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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Canada's domestic Terrorism problem

Cultural Marxism and relativity will ensure a deadly domestic Islamic-terror attack.

by StFerdIII

It does not matter which political party is managing Canada’s Federal government. The Canadian state rings out with rhetoric about safety, and a commitment to security in the face of domestic and international terrorism. Yet the reality is that not enough money, resources and intelligence services are being deployed to allay terrorist threats to the Canadian state. Plus ca change in Canada. Only an attack might jar the sensibilities of the Canadians to actually take the threat seriously. By then many thousands will have been slaughtered. For Canadians the maintenance of the multi-cultural, politically-correct model of living, apparently justifies the future deaths of a mere few hundred or thousand. Unless they are brave soldiers fighting in Afghanistan of course.

Most analysts contend that Canada will eventually be struck by a terror attack, most likely by homegrown Muslim terrorists. Yet the Canadian state is in no hurry to augment its security funding and put in place policies across various levels of government to prevent or at least limit, what is probably an inevitable attack that will take thousands of lives and disrupt either the infrastructure or perhaps a core part of the country’s economy. Hizbollah after all was only recently designated a terror group by Canadian authorities – after it had raised and shipped overseas tens of millions of dollars.

Though Hizbollah is under pressure in Canada, terrorism is alive and well. Over 300 Islamic terrorist cells, according to Canadian Security Intelligence Services, exist in Toronto and Montreal. Over $1 billion annually is sent out of the country to overseas Islamic groups, charities and businesses [source; Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC)]. It is difficult of course to assess what percentage of these funds is transferred to support terrorist objectives, but even 20% would mean that Canada is providing $200 million per annum to fund terrorism. This is more than enough to fund the current sectarian conflict in Iraq and provide Hizbollah with money and arms for another war with Israel.

Why is this happening in Canada?

The short answer is cultural Marxism and the multi-cult model of erasing national identity with minority rights groups, and cultures. In this post-modern socialist construction, Western culture, Anglo-culture and any majoritarian system that is white, Anglo or European in orientation must be erased. Cultural Marxism means in essence, the complete repudiation of Western civilization. It is this ethos which permeates socialist states in the EU and Canada. Once cultural Marxism has taken root, the rest follows: refugees are accepted with few turned away; there is high non-Western immigration; cultural relativity rules; ‘Charter of Rights’ are used to allow minority groups more political and legal power; high taxes and income redistribution to keep various groups happy is mandated; and a disinterested approach to security against ‘cultures’ or ‘religions’ or non-whites, morphs into a politically-correct totalitarianism.

Since 9-11 the Canadian cultural Marxist state has not bothered to heavily invest in counter-terrorist measures. Some mosques in Toronto and elsewhere are patrolled and watched more carefully as are internet sites and blogs. But the Canadian government which has record revenues of over $200 billion and which spends 80% of that on socialist-welfare programs invests less than C$3.0 billion per annum in anti-terrorism and border security. Bill C-36 enacted after 9-11 went after terrorist funding; money laundering and added C$280 million over a few years to fighting terrorism. But if one goes through the government’s budget and adds this funding to all other spend for border control [called the ‘smart border initiative’], capital resources and human resources in fighting terrorism you are still left with a paltry number that is 1.5 % of the Federal government’s revenue total.

If security is not the Federal government’s number one concern, what is? More health and welfare spending? What will happen to socialized policies and programs when a terrorist attack deranges the Canadian economy and government revenue?

Many reports clearly point out that Canada’s weak border policies coupled with a non-existent military, pose a vital threat to the country. Such details can be viewed for example in the November 2004 Senate Report on Canada's Borders. As this investigation states:

“The fact that governments over the past three decades have been able to preside over the emaciation of the Canadian armed forces without political penalty – despite endless news stories about Sea King helicopters being unable to perform, military families forced to go to food banks, troops having to “hitch-hike” to war zones – should tell you how easily this issue is shunted to the sidelines.

Putting national security in its appropriate place on the country’s political agenda will not be easy. But the security of citizens is the primary role of government. It is why governments were first created.”

In fact other reports make it clear that a terrorist attack on Canadian assets is a matter of time not a question of ‘if’. [CSIS report] Yet the funding and government commitment does not match the risk. There is a very real threat of an internal domestic attack and indeed as the National Post and others have reported many such plots have been stopped, some with the help of the US FBI.

Compare the Canadian attitude to that of the US. Excluding all other departments and just counting Homeland Defence the US is spending roughly 22 times more on domestic security and roughly 28 times more on border security. On a per capita basis the US is spending – just for the Homeland Defence agency - roughly C$130 per capita on domestic security and C$30 on border security. Canada is spending in total, C$50 and C$14 respectively. Even adding in US concerns with the Mexican border and population differences, the variance proves that Canada is not taking a serious role in securing its own borders. The total and per capita levels of security spend are far too wide. This does not mean that more money is necessarily efficiently spent, but given the serious nature of the current War on Terror, all reports state that only putting C$ 1.5 billion into security per annum is clearly insufficient.

In total the Americans are probably spending 50-80 x more in total on security matters than Canadians. Is it any wonder that the US views Canada more as a nuisance than an aid in the War on Terror? How soon will the US wait until it forces Canada to adopt more stringent anti-terror and better security policies ? How will this affect trade and investment between the two countries?

Further when will Canadians begin to seriously root out Islamic preachers of hate and groups that fund terror overseas? When will the Federal government reorient immigration back to its Western cultural roots? When will mosques that preach anti-Canadian treasonous dogma be shut down? When will Canada attain a level of maturity to deal with a threat that could literally blow up thousands of innocents?

Sadly none of these questions will be answered before it is too late. Blame cultural Marxism and Canadian state induced apathy.

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