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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Canadian Dhimmitude – English speaking world's biggest Mosque going up in Toronto.

Like a dog marking territory, the Muslims are urinating where they want to conquer.

by StFerdIII

The Muslims are building a victory mosque a few feet away from Ground Zero in New York, to celebrate 9-11. In fact it opens on precisely September 11 2011 – 10 years to the day that Muslims in the name of the fascist ideology called 'Submission' massacred 3.000 innocents. Nothing is more redolent and relevant when viewing American decline than the mere fact, that US political, civic, and social leaders are not only allowing the execrable excrement of Islamic supremacism and hate to be built, but are actually embracing it as an icon of diversity and tolerance. Notice the idiotic irony. The Americans are allowing and encouraging the Saudi's and others to spend $100 million, to commemorate a war victory for Islam over America, and to construct a towering ode to Muslim intolerance, Muslim racism, Muslim hate, and Muslim savagery.

Very nuanced.

The Canadians however don't want to be out-done in the Dhimmitude-submission race to see who can prostrate further and farther to the moon-cult from Mecca. Within 20 years Muslims will be at least 10-15 % of the Canadian population and by that time Sharia law will be a fact of Canadian multi-cultural life. Given this reality it can't be a big surprise that Canadian political, civic, and social leaders are giving the okay for the Ismaili Muslim sect to build the largest mosque in the Western world, in the multi-cult nirvana [and bankrupted city-state], of Toronto. The leader of the project is one Aga Khan, an Imam of an extreme fundamentalist Islamic sect called the Ismailis, and purportedly a man who desires to make Canada the shining example to the world of inter-faith harmony between the totalitarian-Koranic fascist inspired moon-cult of Mecca, and what is left of Western culture. As a mainstream Canadian media report so enthusiastically informed its readers, the Aga Khan, wants to show the world just how grand Canada truly is:

“The Aga Khan, a beloved figure who is both the spiritual guide and secular role model for Canada’s 100,000 Ismailis, is in Toronto on Friday to lay the foundation for an Islamic museum and cultural centre. The construction on Canadian soil of the largest Islamic museum in the English-speaking world marks a significant milestone for a community that arrived here, nearly destitute, 38 years ago. In the last four decades, Ismailis have emerged as a remarkable success story. Their smooth integration is seen as one of the reasons the Aga Khan, a keen admirer of this country, promotes Canadian-style pluralism as a model for the world.

It was not long before Idi Amin expelled Asians from Uganda in 1972 that the Aga Khan first called prime minister Pierre Trudeau to plan a possible escape route for his people. The two leaders were friendly with one another, and the Aga Khan recognized that the situation for Ismailis in East Africa was growing more precarious by the day. When the axe fell and Mr. Amin began appropriating Ismaili businesses and property, Mr. Trudeau didn’t hesitate to offer safe haven, according to his biographer, John English.

About 5,000 Ismailis came to Canada in that initial phase, and a further 5,000 Ismaili Asians from other East African countries arrived not long after. The community has since grown across Canada as members of the Ismaili diaspora from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and elsewhere have relocated here. In a short time, Ismailis have become leading figures in politics, business and the professions, with prominent people including Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed and Senator Mobina Jaffer.”

Ah isn't that great. So Canada which has no historic ties to any of the countries listed in this article, now has imported 100.000 Muslims from the Ismaili sect. The multi-cults rewrite this as being a positive since of course Islam is peace, produces business leaders, and the importation all started with the Canadian socialist-demi god, Mr. Trudeau. The sad fact is, that as usual the mainstream culture and media know nothing about Islam or about the Ismaili sect. This group is a practitioner of the Koran, a fundamentalist sect that believes that the Sunah or words and life of Mohammed and his rules in the Koran must be followed. Ismailis are Shias – and strict observers of Islamic theology and indeed their leader this Aga Khan, believes he is directly related to the mad founder of Islam, Mohammed. How is that tolerant, diverse, or intelligent ?

Ismaili sect believes in the seven Imams and therefore is called the “Seveners.” Ismaili followed the descendants of Imam Ismail and still follow up to the present day. The present Imam of Ismaili sect is called Prince Kareem Agha Khan who is the forty -ninth descendant from the fourth caliph, Ali. Sunni Muslims believe in a secular political leadership whereas the Ismailis believe in a religious ruler.”

Ismaili's believe that society has to be organized by Islamic theology only. Sunni's believe that society can be organized by a secular power [the Caliph], under the direction of Koranic law. In actual fact therefore, Ismaili's are more fundamentalist than Sunnis. But we are told that the English speaking world's largest Muslim center is a benefit, a plus, a monument to Canada's 'vision'. No it isn't. It is simply a dog marking out its territory – in this case Islam marking Canada as a domain to be conquered.

What then do these two fabrications of Muslim swaggering arrogance indicate? Oil money and technology has refuelled the Muslim Jihad – the Stealth Jihad as Spencer and Geller put it. Immigration, mosque building, cultural changes to Western norms, and soon Sharia law are the tools of war – not marching Janissaries and cohorts of Allah-screaming Berbers and Almoravids from North Africa. As mentioned many times the key aspect to the latest Muslim Jihad is cultural Marxism, meaning that the West will be destroyed from within, by changing the culture, rewriting history, disavowing the Western ideals which build the modern world, and ascribing to non-Whites, non-Europeans and non-North Americans all things good, relevant, technological and intelligent throughout human history. Orwell's 'newspeak' is part and parcel of cultural-Marxism.

In the US there is widespread opposition to the Ground Zero mosque. Atlas Shrugs, and are sites where people can get involved in stopping this abomination. There is no opposition to the Toronto Super Mosque however by Canadians. The apathetic mass in Canada don't care. They have been indoctrinated that Islam is peace and created the modern world, and that Christian history, ideals and legacies are fascistic, racist and intolerant. Ergo, Toronto and to a lesser extent Montreal and Vancouver [which is an Asian city]; must be re-made into multi-cult paradises of ever-lasting human love and warmth, as all races co-mingle in a fantastic orgasm of inter-cultural understanding and piety.

The reality is much different. Uni-cultures survive, multi-cultures don't. A history of the Hapsburg empire is instructive in this regard, or the conversion by Constantine to Christianity circa 312 AD as well, to unify the dying parts of the Roman empire. Canada and the US are long down the road to Dhimmitude and self-destruction. But that is the point of cultural Marxism. Hate yourself enough and you will accept any theology which is powerful, arrogant, and strong enough to tell you what to do, when and why. Totalitarianism does make life a lot less messy one supposes.


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