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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

Tempus Fugit Memento Mori - Time Flies Remember Death 

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Canada needs a refreshing.

‘Canuckistan’ is at a crossroads. Reform or be cast into oblivion.

by StFerdIII

Nation states, empire, and principalities historically have failed for three general reasons, all arising from a crisis in leadership. The first is a lack of long-term economic strength and vibrancy. The economy cannot support its military caste, its empire expansionism, or deliver economic and social benefits to its citizens. Due to economic backwardness the state implodes, dissolves or undergoes invasion or revolution. Failed economic entities litter history from various Oriental empires to modern day Latin American and African nations.

The second reason is military failure. The inability to defend, securitize or project power makes a state easy prey for direct annihilation, or indirect control by a stronger nation in an informal empire. In today’s world we have the EU and
Canada trying to appease fascist Islamic intolerance through the policy of ‘dhimmitude’, or subservience, in the face of Islamic aggression. Without a military and strong security apparatus a state loses its independence.

A third reason for state failure is cultural and political corruption. The former
Soviet Union, Africa and to a lesser extent France and Canada suffer from this malaise. The Roman empire collapsed after all due to political corruption, cultural venality, agricultural and economic failure as well as from external enemies. But it was the internal rot and the forgotten idea of ‘what is Rome’, the lapse of morality and the sickness of political corruption that destroyed the Romans.

So why pick on
Canada - a wealthy, economically important country, with a long history of good deeds, open democracy, and relatively decent people? Precisely because the corruption, decay and economic and military dislocation that affected past states is now all too prevalent in the former British Dominion. If you don’t believe that your society and culture is worth defending, it will be destroyed. We see this indifference to the US, to Western civilization and the abdication of duty to destroy fascism in the guise of Islam, in Canada and most of Europe.

So what are the corrupt socialist features of post modern, Rousseau inspired
Canada ?

Canada a former British dominion, is now run as a French state. Quebec supplies its top ministers, its foreign policy and its political corruption. Venality on a scale that Chirac and his French government would approve, runs amok in Canada. This corruption finds many forms nationally, provincially and locally. Basically corruption and insipid socialism manifest themselves in three ways in Canada: a broken and non-democratic political system; obscene taxation and spending levels; and a complete disregard for truth and historical meaning. The last is actually the worst of the three.

Politically there are so many things amiss with
Canada, as it rushes to imitate France, that a book would barely suffice to cover them. Some main problems stand out however. Canada is a benign dictatorship run by lawyers and unaccountable judges. The courts are packed with progressive Liberals, appointed by the government, that push through the government’s agenda [gay marriage is one example]. Canada’s second Federal house the Senate, is not elected. This means that only the Prime Minister appoints Senators and does so based on political reasons not what is in the best interests of the country or its regions. High appointments are made only by the Prime Minister’s office and go to friends, or pay off debts. There is no debate over any high appointment. The Parliament is ‘whipped’ into party lines with free votes by Members a rarity. Thus policy for the country is set by a small team in the Prime Minister’s office. A minority percentage vote of 35 % can translate into majority control in Parliament. Public money is used to pay off Party debts. Constitutional division of powers between the Feds and provinces are not respected. Socialized health care is a national human right, but private property is not protected under the Constitution or the Charter of Rights [Bill of Rights]. Corruption is rampant with Canada ranked 12th by Transparency International on its corruption list, down from 4th just 10 years ago. This is just a small list to show the top down nature of Canadian politics.

Canadian economic stagnation is now matching its political corruption. Economic malaise can be easily hidden when your nation is next door to the
US market. You can do many foolish things when 80 % of your exports flood into the US market and when you have recourse to US technology, capital markets, the US military, and the US health and pharma sectors, allowing you to free ride and get benefits for no cost. The immorality of such free-riding is never discussed in a soft country like Canada.

Economic issues facing Canada include; government management which eats up 43 % of GDP; tax rates that are 30 % above US levels; double taxation of income; high marginal tax rates; after tax income that is 2/3 of US levels [U$21.000 in US vs. $14.000 in Canada], productivity levels that are ¼ of US levels; regional, business and minority groups subsidization; and a government bureaucracy that accounts for close to 40 % of Canadian employment when direct and indirect personnel are counted. In short
Canada is a politically managed economic entity. Massive socialism means that Canadians enjoy a standard of living 30 % below that of the US. This translates into 20.000 professionals each year leaving Canada for the USA.

The third and most important issue with
Canada is the lack of respect for truth, transparency and historical meaning. There is no sense or vision of ‘what is Canada?’ The country has no purpose. For example a military presence is non-existent with only 1 % of GDP spent on the military. This refutes Canada’s past in which it defended the world’s freedom as an equal and respected partner. Within 10 years the military will collapse. Border security spending is 1/30 of US levels. Immigration is famously corrupt and abused, and is used as a political tool to buy immigrant votes. The Multi-Cult, politically correct club dominates the media, state owned broadcasting and political policy and judicial choice. In short there is no idea of the country’s history, its purpose or its vision. It exists solely to please political masters, the Quebec-Ottawa-Toronto elite, and various power brokers, who have no conception of how to build a country and exist solely to feed off of it.

The complete rejection of its past and purpose, added to the corrupt political and economic system ensures that
Canada will break apart. A country so absurdly built, in which money changes hands to bribe one part or another group to stay in the Confederation is doomed. The only binding element in the socialist paradise of ‘Canuckistan’ north is the unending devotion to anti-Americanism, anti-Semiticism and the unswerving loyalty shown to France and the corrupt, useless United Nations.

Canada is the text-book case of bad socialist politics. What the Liberals in the US want to do is basically rip apart the Republic and install Canadian big government socialism on the unsuspecting and far richer US body politic. This would be a colossal failure for the world. Without the vanguard of US economic, political, military and yes moral weight in the world, we would be left with a clutch of doddering corrupt states like Canada and the United Nations – which is the international expression of Marxist failure.

The failure of socialist states is not only assured, but a blessing. When freedom is destroyed there are consequences and they are usually severe. But don’t expect Post Modern Canada or
Europe to care until it is too late.©

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