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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Monday, January 9, 2023

Scientism and the cult of Plant-Food as Satan

A trace chemical which falls out of climate processes, cannot cause the same.

by StFerdIII



Scientism is the religious worship of ‘Science’, which is never defined, or simply references the ‘Scientific Method’.  There are many variations within any methodology including that of ‘science’, there is no single method of finding ‘fact’, or confirming a ‘natural law’.  Many roads exist within any methodology, a fact supported by anyone who has worked inside a methodological framework.  Scientism in its pure and faith-filled liturgy, simply venerates the authority of the abstract called ‘science’.  The acolyte and scientism laity believe in their deity of ‘science’ and are untroubled by the validity and integrity (or not) of data, the details, the approach, the conflicting interests, or the financial and political beneficiaries from ‘the science’, which is thrust forward and declared as fact.  Scientism is in short, a dogma of ignorance, a belief system that is opposed to rationality and one which demands obeisance, and which does not allow questioning, validation, replication, or data source verification.

We see the absurd insipidity of Scientism within the cult of the Plant Food catastrophists who historically, have ranged from the Ice Age extremists, to the Warming jihadis, and now the re-purposed Climate Change coalition of eco-terrorists and totalitarians.  Even given the morphological changes of the Plant Food-is-Satan-cult, the underlying foundation of this Scientism and associated millenarian theology is its incorruptible stupidity and anti-science.

Co2 in climate

There is such a paucity of Co2 in the atmosphere that we need to measure it in parts per million.  There is now just over 420 parts per million Co2 in our atmosphere, or 0.042% of the total.  This is a rounding error.  Rounding errors cannot cause climate any more than rounding errors in your bank balance will make you a millionaire.  Most of our atmosphere, some 99% is made up of Nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (21%) which are not ‘greenhouse gases’ and don’t ‘trap heat’.  The rest are trace chemicals led by the redoubtable Argon (0.9%), and then the terrifying Co2 (0.04%).  Negligible quantities of methane, helium, neon and krypton make up the rest.  Note that the miniscule amount of methane in our atmosphere is also a raving-mad concern of the Plant Food cult, who regularly intone in various ‘scientific’ journals that methane release from a ‘melting Arctic’, would herald the end of the earth.  If the 90.000 seat Wembley stadium was the atmosphere, Co2 would occupy a mere 25 seats.  The Plant food-cult dogma is that (supposedly), Co2 has risen 50% from a ‘safe’ 280 ppm, to about 420 ppm.  Terrifying.  In the 90.000 seat Wembley stadium, Co2 has increased by 8 seats in the past 140 years. 

The main ‘greenhouse gas’, is of course water vapour not Co2, accounting for over 90% of ‘greenhouse gases’.  Even the IPCC admits that humans have no appreciable impact on water vapour.  The Fake News visuals of towers emitting what appears to be a smoky white substance and referring to this stream as ‘pollution’ or Co2 is mildly amusing.  They are showing water vapour of course.  Water, Co2, and methane have different levels of heat insulation.  Water vapour arises out of natural hydrological cycles, especially water released from oceans.  If temperatures were really ‘warming’ (they aren’t), water vapour given its potential to trap heat would be the main gas to worry about, and humans have a next to zero impact on water vapour concentrations.

Co2 has been proven to lag temperatures by many years, sometimes hundreds of years (an example is the August 2 2019 Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences paper on the Vostok Ice Cores).  The Earth’s atmosphere contains some ~750 billion tonnes or gigatons of Co2.  The oceans have around 37000 gigatons.  When sea water warms it released Co2 into the atmosphere.  When sea water cools, it absorbs Co2 from the atmosphere.  Instead of Co2 driving temperatures it is rather obvious that Co2 is derived from temperature and climate changes including various climactic cycles.  There can be a lag of several hundred years between the Earth warming and cooling and the level of Co2 responding to those changes, by rising or falling, depending on how long the atmospheric warming or cooling affects, warms or cools the oceans.  This is obviously true given that in times past the Earth’s temperature has been much colder (Ice Ages) when Co2 was much higher than today, or much warmer when Co2 levels were much lower than today.  In fact, according to long-age believers, the Earth’s temperature has declined from 25C to the current level of 13.9C in the past few million years with Co2 levels all over the place, both higher and lower than today’s level.

A real scientific principle is that Co2 greens the planet and allows for more crops to be grown, and for plant, bush and tree life to flourish.  This is why flower growers pump Co2 into their greenhouses, to levels of 1500 ppm, extracting 30-50% more production.  This Co2 concentration level is far above our current level of 400 ppm.  It could easily be reasoned and defended that the ‘natural’ level of Co2 should be double or triple the 400 ppm, which would allow a flourishing of plant and crop growth.  The Plant Food is Satan cult, of course completely ignores the beneficial effects of Co2.





Further reading:

·        Petit et all 1999 — analysed 420,000 years of Vostok and found that as the world cools into an ice age, the delay before carbon falls is several thousand years.

·        Fischer et al 1999 — described a lag of 600 plus or minus 400 years as the world warms up from an ice age.

·        Monnin et al 2001 – looked at Dome Concordia (also in Antarctica) – and found a delay on the recent rise out of the last major ice age to be 800 ± 600

·        Mudelsee (2001) - Over the full 420,000 year Vostok history Co2 variations lag temperature by 1,300 years ± 1000.

·        Caillon et al 2003 analysed the Vostok data and found a lag (where CO2 rises after temperature) of 800 ± 200 years.




·        Excellent summary of the papers on the lag at CO2 science.

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