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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, February 15, 2008

'Empty suit' Obama?

The Marxist is now a God?

by StFerdIII

There was a character in the1970s Black TV sitcom, 'Good Times', called Junior. He was the eldest son of a lower middle class, apartment dwelling family living in the south side of Chicago, who wanted to 'move on up' the social and economic ladder. Junior, a gangling teenager, with impossibly large teeth, had only one line, which he repeated at least 40 times in each show, to the sound of canned laughter - 'Kid-dynomite!'. Howls of rib-racking laughter followed each such outburst. Junior was nothing if not consistent. Obama is the 'Junior' of politics, except his one line instead of 'Kid-dynomite!' is, 'I am charismatic!!'. Next channel please.

Like 'Junior', Barack supposedly hails from Chicago-via Hawaii and Indonesia. Once a Muslim he is now supposedly a Christian. Unlike Junior, Obama is not as funny, as engaging nor in many respects even as interesting. Barack Obama is a gigantic bore – from his lack of experience, to his fictional eloquence, to his very Marxist-socialist policy preferences, to his support of the eco-cult and industrialized abortion murder. Obama is just another fantasy liberal, with no capacity, experience, nor rooted intelligence to lead a local council, let alone the biggest enterprise in history. He is in many ways a more dangerous man, than Hillary Clinton [a woman who is really a gender neutral androgynist].

How left wing is this former Muslim? Let us count the ways.

The war against fascist Islam: Barack is an appeaser. He has always been against pre-emption, believing that isolationism is a viable strategy. He has repeatedly stated he would pull out of Iraq and decrease US military funding. How that would win a long war, only he knows. He is also, of course, against the Patriot Act.

Trade: He is against free trade, wants to revoke or copiously rewrite NAFTA and would bash China into a politcal-economic confrontation. How decreasing trade, investment, and wealth would benefit the poor is anyone's guess, but it keeps his union workers happy.

Class warfare: He believes in more taxation, more income redistribution and more welfare. Barack's prefered model is the EU with the attendant consquences of low growth, high unemployment, lower wealth per capita and zero productivity.

United Nations: Like most liberals Barack can't get enough of the UN. All foreign policies would have to be UN-ratified and other parts of sovereignty over resource control, oceanic jurisdiction and energy usage in some manner, would be put under UN auspices.

Globaloney Warming: Barack loves the Eco-cult. All socialists and marxists salivate at the idea of controlling the economy, energy, and industry through a myriad of UN sanctioned taxation and regulatory procedures. Globaloney Warming is the quickest path to government domination and control over all aspects of life.

Abortion: Speaking of life, Obama would like less of it. He is a radical, pro-abortion liberal. He believes that American women should have an unfettered right to destroy the babies in their wombs at any stage and for any reason including having access to state funded abortion clinics for late term abortions [otherwise known as murder].

2nd amendment: Mr. Charisma is among the more extreme members in the U.S. Senate, opposed to anyone carrying a gun, for any reason. Apparently 'Junior' thinks that only criminals have a right to a gun. He has consistently voted for legislation retricting firearm ownership, manufacture, and distribution.

Health care: 'Junior', like all chattering Marxists, feels that big goverment knows best. He claims that health care is a human right [like owning a BMW or having a rich daddy living in a rich area of Chicago one supposes], and that socialised medicine is a national priority. How that would solve any of the issues facing the US health care system, Mr. Charisma does not say.

Illegal immigration: Like most democrats, 'Junior' can't distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. He does not believe that a tough border policy is necessary, and is fully supportive of amnesty for existing illegals. Lots of Hispanic votes to buy and bribe you understand. In his stint as an Illinois state senator Mr. Charisma has consistently voted to give welfare and medicaid to illegals.

In essence Barack 'Junior' is a Marxist lightweight. He is glib, crafty and empty. He plays the race card with the implicit 'vote for me I am Black' mantra. He is the darling of Holly-Weird, a fact which should make any thinking person pause. He is supported by the Oprah media machine, which is a clear signal that 'Junior' is more obsessed with image than policy. People who want leadership might pause to consider that the Oprah endorsement is more about Black solidarity and vacuous posturing, than actual leadership. Oprah probably would have been better to shut up and run her TV show.

Obama in sum, is what is wrong with US politics. 'Junior' has no experience in running large organizations. He has never worked in the private sector. He has never built, created, led or developed a company. He has zero international experience. He is deeply antipathetic to capital, markets, freedom, security, the military, and the proper role of government.

Instead of detailing profound issues and making intelligent policy, and taking the time to gain experience and credibility, the youngish Senator instead bursts into the political room like 'Junior' shouting Kid-Dynomite, I am charismatic! Sorry but it does not wash. Go back to Chicago. Work in the real world. Build, run, and manage a complex bureaucracy. Understand trade, economics, and foreign affairs. Get some political experience and credibility. Then come back when you have grown from 'Junior' into 'Senior' and have proven that you are talented and smart enough to run the world's most important empire. Until then please go away. Kid-dynomite!

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