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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Budgets in Canada – no tax relief, more spend, more nonsense

Where is the real Conservative party ?

by StFerdIII

The Socialist’s are alive and well in Canadian government. Toronto the economic locus of Canada is strapped with a left wing lawyer as Mayor. Stating that politicians are elected to increase service spending and not to reduce spending or program services, Mayor Miller-Marx increases taxes, and supports every program that asks for funding. No economies are needed in the decaying city of Toronto which lacks proper transit, good highways and a clean downtown. In Ottawa, Paul Martin and his anti-American Liberals are proving that they are neo-Chretiens – ‘do nothing’, ‘say nothing’, but ‘spend everything’ Statists. Martin enjoys power too much to actually do anything except spend money to buy votes and establish more government programs. In the last budget Government in Ottawa just increased by 8 %. Mr. Dithers Martin is actually pretty clear – he loves big government, and high taxes.

As Martin would say, “what is clearly obvious and clearly necessary and which is clearly a Canadian value issue, which clearly demonstrates the importance of being absolutely clear on clarifying this important issue is that clearly
Canada’s political elite is following quite clearly the EU model of governance. This process clearly demonstrates the clear need for Canada to clearly display its nationalist priorities, with government clearly in charge. In this regard more spend, more tax and more tearful rhetoric are clearly vital.” Yes Martin is a lackey to ideology and bad phraseology. Maybe he can let go of the Statist philosophy of omnipotent government while he resurrects a real vocabularly.

Toronto such like-minded dismal leadership is in evidence. Apparently there is no possibility to reduce spending or hold taxes steady within a $7 billion budget. Miller-Marx increased program spending by 6 % in the last budget, and increased residential property taxes by 3 % and business taxes by 1.5 %. The mathematics do not of course add up so the brave Mayor will increase the city’s debt by $300 million pushing it over $2.5 billion in total, while the media and citizens fall asleep. Toronto’s interest rates will rise as the City’s financial status becomes downgraded. Spending on the homeless will rise to $225 million per annum, while other arts and worthy projects will consume about 20 % of the total budget. Meanwhile the City’s infrastructure continues to worsen, with bad roads, an immature subway system, and poor public transport all supported by debt and which are badly underdeveloped, impacting job and wealth creation in the GTA. Toronto exports $20 billion out of the city each year, money that is vitally needed to create a viable infrastructure so necessary for job and wealth creation. Instead of addressing needed spending cuts and starting the process of keeping the City’s money from the grasping claws of Ottawa and the Province, the Miller-Marx coalition of the left, chose the easy path – raise taxes, increase the debt, spend money – and ensure that businesses don’t invest in Toronto.

In Ottawa Martin and the Ditherers just increased spending by $80 billion over 5 years pushing total Fed spending to $190 billion or 19 % of GDP. During the last election they castigated the so-called ‘Conservatives’ for offering a $60 billion, 5 year, spending bonanza. Dithers and gang spat at Canadian taxpayers by offering a $16 tax cut, while growing government spend by 8 %. One has to wonder if Canadians enjoy being laughed at. Martin will spend $4 billion on
Kyoto and Global warming baloney, will push through a $ 5 billion nationalized daycare plan [what next nationalized dental care?], and offer no reductions, no economies, no cuts and no rationalizations across the 37 Ministries. Basically the $80 billion of over taxation will be used to buy votes and get Martin ready for the next election. The military will not receive one red cent of its increased budget since it is all backended until year 3. Before then an election will be called and the military will be ignored. Dithers and company have no intention on increasing military spend. The announcement was pure theatrics designed to quiet critics and keep Harper and his ‘Conservatives’ happy, so they would not vote against the budget. Harper the uber-wimp fell for it.

Harper is a huge disappointment. I can’t tell the difference between Mr. Grey Harper and Dithers Martin. Harper should have condemned the massive spend in the budget; should have demanded an immediate year one increase in military spending; demanded resignations over Adscam and the Gun Registry scandals; and opened up a debate on the division of taxation powers between the levels of government [siding with the provinces and Toronto]. He also should have more loudly declaimed against the Gay Marriage and Pot legalization bills. Harper is a poor leader and either the Conservatives become Conservative or they should just officially join the Statist Dithers party. It is a lonely time for Conservatives in the socialist ninny state of
Canada. No leader, no party, no policies, no hope.

Canada has a true right wing and a vibrant Conservative grass roots element with capital, ideas, and intelligent candidates – the socialists will forever dominate. Canada is on the wrong path in it social-political organization. Following the EU is not a smart concept. The EU contrary to inane books, media adulation and socialist tripe is an economic and social morass. High taxes, unproductive labor, constrained capital, and big unions married with big government all ensure that coercion and not freedom is the European ideal. This is not the path to happiness but Orwellian darkness.

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