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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Socialist Politics – a lack of policy and real ideas

Contrast the Canadian election with a US election

by StFerdIII

Like Europeans [or EU-nuchs] Canadians deem themselves to be superior beings. National socialist propaganda and 40 years of socialist rantings have convinced Canadians, [much like the Nazi’s convinced 90 % of Germans], that history and destiny makes them unique. National socialist politics is nothing new having been introduced in Bismarck’s 19th century Prussian empire reaching its apogee with Stalin’s madness in Soviet Russia. What does change over time is the rhetorical level, supporting technology, and the legal – political power of the state apparatus to control society. Unlike in Bismarck’s Prussia, modern day Canadian and European governments have far greater resources to seize control and power. One can see the poverty of such national socialism at work during election campaigns when the key issues of society; economic health; military; security and the war on terror; immigration and Islam; the role of government; tax burdens; transparency in spending; competition in public programs; corruption and world alliance structures are not even discussed.

In Canada governments directly own 43 % of the economy and further control about another 8-12 %. Trade outside of oil and gas [including lumber, banking, culture, auto’s etc.] is state managed. In the past 15 years incomes have been stagnant and the overall debt burden per person has increased by 40 %. The income gap with the Americans is now at about 35-40% whilst the standard of living gap is about 30% and rising. Canada has an effective military of 17.800 deployable men with outdated equipment and no transport planes. Border security spend is 1/30 of the US levels and Canada is famously open for terrorist business. A North Korean style health care system literally kills thousands each year due to inefficiencies yet reform is politically impossible. Internal transfers of monies reach $80 billion federally per annum and over taxation is a common complaint of the compliant mass with 50 % of gross incomes being gleefully pocketed by smiling well haired politicians. Corruption is massive with hundreds of millions misspent and misplaced yearly and direct links with Quebec mafia obvious and real. Anti-US and anti-Jew vitriol dominates the state managed media and Canadian free riding off the US pharma, military and health care technology sectors does little to impress its southern neighbor.

One would expect that an election would allow a rational party and set of politicians to address the above. But not in a national socialist land. The great issues in Canada are national day care [what next nationalized hair care ?]; more spending for the North Korean styled state monopoly and failing health system; Canadian values [which change daily unlike virtues]; the erecting of a government bureaucracy to fight crime [which the Americans get blamed for not the Jamaican Canadians who commit 90% of the murders]; the impossibility of rolling back the illegal and non-democratic imposition of same sex marriage; and tax credits for public transport riders. That is it. It is hard to take a nation seriously that ignores the prime issues of existence and government role namely; military, security, tax and spend transparency and limiting the role of the state. I have yet to see in history a successful state organized, state controlled, state managed empire, nation or polity. If one has existed please let someone know.

The US system is rather different. The US has some serious political problems with financing [recent finance reform laws have been a bust]; district gerrymandering [where electoral districts are redrawn in cartoon shapes to ensure re-election]; and as JFK and others have proven criminal elements being involved in politics. Be that as it may at least the Americans debate issues. The US Presidential debates make a mockery of the Canadian leaders debates. The US system forces its political masters to deal in detail and coherence on a wide number of topics mostly related to the prime duties of government and the shape of society in relation to government. The military, security, economics, and the role of the government vs. the state are all heatedly debated. You might not like Bush but there is no doubt that he won 2 of the 3 2004 US Presidential debates. He won because he presented a cogent and unified plan on economics, foreign affairs and most importantly a philosophy of conservatism. Personally I disagree with big government compassionate conservatism and feel that anyone who calls himself a compassionate conservative needs to be avoided. However, there is no denial that what Bush says is what he does. He does not assume that voters are idiots or little children. US politics in general takes this approach of transparency. Even given its many problems this aspect of US democracy is refreshing.

But no so in Canada and little lands of national socialism. In these lands the great debates of elections turn over whether a minor tax reform like the reduction in the national consumption tax level is appropriate; or how much of a national subsidy to voter crucial industries is needed; or how much money for national child care is required; or how to save national health care and what other national programs are needed to ensure its national identity. It is all such national nonsense.

There is no debate in Canada and no interest in reform; a vision; a purpose; or increasing the prosperity of voters. As in Europe Canadian elections are for the benefit of politicians and government and only serve to delimit the national expansion of the next phase of national socialism. Not so in the US where government is 1/3 smaller. Say what you want about Americans but they seem to be a lot smarter than the average Canadian even though government there is far too large. The US system is more transparent, more open and in the end more efficient. The US for now has rejected national socialism, as long as it does, it will remain the world’s preeminent moral, economic, political and military super power.

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