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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Iraq war is won.

You know this is true since there is no 'mainstream' media coverage of Iraq.

by AN

Remember the Iraq war? Remember that war which was illegal, immoral, fascistic, unnecessary, stupid, a waste of time, racist, supremacist, and fought for oil? Obvious conclusion: The war in Iraq must be won, since the media are so terribly silent and have nothing whatsoever to say about it.

No war for oil you screamed ? Oh oil is $140 a barrel now. Whoops. Okay so apparently oil was not the motivation.

Isn't Iraq the 'greatest foreign policy disaster since Vietnam'? Whoops. Only a globaloney warming ignoramus would believe that winning a key war in the Middle East, saving lives, extending freedom and dragging the failed Arab and Islamic states into the real world, is a foreign policy disaster.

How about those 25 million Iraqis who have now set up a struggling but increasingly stable, democratic, constitutionally protected pro-US regime right beside Iran? Whoops. Ah the little people – they are not important it is the posturing of demanding things like 'Free Tibet', 'Save Darfur' which counts. Doing something to actually save just so oh you know, fascist.

The canards about Iraq were awesomely misinformed now weren't they? Where are the genius prognisticators now? The mainstream media blowhards, the wonderfully tailored and coiffeured 'experts' on TV with their vacant smiles; and the state owned babblers such as the BBC, the CBC; or left wing populist outlets such as CNN, ABC, NBC [the No Brains Corp] et al, produced some inspired lists of why Iraq was the greatest blunder in history. It makes edifying reading:

-Hussein's regime, which started 3 regional wars, killed 3 million people in war and in civil violence, and engaged in genocide against Shias and Kurds was not, repeat not a threat and had no ties to terrorism at all, repeat no ties. [This is why 1 million innocent Iraqis were murdered by Hussein; Al Ansar an Al Qaeda group specialised in chemical explosives was resident in Iraq; not to mention the funding given by Hussein to various terrorist organisations. But we repeat, Iraq was never a threat and had no terrorist ties.]

-Iraq, pace Michael Moore, was a multi-cult paradise with kite flying children and ice cream licking women pre-2003. It was only the fascist Americans who destroyed this paradise. [Note to reality seekers, according to Unicef 5.000 Iraqi babies were dying or in danger of death during the 1990s due to a lack of medicine and food, both of which the Hussein regime was exporting for personal profit during the Oil for Food scam].

-It was a war over oil. [Which is why oil is at $140 per barrel today, good one].

-Europe and the UN disapproved. [Of course they would, they were making billions in illegal profits in the Oil for Food scam during the 1990s – profits over people ! was their slogan. But don't worry the EU-nuchs and the Useless Nations are moral paragons]

-Muslims will hate us. [In case people have missed it, Islam has been at war with the 'others' for 1400 years].

-The entire Middle East will be plunged into war. [Okay that actually would be a good outcome, can we hurry that one up please ?].

-The Iraqi people don't want Western styled freedoms and constitutions. [This is why 500.000 Iraqis have joined the Iraqi military and security forces and 8-10 million Iraqi adults vote in elections. They really preferred a fascist, bloody dictatorship and endless regional strife. Truly].

-Iraq is costing the US taxpayer $150 billion per annum which is destroying the US economy. [You don't say. $150 billion per annum is 5 % of the Federal Budget and is less than Health care fraud and Corporate subsidies per annum. Want to pay for Iraq and the maintenance of a forward position in the heart of Islam? Stop giving tax money to the mother earth cult; ethanol subsidies and giant corporations; and stop fraudalent health care payments. Easy.]

There has not been a mainstream media story on Iraq in 5 months. Not one. Correspondents in Iraq are asking to come home – they are bored and no one back at the Mother ship will publish their positive news. The US has lost 4.000 soldiers but has killed over 80.000 fascists. Has any news outlet published that? The Iraqi civilian death total since 2003 – 90.000 – is ¼ the levels of the Hussein era. Is this ever reported ? The Iraqi army has now secured Basra, defeated terrorists in Mosul and Sadr City and are now poised to take over the leadership of all operations from the Americans. Has any news outlet bothered to report this? Of course not – positive, productive news does not sell.

Iraq is won. It is one of the cheapest victories in military history. It was achieved against considerable odds, with huge logistical and tactical obstacles. Most of us knuckle dragging neo-cons who supported the war throughout are now obviously vindicated. We were right. The critics hypocritical and wrong.

Now the next phase can begin – that of coercing Iran in to either giving up its nuclear ambitions or having its Mullah regime follow Hussein to a grisly end. The world is an anarchic place and the judicious use of military power is not only moral, but mandatory. Islam needs a reformation and this reformation will only occur through exogenous change.

But don't tell the media or the chattering elites. You remember that war in which the mainstream media intoned in Obama-like voices that all was lost, the world hated America and Islam was being unfairly targeted? Well that war is over. We won.


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