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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Fantasy World of Barry Obama and the National Socialists

Another Socialist Loser.

by StFerdIII



File:U.S. Federal Spending - FY 2011.png


It is impossible to believe that yet another communalist-Marxist loser, known apparently as Barry Obama, and the cadre of socialist fanatics around him, is asking for 'more time'. To do what ? Dismember 240 years of development ? Bankrupt the state ? Elevate UN control over oil, the seas and trade ? Impose the Cult of Warm on society ? This man, his regime and his undemocratic party are the embodiments of cultural Marxist, relativity, ignorance, mendacity and stupidity. Yet half the US population will vote for this man and his party's interests. And we are told that the Middle Ages, was a 'Dark Age' ? Please, we are currently in a very dark age indeed.


National Socialism means Fascism. Fascism as a definable term is simply the destruction of the individual, and the creation of a communal, into which the individual disappears. It is the opposite of 'conservatism', though the big-brains don't know this [hence their big brains]. Originally used by the Romans and expressed in the Fasces or a bundle of sticks wrapped around a war-axe, it symbolized the over-arching power of the state, and the individual's support and indeed subservient status, to that state. National Socialism, Communism, and the political-economy of Marxism all make similar demands. The state, and in particular the ruling caste of that state, should have the unfettered power over the individual. You the individual are merely one stick wrapped around the power of the centrally controlled communal-axe. In this view of the world, whatever the state wants or demands is moral, right, and trumps individual dissent, freedom, free-will, and choice. Natural law rights and personal responsibility simply disappear. Instead you follow, you obey, and you prostrate yourself to the state and its ruling cult.


One of the main reasons why Rome was transformed into separately-run Germanic-kingdoms was that the state lost the loyalty of its citizens, who rejected the endless power struggles, high taxes, depredations and corruption. Rome did not fall, but was internally 'transformed', to use Obama's favourite word, from a sturdy, individualistic, financially prudent, practical and admittedly imperialist culture, one based until the time of Caesar on a division of legislative powers; to an empire in which individual initiative, morality, productivity, and responsibility were usurped by the ruling elite and usually by a small cadre of men who wielded political and military power. The breakdown of the rich early culture of Rome led to the inevitability of inflation, bankruptcy, and cultural evisceration, punctuated by a real vacuum in the political-economy evidenced during more than 150 years of post-Constantine flux and violence. Rome was 'transformed' internally, long before it was 'transformed' externally.


The same will happen to the United States. It is quite incredible that a nation which produced and was likewise a product of, the genius of the 'Founding Fathers', which only a short while ago won the Cold War, and recently threw up the likes of Reagan as a reforming, patriotic American leader; has now devolved and regressed so far down the political-economic evolutionary ladder, that simplistic socialists like Obama, Pelosi and Reid, control and indeed are expanding, the slow Marxist revolution in train since the 1920s. Cultural Marxism, once a fringe movement of Fascists and Communists is now mainstream. Unlimited 'rights', open borders, abortion, denial of fetus rights, unfettered state power, unwieldy and expansive bureaucracies, a rampant homosexual counter-culture, eminent domain, rigged voting systems, corporate fascism and the nexus of big labor and big government, along with the eco-fanatics and the cult of warm; are now 'accepted wisdom'. From Augustus to the cultural self-loathing of Nero took a mere 50 years. From the height of Aurelius to the cultural replacement of the faltering Roman empire with Odoacer and his Ostrogoths less than 300 years. But from Reagan to Obama was a mere 20 years. The modern age does accelerate the descent into madness.


The case against National Socialism is historically clear and obvious. Hitler's National Socialist cult which was similar in almost every way to the Lenin-Stalinist National Socialist cult of Russia, was bankrupted by 1938, a fact lost on contemporaries and the mainstream media. The same was true of Russia by the early 1970s, kept alive by French and German transfers in money and technology [ransom fees paid to ensure that Russian armies did not cross the Elbe]. Every single Marxist-National Socialist state in modern times has gone bankrupt. Cuba, with supposedly the world's 'best health care system', [a crock], was once the 4th richest area in the Western Hemisphere. It is now the 3rd poorest making it one of the favourites of the really-clever-people cult, Hollywood and the unDemocratic party of Barry Obama. National Socialists love failure. It gives the state more 'rights' to intervene and correct the mistakes that it made in the first place.


Obama is just another Marxist loser. Why ? The list is long but never investigated by the media, unDemocratic party acolytes, eco-cult activists, the greenists, most Jews, 96% of voting Blacks, or liberal arts degree holders. But of course if you say the obvious you must be a neo-con, racist-imperialist, who hates women.




-Real unemployment, once you stop playing with the calculations is double the stated 8.1% level. 5 million have simply given up looking for work, yet the unemployment rate goes down. It is closer to 20% than 8%.


-Employment is going to be at 60% soon, the lowest in the post-war period. If you strip out government workers, some 40% of private workers are supporting the entire country and its massive national, state and local governmental apparati. Out of those 40% maybe 10-15 % are paying most of the taxes. This is fair ?


-Corporate corruption is accelerating. Solar, wind, ethanol subsidies and corporate bailouts are clearly useless and deleterious. So too is the bailout of GM a firm which still owes $26 billion and which in 5-10 years will again go bankrupt, and again be bailed out. GM and other firms need to eradicate their unions and rebuild their business models. But the union-Government nexus will never allow this.


-Taxes are going up, as part of the Socialized Health Care / Medicaid writ large program. $600 billion or so of new taxes goes into effect in 2013. This will suppress job growth.


-$1 Trillion deficits mostly due to the $ 800 billion spend on Medicare/Medicare and $700 billion on Social Security. Add to this the massive 'stimulus' failure of close to $1 Trillion. Such spending is unsustainable and robbing the future to pay for the political-now, and to buy votes is immoral and should be illegal. Yet the Obamed's offer no plan to deal with this, but will double down on stupid and extend Medicaid, which is already bankrupt to every citizen.


Bush was bad. He was in my books a Statist. Obama is far worse. Like his mother and father, the Obama is a committed radical Marxist, with a radical Socialist wife, surrounded by lovers of state power. This is a man who has never really worked, did a lot of drugs in his youth, who sat in a racist church for 20 years, who is beholden to the $160 million Union donations; enamoured of Black Power grievances, dismissive of whites, business, and capital; haughty, arrogant, narcissistic and worse, just plain stupid. That such a figure can even be contemplated as President of the US, highlights the annihilation of real culture and intelligence in America and makes its future look pretty grim indeed.   

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