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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5 reasons why the O'Communist won 4 more years of destruction.

Self-loathing voters and the illiteracy of modern politics.

by StFerdIII



Of corruption, socialism and division.....and maybe bankruptcy.  Romney and the Republican establishment yet again, like in 2008, ran a bad non-conservative campaign with little in the way of clarity, or firm plans. The Republican party either needs to embrace American principles or conservatism, or be replaced by a party which does. Why bother to vote for statist-light, when you can get the real thing ? Or, why bother to vote for Romney, when at least the devil-you-know is making lots of promises and the devil-you-don't-know has no clear plans. Romney's campaign was poorly run, unclear and did not address the real issues facing America. Without a truly conservative agenda you are going to lose in most elections.


Obamunist is the worst leader the Americans have selected since Jimmy Carter. How does such an incompetent with a far-left socialist administration, steeped in 'Forward Together' National Socialist and Russian Communist vapidity and labels, win an election given the circumstances of a certain future recession, real unemployment at over 20%, a pro-Moslem anti-Jewish foreign policy, and gross negligence in geo-political affairs ?


There are 5 main reasons why the Obamunist – indeed any far left Mickey Mouse character speaking platitudes – can win an election in the US. The system is broken, the standards to be able to vote a joke, and the general political and economic illiteracy of the population quite fantastic.


1. Party affiliations and Party machines


The American Socialist Party or un-Democratic Party is rich, well-organized, and ruthless. 50% of voters identify themselves, their egos, their attitudes and their personalities with the unDemocratic Socialist party. The base is vast. The ASP could put a dead cat in a box, and it would collect 47% of the vote. The media would also declare it to be a god.


2. The Mainstream Media's addiction to government


In broad terms the MSM supports socialism, statism and more government – as long as the ASP is the party in power. G.W. Bush a big-spending statist was ridiculed and treated with opprobrium. Not the Obamunist. This disaster is supported, coddled, and enabled by the MSM. For whatever set of reasons – theological, ideological, cultural, narcissistic, egotistical – the MSM supports the Forward Together statist construct of the ASP.


Contrary to popular belief, the MSM is stronger than advertised and has a disproportionate ability to swing elections.



3. Bail out early, bail out often, buy firms, votes and 'empathy'


For corrupt politicians bailing out GM and Chrysler was a god-send. It is certain to buy votes in the key state of Ohio and beyond. Obamunist and friends won Ohio by less than 50.000 votes – all due to an illegal transaction which destroyed shareholders and bondholders and handed GM to the unions. GM owes $30 billion which will never be paid back and at some point, will request more 'help'. They will get it. Chrysler was given to Fiat and the unions, in a similar illegal [regarding private property and shareholder rights] agreement. No punishment for that at the polls.


The lesson is clear. Bailouts work. Do them early, do them often in the election cycle.


4. The Electoral College system is broken as is the voting system


The EC system operates as a huge riding system in a parliamentary system. The winner takes the entire 'riding allotment' of state seats if he carries the states popular vote. This system does not work very well. In each election 4 or 5 states are 'critical' to carry. The rest are ignored. The US needs to adopt the Canadian or English riding system, with Federal districts voting in a first past the poll system. The party which wins the most district seats will have their party leader assume the Presidency. The attempt to allow a direct vote for President, in a country of 330 million people is impossible and leads to political distortions.


The same is true of the voting system. About 1/3 of the voters do not possess assets or pay taxes [excluding seniors and vets]. If you allow these people to vote, they will vote for the politician which promises more transfers, more government, more corruption. A third of the electorate is thus permanently enfranchised as a socialist voting bloc. This has to go.


5. Cultural Marxist politics


Political illiteracy is a fact. 60% of American voters still blame Bush for the last recession and housing finance debacle. His administration is certainly a part of the failure. But so is a 70 year process of inserting government into housing finance. More relevant are the Democratic created and funded legacies of state managed firms like Freddie and Fannie, the CRA, the HUD and sundry cynical political-vote buying opportunities forwarded by government, to cause an escalation in housing supply and demand. And forget not the easy money with zero interest rate policy. The Republicans were just as guilty as the unDemocratic party for the housing finance collapse. But for a voter to blame Bush and Bush alone is a sign of gross ignorance. But that is the game – blame the other guy.


So it goes with cultural Marxist politics. Blame the other guy for all failures. Accept praise for anything that might have gone right. Or as with Benghazi and the Moslem 'terrorist' attack which took over a US embassy and murdered 4 Americans, ignore it. In this vein class warfare politics works. Soak the rich. Demonize the average white person [stupid, racist etc.]. Exalt the exotic of the multi-and-diversity cult.


If you look at who supported and voted for the Obamunist in key swing states you will find the following:


-93% of Blacks voted for his color.

-70% of Hispanics voted for the party which favours the illegal migrant.

-60% of college graduates many who are unemployed or bankrupt waiting for a government write-off of their student loans.

-95% of gays supported the socialists.

-75% of Jews vote unDemocratic.

-70% of union workers support the party of the state.


If the above are a large part of your base what do you do ? You pander. You create issues. You make sure that the 'other guy' is portrayed as evil and racist, not to mention uncultured and stupid. How could a racist white man understand abortion or gay rights they wail ?


Obamunist is a divider. Like all socialists he and his machine need to carve society up into little groups, pit them against each other, and buy their votes with sundry promises and enthusiastic empathy. Politics quickly devolves into vote-buying, bribery and demonizing of the opponent. For the American Socialist Party, all whites are racist; Blacks are oppressed; Gays have no rights; Abortion is about female freedom [the fetus be damned]; and the Church and Christian culture is to be managed and neutered, if not demonized and laughed at [Moslems are venerated of course]. No one knows why Jews vote en masse for the unDemocratic party, except that many Jews are socialists.


These 5 reasons are in a nutshell why the American Socialist Party won the Presidency. These factors will not change until America goes through some sort of bankruptcy and begins to have an earnest look at real reform to its voting and election systems; and a reappraisal of its culture and politics.  Or maybe the USA will simply split up into 2 or more countries.  

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