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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America's Dear Leader and new Messiah. The longing for Strong Man rule.

The most dangerous demagogue in America since Huey Long.

by StFerdIII

Another FDR. Jubilee ! Join the cult! Be progressive ! Believe ridiculous, air filled rhetoric with no meaning. Yes Obama is the second coming, greater than the original Jew, more important than Moses, grander than perhaps even God himself. All bow to the great man from Chicago! Repent, submit, follow! Sounds suspiciously like the exhortations of many pagan cults we have seen all led by 'great' men, who after some time were found out to be not so great of course.

(n)Obama is the most seriously under-qualified President in the entire history of the United States. Underachievers like Grover Cleveland or the abysmal Herbert Hoover look majestic when compared to the community organiser who believed there were 57 US states. The collective media orgasmic expostulations around the little man from the corrupt city of Chicago, only demonstrates the irrationality and expiring irrelevance, of what is supposed to be a neutral check on government. 'Hope and Change' ? This is neither a new slogan, nor by selecting most of the old Clinton insiders is it going to be reality under the media proclaimed Black Jesus [or Black Moses on CNN]. Obama is just more of the same, old, tired, nonsense that got the US into the current mess it is now in.

(n)Obama is a classic economic populist, cultural marxist and a raging 'progressive' liberal [an oxymoron and as deceptive as a 'compassionate conservative'.] Not only was (n)Obama the most left-wing Senator in the US Senate based on his voting record, but he possesses the most radical ideas garnered from his supporters about redistribution, government's role to 'unite' society, and genuflection to the global 'community' [whatever that means].

(n)Obama is simply the most dangerous demagogue to come forward in US politics since Huey Long. And sadly he has re-selected the Clinton cabinet - interventionists and statists all, including the rabid Hillary Clinton - to support his 'dream' of a 'united' America, fettered by technocrats, government workers, and more government programs. (n)Obama's idea of change is to promote more of FDR's 1930s statist madness. Only in the mainstream media can a return to the 1930s be considered change and hope. Ergo the massive media celebrations of orgiastic power.

Or maybe the new Black Jesus [well he is actually 1/2 white but no matter], is more like the dangerous demagogue Huey Long. Long was short on freedom and long on collectivism. He was a nationalist-populist during the 1930s - a period of history when authoritarian rule was deemed 'progressive'. So-called intellectuals writing in the mainstream press were much taken by the strong man idea supporting the twin absurdities of corporate fascism and communism [hence their admiration for Islam today]. Back in Long's day, state management was deemed moral, and community feeling and extremist nationalist ideology in which the individual was submerged into the whole was portrayed as necessary, spiritual and mandatory. Long's program of populist race baiting; economic management and the creation of 'us versus them' rhetoric was part of a troubled episode in which freedom and clear thinking were replaced by blind emotion and state created enthusiasm.

Does this sound familiar to the (n)Obama program?:
"Long believed that only a radical restructuring of the national economy and elimination of disparities of wealth, while retaining the essential features of the capitalist system, would end the Great Depression and stave off violent revolution. After the Senate rejected one of his wealth redistribution bills, Long told them, "[A] mob is coming to hang the other ninety-five of you damn scoundrels and I'm undecided whether to stick here with you or go out and lead them."

The Great Messiah - Obama - might say it a little more eloquently.

(n)Obama of course exhibits much of the same penchant for simplistic formulae as Long as other deluded leaders - state organised parades and speeches and ego-centricity are for example, clear indications of misplaced importance. (n)Obama is just a pale version of what has long gone on in politics – the pandering to the populist mass by promising some set of nonsense to mask what is really at issue – the aggrandizement of state power. Ironically the very lemmings and automata who support the little man with no experience, and who say that only his supporters and himself have all the right ideas, programs and beliefs, are the same small people who cry about freedom, rights and individualism. Their statist program of course would result in the exact opposite of what they weep so emotionally about - the erosion of free speech and individuality.

