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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Anti-reality Socialism saps our strength to wage war

Socialism and Islam are natural enemies of civilisation

by StFerdIII

The chattering socialists and liberal ‘one world model’ believers are in deep denial about Islam. Liberal media the world over, refuse to name Islam as the progenitor of modern fascism. The alphabet club of anti-Western pro Muslim media routinely distort coverage of the great war that has been ongoing since 9-11, or more accurately since the 1979 Iranian Islamic-Socialist revolution. Radio or TV talk show hosts in the West refuse to discuss Muslim culpability in Islamic fascist terror and criminality – citing hate speech laws and calling those who opine that Islam is intolerant ‘racists’. Islam is of course an ideology, not a religion nor a race. Politicians who warn against Islamic 5th columns such as Holland’s Pim Fortuyn or Hirsam Ali are targeted by the media and the screaming politically correct socialists for character and even bodily assassination. Not many elitists tears were shed over Fortuyn’s assassination by a deranged enviro-socialist anarchist. It is a dangerous truism but one that bears repeating - socialists have taken over the agenda in most Western countries, infiltrating the media, the universities, and the popular culture and this internal threat to our existence is as real as is the external fascist challenge posed by an intolerant pagan Islam.

Consider the 9-11-part 2 terror plot foiled by a combination of British, Pakistani and US intelligence using measures [surveillance, pattern mapping, targeting of Muslim groups] that the vapid left demand be banned. Few if any news reports in Britain or Canada and only a smattering in the US used the words "Islamic" or "Muslim". Orwellian media newspeak instead offers that "British-born" men allegedly “of Pakistani origin", might be to blame. Apparently the ‘alleged’ plot wasn’t unfurled by fascist Muslim militants or Islamic fundamentalists. Only British born men were implicated with nary a media mention of their Islamist ideology and never a mention that their animus is a cancer caused by an ideology of fascist paganism, one that is an extension of a key principle of extreme socialism, namely; the destruction of individuality and the submission by the individual to the universal, the pre-modern, the pagan, the all-knowing elite and the obscenely irrational.

Denial about Islam permeates any activity associated with the current war against Islamic fascism. Sure who knows maybe the “British born” terrorists were good old Anglo-Christian amputees filling their prosthetic limbs with liquid nitrates in order to murder thousands of innocents in airplanes. Their anger perhaps could stem from the root cause of Christian terror which is animated from the ‘occupied’ territory of Bethlehem which went from being a Christian town to an Arab one starting in 632 AD – 600 years after the Christian prophet’s death. And why not? Christians can make up lurid tales of occupation and land-grabbing as easily as any deranged Muslim – but the media of course would dismiss such ‘root causes’ as babbling incoherence. But not however if the babblers, murderers and fascists are Muslim. Then we must appreciate the wonderful ideology of submission and paganism and disengage from criticism and accept the predetermined fate that Islam will conquer the world. After all why fight for civilization ? Why not accept the insane ramblings of an incoherent and fascist ideology? Isn’t it obvious in the one-world-hug-a-tree post modern society that one man’s reality is another man’s life under oppressive slavery? Who can possibly divorce Islamic paganism from Western civilization and declare that the latter is morally superior to the former?

The Euro-socialists and sensitive effeminate Canadian liberals are in a dangerous and laughable state of denial. Let’s face it - thanks to the ‘multi-cult one-world-all cultures are wonderful-model’ we now are faced with a massive fifth column of Arabs and Muslims, wherein thousands of Canadian and European-born people are engaged in a jihad to destroy civilization. In fact in a recent Pew poll 90% of British Muslims define themselves as Muslims first and British second if at all. Remarkable. Yet the denial runs deep and is reflected in the puerile and utterly nonsensical coverage of Israel's war against Hezbollah or indeed in any activity that is contra-terror and pro-civilisation. As the historian Victor Davis Hanson recently pointed out, there is a moral madness and childish stupidity at work here. We refuse to admit there is a pattern to global terrorism. We are terrified of being called “insensitive”, or “racist” by liberal media and political elites. We are so socialized, apathetic, uncaring that we can’t even rouse ourselves to defend our civilization. The media and educational mantra of ‘one world, love everyone and all cultures’ has perverted our concepts of reality. It is for these reasons that Victor Hanson, Newt Gingrich, Tony Blair and George Bush say that we have forgotten the lessons of 1938 and the moral cupidity of appeasement.

The Euro-Canadian socialist axis of appeasement, abetted by the Useless dis-United Nations is bad enough. Now the American liberals are piling on. With the defeat of Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary in Connecticut, antiwar forces have now taken over the Democratic Party. As David Horowitz and point out the George Soros, ‘’ group is now the power behind the Democratic throne. The new left funded by Soros and others is as much a danger to civilization as is the radical leftism of fascist Islam and the idea of submission, universalism, and sharia law. It remains to be seen what the American electorate will do with a party that is anti-reality and against proper domestic and international responses to Islamic fascist terror. But one thing is certain. The US left has retreated to a McGovern style 1970s anti-war, anti-imperialist message that will hinder US efforts to deal properly with domestic and transnational expressions of Islamic fascism. Unless sounded defeated in the coming 2006 elections the rise of the modern McGovern Democrats will impair US strategy in taking on fascist Islam.

The problem with modern Western democracies is that the basic tenets of socialism have taken over the body politic and distorted reality and meaning. Life is no longer about standards, virtues, progress, ideas and self-defense. It is now about relativity, comfort, rights, apathy, anti-religious and Christian hate, immediate gratification and lowest common denominator entertainment and politics. Crass socialism replete in overbearing government tax, spend, and debt levels and the extreme regulation of all matters civil, social and judicial has created the anti-thesis of what constitutes and informs great civilizations. Like it or not none of the creative impulses that formed the modern world is discernible in socialism. Today we are in an epic and transformative struggle. Domestic socialism and relativity is an enormous encumbrance on our ability to fight and wage war against fascism. In this struggle let’s hope that we regain our collective senses and attack our degenerative domestic socialism, even as we defeat an Islamic pagan ideal that wishes to erase modernity.

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