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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

Gab@StFerdinandIII - Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Islam, the State, the cult of Gay and Queer, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, 'Science', Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion....a nice variety for the human-hater, amoral, anti-rationalist to choose from.  It is so much fun mocking them isn't it ?

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jimmy Carter – the stupidest man in American history.

Well okay, L. Ron Gore is a close second.

by StFerdIII

It is hard to believe that anyone past or present could actually, like, tolerate or have voted for former President Jimmy 'Peanut Farmer' Carter. For the love of God, this man is probably the stupidest biped which ever trotted upright in US history [with Saint Al Gore not far behind]. Carter ranks with Cleveland, Johnson, Hoover and FDR from 1933 to 1938 in the pantheon of the worst US leaders in history but he outshines any and all with his vast reserves of idiocy. Jimmy Carter is simply and stunningly, stupid.

The history of Carter's experience in and out of politics makes it clear that this man is not very bright. He was a peanut farmer whose business was failing when in the early 1970s Arab money saved the operation. Since then Carter has been very enthusiastic – very – about Arab and Muslim rights and openly anti-semitic in his condemnation of Israel. Carter is unabashedly anti-Jew. He writes anti-semitic books; he gives anti-semitic speeches, and he constantly gives interviews in which he disparages the Jew, but elevates the wonderful, peaceful, civilised Arab and Muslim.

One sign of ignorance and stupidity in the West is anti-semiticism. Only a buffoon does not understand the great debt that the modern world owes to the Jewish race, its religion and its set of codes and laws. Thou shall not steal was the first injunction – a Jewish one – to protect private property. Rules against violence, incest, theft, murder, and disrespect towards laws and elders are the core of the Old Testament. Jewish civilisation and greatness predates the Arab-Muslim occupation and destruction of Israel by 2500 years.

But such facts to a supposed Christian like Carter, one who receives Arab money and has Arab interests tied to his businesses and libraries makes nary a dent in his racist view and Shakespearean like caricacture of the Jewish race. For Carter, all Jews are Shylocks, replete with Nazi-Communist inspired pictures of hooked noses, dirty bodies, and grubby hands. Carter would indeed have enjoyed Hitler's Reich.

His ridiculous book [which I tried to read but was not mentally ill enough to finish] 'Palestine: Peace not Apartheid' is a monstrously insane account of how the Jews are to blame for the region's violence. As if Islam or Arab culture has nothing to do with the endemic violence and in Huntington's famous phrase its 'bloody borders'. Wherever Arabs and Muslims exist there is conflict, war, and murder. That would indicate what statisticians call a direct corelation. Only a man with a monkey brain would take reality and invert it, and blame the victim for the crimes of the offender.

An excellent Washington Post review of Carter's anti-semiticism is here. In this article Mrs. Lipstadt writes, “Carter has repeatedly fallen back -- possibly unconsciously -- on traditional anti-Semitic canards. In the Los Angeles Times ....he declared it"politically suicide" for a politician to advocate a "balanced position" on the crisis. On Al-Jazeera TV, he dismissed the critique of his book by declaring that "most of the condemnations of my book came from Jewish-American organizations." Jeffrey Goldberg, who lambasted the book in The Post last month, writes for the New Yorker. Ethan Bronner, who in the New York Times called the book "a distortion," is the Times' deputy foreign editor. Slate's Michael Kinsley declared it "moronic."”

Carter has a 30 year history – ever since he was bought off by Arab money – of pathological anti-semiticism. Now he is of course in 'Palestine' talking with Hamas – a terrorist group which has murdered Israelis, Americans, and Europeans and which professes in its constitution an objective to push all Jews into the sea and annihilate the Jewish race. Hamas is funded in part by Iran and the UN and uses money and arms from its supporters to engage in violence and murder against innocents. Imagine the outrage if a Christian group did the same against those peaceful, cultured Muslims. Would Jimmy Carter be talking to Christian terrorists ?

Of course not. Real human rights tragedies don't interest Carter. He has no interest in central Africa's innumerable wars, Darfur, West African slave trading, Brazilian slave owning, Muslim sex trading, or Arabs going to India buying sex from 12-14 year olds. He has little interest in protecting Christian minorities under persecution and attack in Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. No, dimwit Carter is only interested in underlining the vast American-Jewish conspiracy to control the world, and destroy the Arabs. Or so he says.

Being an anti-semite is a mainfestation of being stupid, but Carter is stupid in some many other ways that the cross-pollination of mental febrility is truly astounding. Here is but a sample of the incompetence and ignorance of this former President;

-From 1976-1980, he presided over the worst economy since 1929, with inflation rates moving to 15 %, economic growth contracting to 1%, and unemployment almost doubling.
-In 1977 his administration wrote into law a requirement that all banks lend to those who could not prove their income [called the CRA], thereby directly stimulating the current mortgage mess.
-Appeased Iran who held US hostages until Reagan was elected in 1980.
-Gave up far too cheerfully the Panama canal in the late 70s which directly lead to the attempted takeover by communists of Panama in the 1980s.
-Did not support Reagan's tough stance against Communist Russia – he wanted a dialogue.
-Did not support the first or second Gulf Wars.
-Does not feel that Islam is a threat or that Islamic terrorism is an Islamic problem [he blames the Jews and the West for terrorism].
-In 2004 he blessed Chavez's 'democratic' victory in Venezuela – the country is now a dictatorship.
-Criticises Guantanamo Bay, where all terrorist prisoners get 3 meals, halal food, korans, exercise, TV, books and internet access, but refuses to condemn Chinese, Russian, or Islamic treatment of innocents condemned as criminals.

An exhaustive list is quite a bit longer but one get the idea. Carter is ignorant about trade, economics, Western history, democracy, real human rights and the history behind human rights. But don't worry he and his media friends declare him a saint. Saint Jimmy Carter is a racist moron, a man who knows little but speaks a lot [usually that is not a good idea]. A failed peanut farmer who embraces Arab money should have enough sense just to shut up. But not Saint Jimmy. No, he feels a compulsion to revive marxist anti-Jew and anti-American sloganeering. Our only hope is that he is old and will perish soon – hopefully very soon.

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