(n)Obama's socialist agenda:

1. Taxes: The Black messiah will enact the largest tax increase in US history. Just watch. it will be under the guise of 'panic', 'saving the US', 'protecting our future' or some such nonsense, but it will occur. This will completely wipe out an already weak US economy and cause capital flight from the US, and from the US dollar, to overseas. There would truly be a deep and profound US economic recession.

2. Trade: Given that (n)Obama's base are union and government workers, trade restrictions and an increase in barriers will be mandatory. Trade intra-NAFTA and with China would be put at risk. The world trading system would suffer reverses from 60 years of GATT-WTO tariff and protectionist reduction. The average consumer will suffer, as will the greater economy.

3. Spending: The US government is going bankrupt. Social security and medicaid and future liabilities [ie future taxes] now stand at $58 Trillion or 4 times the size of the US economy. (n)Obama's plan of state power accretion would increase this future debt and increase the size of current and future entitlement spending by $ 1 Trillion per year. It is madness. Spending needs to be reduced by 50% and the entitlement programs need to be privatised.

4. The Death Cult: (n)Obama was the most pro abortion member of the Senate. He openly advocates the creation of government sponsored abortion clinics. Obviously the great Leader has never seen a video of a fetus' development. How is murdering a human consistent with his rhetoric about love, humanity and unity?

5. Eco-fascism: (n)Obama's plan to hire 500.000 green-workers to go around and trim trees smacks of FDR's make work programs during the depression which did nothing to solve unemployment but did a lot to destroy private capital. (n)Obama would also raise taxes on carbon usage; engage in carbon trading [ie tax and redistribution]; and ensure that the eco-fanatics stopped any development of sensible carbon or nuclear energy usage. How this helps the 'average' man when energy costs will of course only increase, perhaps only (n)Obama knows.

6. The Useless Nations: Like a typical globalist-socialist the great Leader, (n)Obama is deeply concerned about whether everyone loves the US or himself personally. Knee bending to the marxists at the UN would come very naturally to the little man from Chicago. That the UN is useless, corrupt and wastes $500 million per annum of US money never crosses the knotted little liberal minds. Yet they will weep that $150 million spent on Iraq per annum is too much.

7. Socialisation of the economy: Whole sectors from health care to energy will undergo a massive government re-regulation and imposition. Health care fraud wastes $100 billion per annum in the US – because it is managed by the government. Contrary to cartoonish portrayals that the US health care system is some free market nirvana, the reality is that the US system is 60% directly owned or managed by government with the remaining 40% under European styled regulation. The US needs a real market in health care, not (n)Obama state management.

8. Iraq and the war: (n)Obama is clueless about war, foreign affairs, or why we are in Iraq to start with [hint WMD is not the answer]. (n)Obama maintained over 4 years that the US must exit Iraq post haste. Leaving Iraq would have resulted in a huge US defeat and in a resurgence in extremist Islamic power and terrorism. He will be tested by those who desire to wipe out freedom. It remains to be seen how he will react given his past performances and predictions.

Nice words don't make nice leaders. Lenin was famously dynamic at the podium. Mussolini held most of Italy in thrall. Hitler speeches are apogees of stage management and acting to support emotionally galvanizing rhetoric. Huey Long could mobilise populist passions in a direction that was not only dangerous but at times immoral. Be aware of the charismatic leader. (n)Obama's rhetoric means nothing. Any actor can stutter about hope, change, more hope, unity, some more change and of course love. It is just drivel.

What the Dear Leader from Chicago wants to do is reasonably straight forward: increase taxes; install more government spending; end US military paramountcy; reduce the US exposure in the war against Islamic terror; regulate and limit freedoms and turn the US into a larger version of Sweden. That is what his plans and those of this supporters comes down to. Just another infantile set of measures designed to wipe out the US experiment. That is what this charlatan is all about.

It is fantastically absurd to watch the cult and the media support such a program. But that is the modern zeitgeist isn't it. A retrofit back to the 1930s.

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