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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The 'Brave' Canadians timidly elect some change

Canadians like Europeans are not ready for change nor the things that make a nation great

by StFerdIII

The so-named ‘Conservative’ party, after 13 years in disarray and opposition finally claimed power in left-wing socialist obsessed Canada. At best the ‘Conservatives’ or ‘Tories’ were really a ‘Conservative Light’ party. Being a Conservative light is the same thing as drinking light beer. You really want to guzzle down some heavy strong Brussels blond beer, but since the greater society frowns upon that, you belly up to the bar in your loafers and baseball hat and order a sensible ‘light’ drink. So it goes with Canadian-light politics. Only on same key issues were the ‘scary Conservatives’ different than the corrupt mafia party of illiberal ‘Liberals’. Essentially the Conservatives differ from the ruling mafia elite through the introduction of an ethics package for government; a marginal reduction of some taxes; a free parliamentary vote on gay marriage; and the rebuilding of the military. The platform was so centrist and typically Canadian it can hardly be called ‘Conservative’. The best thing about the Conservative victory is that it puts the adults back in charge of the nation but its principles, ideas, and policies were about as robust as a watered down can of bad Canadian beer. But as the optimists point out, at least a party with the word ‘conservative’ in it was able to achieve power in a left wing over-socialized, and apathetic country. Well yes that is something, but not enough to change the course of history.

The slim win for the Tories might prove to be more a curse than a blessing. It is hard to see what a light beer version of Conservatism can accomplish in a country so far gone to socialism that most people who voted could not tell you the difference between ‘left’ and ‘right’ on the Canadian political spectrum. The reason is that in Canada all politics is ‘left’ and usually ‘left-over’. The Canadians voted for change but grudgingly and they seemed rather embarrassed to have to change their government, preferring the 100 year old domination by a single party – the Liberals -- something that Kim Il Jong in North Korea, or Stalin would heartily approve of. Blushing and confused the Canadians barely voted for ousting a criminal mafia, a group of patronizing elitist hacks who ran government for the benefit of their financiers and insider buddies, who were drenched with corruption, incompetence, and immorality. That tells me more about the country than the slim Tory win.

So what exactly did the blushing Canadians in their moral superiority actually change in their vote? The Liberal party which has run the country as an exclusive club for 100 years did not accomplish a great deal in the past 13 years. Economic growth was not bad but not high enough to create jobs on the same per capita basis that the US has produced. Standards of living have dropped and now trail the US by 30 %. Net incomes have been at best stagnant and for many people less than what they were in 1990. In fact Toronto, a high priced city where butter costs 3 times more than it does in the US, has low wages compared to other international centers but sky high housing prices. It is difficult to see how with increasing taxation; higher overall debt levels; bad public services and real declining incomes; that the Liberal party left the average Canadian economically better off.

The Liberals key success was of course in ‘socialization’. What the Liberals did do was to further entrench Trudeau’s socialist vision onto a population that does not much care about anything. How easy it must be rule the roost when the sheep bleat only for food, and the dogs only bark when ordered. The Liberals destroyed the Canadian military; slandered our most important ally the US even as Canada free rides off the US military, pharma and health care systems; and put Canadian foreign policy under the UN flag – that famous organization which ran the corrupt $60 billion Oil for Food program in Iraq during the 1990s and which now wants to control all nation states through its globaloney warming scare and associated Kyoto ‘protocol’. The wonderfully democratic Liberals used judicial activism and then massive public monies to legalize Gay Marriage; engaged in an upward spiral of social spending on all manners of programs and vote buying schemes; further enhanced Canada’s managed and protected trade regime thereby impoverishing its own citizens; and engineered corruption on levels that would make even the French and Russians blush. Led by a fat, sweaty, incoherent leader and his Marxist minions the Liberal party, with its sad, sordid record, and elitist arrogance, should have been wiped out and destroyed in an election vote. If you can’t kill off these guys who can you kill off?

Yet they captured 31 % of the popular vote, not far behind the Conservatives with 36 %.

This is the real story from the election. Canada is a nation that rewards mediocrity. Mediocrity runs deep in the country. Socialist relativism – where nothing matters and all things are the same – means essentially that there is no wrong or right; no bad or good; no principles or morals; and nothing worth getting angry about. Just be average and you are okay. Just leave me alone and you Mr. or Mrs. or Transgendered politician can rape, plunder, or set fires to entire villages and I won’t much care. Politicians can lie, steal and slander and the public will accept it. Politicians can act as criminals or vice versa and the public will reward them with more power, more tax money, and more patience. Try stealing from your private employer, your wife or your bank and see how long good will lasts. In the real world, incompetence and immorality is rewarded with defeat and shame. The guilt complex – long a key religious ideal to develop shame and a social conscience – has been smashed in socialist lands where relativity triumphs and little matters.

It is no wonder then that Canadians like their EU socialist cousins, do little to effect reform. Change is painful. Objective standards of morality; defending the base principles of civilization; or the core ideals of the Western enlightenment is for Canadians and Europeans, too much bother. More important issues need to be addressed; maintaining socialized health care; instituting socialized or subsidized day and nanny care; ensuring that massive over-taxation is wasted on a bewildering array of spending initiatives and subsidies; and caring that Gays have their marriage rights. Such are the ‘sacred cows’ of the Canadian state religion. Just mix in anti-Americansim; anti-Jewish foreign policy and sprinkle in a little of that state owned and regulated media and you have the wonderful brew called ‘national-socialism’, a concoction I recall from my school days, once and now still practiced in Europe by men not exactly aligned with the Western Enlightenment tradition.

So in electing the Conservatives the Canadians really elected to clean a little house, but they did not reject the deepening of their beloved socialist-multicultural state. If the Conservatives are not ‘kind’, and multi-cult enough, the populace will scream. If the Conservatives ‘reform’ too much the socialists in parliament will bring them down. If the Conservatives reform too little the media will attack them as nothing more than power hungry narcissists. If the Conservatives reduce social spending the country will go into shock. If the Conservatives work with Quebec to push through some legislation they will be accused of aiding Quebec separatism……and so on. It is hard to imagine anything really changing.

Without a solid majority in Parliament and a unyielding percentage of voter support the Conservatives simply have no power to roll back Trudeaupian socialism and re-energize a sleepy, left wing, apathetic and regionally fractured country. The Conservatives might have won, but what can they do with such a Pyrrhic victory?

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