewish through demographic conquest. Make the Arabs sign a declaration that they will build peaceful societies along any model they wish to choose, but ones that will not attack Jewish and Western interests.

When they sign these pieces of paper, then maybe international aid can be resumed – as long as the Arabs pay back the loans with interest. Any and all monies past and present can be paid to the West, through resurgent Arab economies and economic progress. That of course is a laughable dream. So is negotiating with Arabs and terrorists.

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