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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obama Care - bankruptcy is now assured.

Another failed socialist program. Full of rhetoric and stupidity.

by StFerdIII

Confucius purportedly said that when words lose meaning, people lose their freedom.  The US now has the unseemly and unconstitutional decision that a government program of coercion is now deemed to be a 'tax', not a directive forcing you the citizen to do something. Nothing in the Obama-Care 'Act', which is the key jump forward to socialized medicine [a promise given in every speech by the great man to his union supporters from 2006 to 2008], mentions the word tax. So now a 'tax' is really just another word for a government program which can now coerce you to buy anything that the state finds necessary for you to purchase. The unconstitutionality of such an idea is as obvious as its destruction of freedom and free choice. Just as dangerous is the evisceration of words and their meaning, a government program is not a 'tax' and government owned health-care is not 'equal', 'productive' or even moral.

In the world of socialist theology words have little real meaning. Socialized health-care for example is deemed to be 'free' [massive taxes support it so coercive taxation is now free]. Socialized health care is 'moral' [waiting lists and lack of resources must by definition kill people, so immoral is now moral]. Socialized health care is 'superior' [an inferior production and lack of doctors, nurses, technology, pharma and access points is now 'better']. Socialism is now deemed 'smart' and 'compassionate'. The entire history of the communal cult makes the opposite obvious.

All dialectical socialist projects – Chinghis Khan's Sky God cult; Hitler's Marxist National Socialism; Russian National Socialism; Castroism; Islam, and the modern decrepit EU-topia; or any of the other failed and bankrupted dialectical theologies which purport to be the 'final solution' to mankind's societal needs [with society itself a bastardized term]; are all bloody impositions of socialized coercion. Whether it is the unionized school board; the monopoly health system; the government created and managed 'food' oligopoly; or the state run disability insurance, it all leads to bankruptcy and fraud. Socialism has 3 signposts on the road to destruction; the first is irrationality; the second is massive corruption and fraud and the third is insolvency.

There is nothing worse than having the state own your body and your health. Once they own your health, the Mandarins and really clever people who chatter about 'fairness', 'equality', and social justice-inspired misery for all; own everything else. They can mandate and regulate every aspect of our peasant existence.

Socialized medicine without a parallel private market is simply asinine. There is no recorded socialized system in history which has worked, and avoided bankruptcy. Whether it is the temple building of Pharaonic Egypt; the bureaucratization of late Rome; the nationalized socialism of the Hitler cult; or the worker's paradise of Stalinist Russia, socialism in any form, at any level produces 2 clear distortions which leads to an implosion. The first derangement is the indifference to price points which express supply and demand complexity, an extended chain of relations that socialists simply don't understand. The second, is the destruction of free will, proper conduct, and moral choice.

Obama-Care is of course National Medicaid for all. Medicaid itself is bankrupt. Why would you double-down on stupid and extend a bankrupted system? The Obama cult maintains that doubling down on stupid will lower costs, improve access and result in better treatment. Socialism raises costs, because it ignores price points, and proper resource allocation based on needs, demand and supply. It is famously corrupt and indifferent to productivity and proper resource usage. How can socialized medicine reduce costs ? It is an oxymoron of impossibility.

Witness other failed national socialism. By 1938 Hitler's Germany which promised 'free' health-care; dental-care; baby-care; education; non-carbon based fuels and 'land' for all [to the east], as well as guaranteed jobs for all, was bankrupted. It was an autarchic, insular, cult managed state, which destroyed price points, and the private market. Everything was government mandated either directly or indirectly. Likewise in Russia by 1968, a similar process of insolvency had occurred. The Russians had the exact same program as the socialist-Marxist Nazis and went to the same end – bankruptcy. No state can supply 'free' goods, open to abuse, fraud, and which disavow economic reality and which are in actual fact extremely costly and paid for by a small group of people – or in the case of the USA, by the 50% of people who actually pay income taxes. The other 50% who don't pay taxes vote for clowns like Obama.

There are many things wrong with US health-care – the primary issue being that government controls virtually the entire sector and 60% of all spend. It is absurd to call the US a private health market. None exists. The second problem are insurance firms and Health Management Organizations who insert themselves between suppliers and consumers and who buy politicians and regulators. The third is lawsuits and lack of tort reform. The fourth is the explosion in health costs for 30 million illegals. All of these are serious issues, but why would you expand state owned Medicaid to be the universal system of health care? Are Americans or their political leaders that ignorant?

Medicaid is already bankrupt. So what will happen when you repeat the Massachusetts experiment, conducted by that handsome robot Mr. Romney, and extend it to all of America? Romney's experiment is 5 x more costly than predicted. Big surprise. Imagine politicians lying about the cost of a program. Expand that to encompass the USA and you have a general bankruptcy. Over 40% of the US Federal budget is now spent on health-care. 2/3 of all US national spend is on entitlements. When health costs explode because price points are denied, what will happen to the US and world order ? Some predictions become facile and utterly predictable when the Americans are bankrupt:

  1. The US will enact protectionism and basically rip up NAFTA imperilling the Mexican and Canadian economies and drastically lowering their standard of living.

  2. The military spend will be eviscerated creating a very dangerous world. For those who maintain that Islam is peace and love, your theory is going to be tested.

  3. There will a reduction in the world's most vital navy which keeps open the key shipping lanes of the world trade system, thereby imperilling world trade.

  4. The Americans will print ever more money stimulating asset and commodity inflation deranging their own and their trading partners economies and stimulating price but not wage inflation.

  5. A general US bankruptcy, evidenced by inflation, will result in a reordering of the world political order and a restructuring towards more UN oversight. This will be the beginning of world government, buttressed by globaloney-warming and the Law of the Sea treaty.

  6. Living standards, consumption and capital availability will fall all across the Western world.

  7. The Europeans will lose their US military umbrella and be ever more supportive of Islam, Arab states and Russian expansionism.

Obama-Care is about more than the piety of 'helping' your fellow man. It involves the solvency of America. The bumper stickers don't stand up to scrutiny. Government is the issue, the problem, the locus of corruption and even of immorality. Socialism is a vicious, coercive and destructive theology which had murdered 100 million in the past century. One can understand that you want to help a friend who is ill. Fine. But surely there are more intelligent ways to organize health-care than to hand it over to a unionized bureaucracy, which has little interest in your health, because they view you as a cost. Surely there are more intelligent ways to mix a general welfare of health, with private capital and forces to contain costs and allow humans the timely health-care which many need. This says nothing about the fraud, waste and counter-cultural theology of not taking care of one's own body – no exercise, no prudence, lots of smoking and bad habits – because your future treatment is 'free'. Nice incentive.

Is socialism the apex of human development? Or is it the anti-thesis of civilization? Gorillas are structured into a strict form of socialism, all centred around an alpha male. So too were neolithic societies. Yet 3 million years after Lucy, and in the year 2012 after Christ we can't form a coherent and intelligent health system but bow down to some Marxist simpleton like Obama, himself a product of the Democratic mafia of Chicago ? Pathetic.


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