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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sorry but Iraq is not a mess.

For the instant military expert, maybe reference a map before opining.

by StFerdIII

Socialists and Marxists love to repeat themselves. The media, the Useless [Islam dominated] Nations and ‘professors’ bearing cracker-jack and cracker-pot Phd’s, repeat the tired refrain, ‘Iraq is a disaster. Now if we had only attacked Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia or killed Bin Laden…then maybe all would be well.’ If the US invaded say Iran, you can bet that the anti-war vitriol, along with the attendant problems resident in any conflict would be quadrupled in comparison with the Iraqi conflict. These self-anointed military geniuses might want to jettison the hypocrisy and also check a map. For instance, to invade Iran you need to have bases in guess where? Iraq and Afghanistan.

Churchill in 1942 is of course famous for saying that ‘the war against Nazi Germany is lost, since we are attacking the Hun only in North Africa and have not yet landed on the Baltic beaches… never in the field of human conflict, has so much been lost, by so few, who were out-shouted and called names and slandered, by so many….’ Or something like that. Nothing is more deranged than Marxist reductionists and revisionists sitting in armchairs drinking kool-aid opining on military strategy.

Yes we all know that 30.000 civilians are being slaughtered each year by Muslims in Iraq. And? What else is new? Muslims attack and kill any and everything that moves – including other Muslims that they don’t like. Shias and Sunnis killing each other is about as unique as Palestinian gangs [with the ‘Palestinian nation’ being invented in 1969] blowing up Jews. The current kill ratio in Iraq is about the historical norm. Under Hussein about the same number perished per annum and more were murdered during the military despotism of the 1930s. This says nothing about the first civil war of 656 AD which lasted some 25 years.

Plus ca change as they say, avec le grand, ‘pieceful’ ideology of fascism Islam. In fact during the past 1400 years the Muslims have killed about 300 million non-Muslims in war. This is about 3x the carnage visited on innocents by Communism. As far as death cults go, Islam is numero uno. But don’t worry. Only white Anglos and Jews will be blamed for Islam’s murderous history. Don’t want to upset the post-modern, sensitive, multi-cult loving elite.

So why is Iraq a mess? Compared to what exactly? Compared to Iran where people are jailed, beaten, and murdered? Compared to Saudi Arabia where the GDP per capita has seen a remarkable downward line from $26.000 in 1980 to $7.000 today? Or with fascist Syria who along with Jordan created the modern day terrorist state called Lebanon which was once a poly-cultural country run by Christians and one of the richest nations in the Near East? Muslim terrorists using Syrian arms and Jordanian refugees dismembered Lebanon over 25 years killing 100.000 Christians.

It was only the ‘Jews’ who saved lives by invading the country in 1981 and remaining there for 20 odd years. They also provided hospital and food relief. The Europeans, the Useless Nations and the Americans were too busy apparently with climate change theory to take much notice of Lebanon’s destruction. The ever efficient and productive US state department was too preoccupied planning paper shuffling routines for its thousands of workers, to care about the slaughter of a few thousand Christians. [But never harm a poor little Muslim! Then the state department machine will crank into action!]

Are Syria and their friend’s better models in comparison with the struggling democracy in Iraq which we all know is a ‘failure? How many people have died in Iran, Syria and Lebanon over the past 20 years? How many terrorist organizations do these states fund? If you don’t invade and pacify Iraq how exactly will you regime change or force behavioral change upon radical Muslim states? What leverage will you have?

Central Iraq is indeed in some aspects, a bloody damn mess created, as any sentient observer would expect, by the Muslims themselves. The issue I have with the ‘war’ is that first it is not a war. Blowing up cars and sniping once in a while in Anbar province does not constitute a war. It constitutes terrorism. The Iraqi’s themselves have to stop their terrorist fascism and the US military has belatedly realized that stability is premised on countering not a typical war, but murderous and cowardly acts of terror.

Second, the list of supposed mistakes made by the US military are easy to view with hindsight but harder to prevision. For all the armchair experts who now exist, broadly smiling, with kool-aid in hand, not many if any of them, had any ideas on offer before the war began to mitigate all of these obvious mistakes.

I can’t find one single instance of an accurate forecast by any of these geniuses of what should and should not be done before March 2003. There are quite a few ‘war-mongerers’ who did say however, to add more troops, secure the border and kill any and all who opposed the occupation. But fighting a war to win, is just so, je ne sais quoi, First World Warrish perhaps? Most current critics are in favor of withdrawal not fighting to win.

Third even today many provinces are quiet. The infrastructure is slowly being rebuilt and megawatt production now exceeds that of pre-2003. Oil revenues thanks to high prices are double what they were pre-2003. An oil sharing agreement however flawed it probably is, shows promise. Some progress is obviously being made, and the media ignores it.

According to many recent polls most Iraqi’s feel more secure than in past years, and a majority, for whatever reason, seem reasonably optimistic. The Iraqi army is approaching 200.000 men and is taking over more operational control. The US surge in Baghdad – clear, control and stay – is working. The current Prime Minister Maliki presides over a truly tri-partite based government and enjoys 60% support from the Iraqi people. Show me a Western leader with that approval rating.

Obstacles and challenges of course abound. Sunni fanatics and Shia Imams preaching terror must be destroyed. Security and infrastructure build can only be successful when violence and government corruption are ended. Iraqi’s themselves need to take ownership and help the US thwart terror.

These challenges will take years not months to fix.

As many of us war-mongering old white conservatives stated we will need to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan for at least 10 more years. We need to increase our troop levels, secure borders and deal with Iran. Such would be the adult analysis.

We are not losing the war. The war has just begun. It is revolting and historically unprecedented however, that an anti-Western media along with much of its political ‘elite’ don’t recognize the threat we face, nor comprehend what needs to be done to win this long war against fascist Islam. The cultural Marxists are sadly winning the domestic war.

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