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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Clever person alert: Nun habits are equal to Moslem coverings.

When Nuns start murdering innocents than I will get worried.

by StFerdIII


The usual email rant from some unknown Marxist or moon cult genius. “....why aren't you also upset about nuns wearing simliar [sic] garments in public for pretty much the same reason? Could it be that you have a double standard when it comes to christians over muslim people...” Truly clever. The email ended with a list of 'Canadian' crimes against minorities [but no list including Jihad, Muslim slave trading of whites, blacks, oppression of females, sex harems, alliances with Hitlerism and Communism etc etc was offered for the moon cult]. Notice the unique mentality of the Muslims and their Leftist friends.

Now the people who created the modern world, are conflating nunnery clothing with female Muslim dress. It is not enough that a pagan cult is re-classified as a religion – which it most assuredly is not. The clever people want to make sure that Islam is fastened on to all that is all holy, sacred and immune from criticism – nuns, habits, convents, peace, love, prayer, fasting, family, and of course the Golden Rule which does not exist in the Koran nor in Islamic liturgy. Less than 2 % of the Koran has anything nice to say, and that is reserved of course for Muslims. Golden Rule ? It exists not when your chief source of inspiration is a book with some 165 verses advocating the death of the 'other'.

But what about those nuns? They wear the long habits don't they? Why can't Muslim women therefore de-socialize themselves from Western society and do the same? Why can't they parade around in what I call the Bedsheets, mocking our civilisation and our culture? What is wrong with a little mockery anyways [unless you are a Muslim on the receiving end of course]?

First, Christian-Catholic nuns are almost non-existent in the Muslim world. You would be hard pressed to find a nunnery with bedecked female Christ-worshippers anywhere in Islam. Not so with Muslim mosques in the West. On average, every day, a new mosque or Muslim center, funded by foreign money, and usually state money, is being built somewhere in the West. On average, every day, Christians and their centers and churches are being attacked and destroyed in the Muslim world. So much for inter-faith love.

Second, as I pointed out to the email writer, Nuns wear their habits as a sign of humility witnessed by the work they do, which consists largely of aiding the poor, the sick, the maimed or helpless. I don't see Muslim women, so carefully wrapped up in the Bedsheets aiding sick Kufars. Nuns give succor to non-Christians, and anyone of any race, creed or color. Islam does not offer the same. No Muslim institution aids the infidel. None. Even 'zakat' the Muslim 'law' of charity, applies exclusively to the Umma.

Third, there are only about 75,000 Nuns in various services worldwide. Very few work in the Islamic world for obvious reasons. The nunneries are in decline – a monumental decline. Islam is of course on the rise. With 1.7 billion devotees and some 800 million or more females, the Muslim female is part of a growing political movement, not a declining one. This political movement is intolerant of other sects, faiths and societies. This has been proven over 1400 years. The nunneries are tolerant of just about anyone and anything. That too has been proven historically.

Fourth, Muslim women are told in the Koran to wear the Bedsheets to cover themselves up, or suffer punishment. It is clear from reading the Koran that Muslim females are not the equal of Muslim males. In Sura 4 we find out that the actual value is ¼ that of a man. Not so for Christianity, or in how Nuns are perceived in Western society. In Islam wearing sheets denotes the women as 'taken', and as the chattel of a man. It also 'protects' her from rape. This leads to other sociological questions – why would a society find it necessary to hide their women from the lustful rapes of its men? What illness infects the male population and culture? Nun habits have nothing to do with the women inside being an asset, a slave, or a appendage to a man, nor are they used to protect the female from rape. Christians raping Nuns is rare. Muslims raping Western women is quite common – in fact in Western Europe the preponderance of rapes are committed by Muslim men.

Lastly, the Nuns are not engaged as a cult, in wanton violence, death, jihad, blood lust, Jew hate, or destruction of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or any other social movement. In fact the Catholic church in toto, is appallingly faineant in the confrontation with Islam shirking its duty to both reform its organization and go back to basics [natural law rights, the Book of Matthew]; and to promote Christian culture and mores in the face of the Muslim onslaught.

I also don't see Nuns with flowing habits flying planes into downtown Mecca screaming Christ is my Vicar on earth and death to Islam. Nor do Nuns blow up public places or murder school children. Muslim women replete in the colorful black Bedsheets are an integral part of Jihad and have murdered innocents in a shocking array of countries from Indonesia to Russia, to North America and Europe. These are facts.  When Nuns start engaging in Jihad, than many of us will call for an investigation of their 'habits' so to speak, including their theological justifications for murder. Until that time equating nuns engaged largely in hospice work with Muslim women, who are part of a cult, is to to put it bluntly, remarkable deranged.

The reality is this. Muslim women are dressed in their bed sheets for a variety of reasons but none of them are benign. Nuns and their habits are part of the Western tradition and culture, denoting charity, faith and social service. Muslim garb portrays the opposite. There is no Muslim tradition within Western states. The Bedsheets are simply tool of expressions highlighting the Muslim belief in their superiority, their separateness, their rejection of Western culture and their arrogance mixed with ignorance. Muslim women really do believe that the Koran is uncreated, and the final word. They really do believe that Islam is the 'last' of the monotheisms and therefore superior. They really do believe that Jews and Christians are on the 'wrong path'. This is called supremacism. The Bedsheets are political advertisements not ones of faith.

At some point even Marxists will have to grow up and view Islam and its sheet clad women for what it is – a political movement. Next we will hear that anarchist females wear hats, whilst blowing up public spaces, have the same 'attire' in principle as the Nuns. The people who defend Islam are getting more desperate by the day.



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