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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The O and the State of [his Majesty's] [dis] Union Lecture.

Or was it Nietzsche's Superman address ?

by StFerdIII

Two things are certain when the Marxist, Islam-loving Arab-Black Deity, the most important since Zeus and perhaps greater than Baal [or Hubal or Allah] speaks. First, like GlobaloneyWarming when every day is the hottest in history, the speech will be dutifully reported by the media and the cult's true believers as the greatest ever given in the history of Western civilisation [and a Pox on Churchill and Demosthenes]. Second, the vapidity, ignorance, lack of consequence, and utter frivolity of the words will be regarded by acolytes as divine code for brilliance, other wordly-inspired genius, and Biblical parameters of how we the peasantry must think and act. The fact that the Marxist is the least qualified, most radical, most overtly racist President in history, and one who is least acquainted with business, money, economics, trade, foreign policy, and the one with the least pride in [pace his wife]; American culture, tradition and uniqueness, escapes the ardent acolyte.

When the O'Messiah gives a SOTU lecture, it is not a discussion of issues, problems and common-sense solutions. It is cant suffused with admonition, all highlighting his own importance. In 2010 the Deity promised to freeze spending and enact free-trade agreements with Panama and Columbia. With a Democratic controlled Congress and Senate, this would be impossible [union votes, and support of the welfare-old people's brigade which depends on state largesse]. In 2011, the O'Genius references Sputnik and the threat of Soviet power, conflating himself with a Conservative named JFK, who if he were alive today would certainly have no truck with the overt Communism of the un-Democratic party and its idol, the great Messiah. The Obama has nothing in common with JFK. Suggesting that global economic competition – about which he knows little – is similar to a Russian challenge in space travel during the 1950s is to put it mildly, rather inane. So now competition will be micro-managed by the legions of newly hired bureaucrats, all with an eye towards Climate-Change and Mother Earth, with the other eye dreamily fixated on an image of the Great Man himself:

As Claudia Rosett wondered:

Two years ago, this was our time, now was our moment. Now, after two years under President Obama, it is no longer our moment, but our “Sputnik moment.” A Sputnik moment is when you suddenly realize your enemy is way out ahead of you. So, when did we fall behind? Does this mean NASA can now forget the Middle East outreach business and carry on sending Americans into space? And why is our government making three-year plans to “double our exports by 2014″? I’m all for trade, but why the targets? Five-year plans, or three-year plans, are for planned economies. Shouldn’t it be the job of a capitalist government to keep the markets free and simply get out of the way and let the market — a.k.a. the choices of private individuals — determine what the volume of exports will be?

Socialism, central planning, targets, always fail. Someone should tell the smartest God in history, that autocratic milestones and whimsical demands do not produce anything other than shortages, violence, distortion and bankruptcy. Innovation can only arise from the market and the interactions of supply and demand and price and quality. But the lecture in the State of His Majesty's Union was full of 'targets' and 'demands'. 80 % of Americans must live near high speed rail [why and at what cost ?]. 85 % of American energy consumption within 20 years must be clean and green [what is green, what is clean, what will it cost ?]. America must hire 100.000 union workers parading as teachers to close the education gap with other countries [the number of teachers has no bearing on education if the socialized school system is broken, corrupted and already ineffective].

It is politically clever that the O'Messiah wants to freeze spending, at levels 24% above the last [and quite socialist] administration's budget. The PR machine can now portary him as the most moderate President since Regan – and it will be believed by the media. This 'freeze' simply means that the yearly deficit for the next 5 years will only be $1.3 Trillion on average. This only takes the US national debt up to $20 Trillion or double what the Great Man inherited from the Texan Statist.

It is also politically convenient that the O'God wants to reduce and rationalize corporate Taxes. This tax should be zero of course. But every President in a SOTU at some point has said the same thing. The last corporate tax cut was under Reagan who reduced it from 39% to the current level of 35%.  The corporate income tax is a program of social engineering. US firms are taxed on both world-wide and domestic income [double taxation which is always wrong]; but many are given loopholes, reductions, credits and subsidies to mitigate the pain of the double taxation. It would make sense to reduce the corporate tax to at most 20% on US corporate income, and efface all exemptions and exceptions. But this will never happen. It is to quote the WSJ 'so fraught with political problems'. Whatever that means. The only political problem I see is the creation of thousands of jobs overnight, the repatriation of American capital and business processes from abroad and a surge in capital investment within the USA. But this is of course a 'far right' and therefore 'extreme' policy prescription. Why create jobs and capital ? Aren't we suppose to try and destroy both?

When the O'Deity was divinely enthroned US unemployment was 7.8%. It is now 9.4%. The stock market has indeed doubled since the 2009 lows, but that has more to do with 0 interest rates, Fed flooding the market with liquidity and the nationalization of US banks [which may end within the next 2 years]; than a doubling of economic growth, incomes or confidence. In all the major factors and inputs which make up a complicated modern economy, the data suggests that the 'recovery' which the O'God said has now replaced the recession, is very weak indeed. Keep in mind that all of the issues which caused the '07-'08 melt-down are still with us. Nothing has changed and in fact the fiscal imbalances of all states have only worsened.

The Obama was, is, and always will be a 'Far Left' National Socialist. His theory of poltical-economy has more in common with the national socializations of Russia and Germany, than with the ethos of Lockean contracts, Aquinas-inspired rationality and free-will; and Smithian market forces. The only way this man can possibly be re-elected in 2012 is to do what he tried to sell [unsuccessfully it should be added], in the State of His Majesty's Union lecture, which is namely to issue forth baffle-gab around state-managed innovation, business development and clean/green/Mother Earth/climate change initiatives in partnerships with massive corporations who will only too greedily and gladly suck off the public teat. By apppearing to be 'pro business'; 'behind innovation'; 'open to tax rationalization', but still concerned about the 'poor', Mother Earth, and America's future, he might, just might, be able to convince enough of the voting populace, and the dolts in the media, that he is indeed a new Reagan.

Hope and change and yes-we-can, is now 'I hope to [appear to] change' and 'yes I can' win the next election.


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