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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Welcome to the Queer-Bec [Quebec] revolution

Only in Canada could a Gay, Cocaine addict become the potential Father of a new state.

by StFerdIII

It nicely sums up Canada and Canadian politics.An empty headed 39 year-old pretty boy, famous for snorting cocaine, partying hard, and having fun with his ‘paramours homosexuels’, was just elected to lead Quebec’s separatist party which will surely win the next provincial election.The young leader monsieur ou mademoiselle Boisclair [ClearWoods en anglais], will soon not only win the next election, but will call and possibly win a referendum on separation.Canada could cease to exist, once Queer-bec shatters the illusion that is Canada and exits, then Alberta the only province left with any collective brains, must surely disunite and flee from the confusing Federation of socialist nonsense.Canada in a few short years, after 40 years of paternal socialism, feather headed left wing policies and ideological cant that not even Marx could have stomached, will finally achieve its breakup.It could be a giant blessing to the average Canuckistani.

The irony of Canada is that all this socialism is supposed to unite the country.North Korean style health care.The CBC.Anti-Americanism and anti-Israeli foreign policy.Managed trade in all sectors.Massive redistribution programs.$40 billion per annum given to Quebec in recognition of its fine Franco heritage.Welfare programs thither and yon.Gay marriage. Gun registries.Kissing French and Euro pieds.No military.50 % Muslim immigration amongst the new arrivistes.Rhetoric about saving the world and hugging trees.Wasn’t big government and the multi-cult club supposed to be the warm embrace that Canadians needed to have, in order to develop their national identity?

Little Johnny Canuck just wasn’t a real Canadian until he was taxed and regulated to near death, had to endure government corruption, and was handed his ‘African Commitment’ and ‘Global Warming 1 ton challenge’.Poor Johnny, what a sad little man he must have been pre-1965.Wasn’t Canada pre-1965 just a collection of unspeakably ugly, ignorant and certainly uncultured European exiles, who had lower taxes than the US, a stronger currency than the US dollar, a projectionable military force respected by our allies, a unified national sense of destiny and pride, and low per capita debt?God, those must have been awful times in pre-1965, or pre-civilized Canada.Quel horreur!

So now we have the ironic perversity of a sexual perversity and drug addict acceding to the throne of a new state in waiting.Quebec will vote in 2 years to leave Canada.Apparently the $40 billion ransom per year, paid by non French Canada to the insufferably arrogant and sophisticated French elite did not make an impression.The modern ‘DaneGeld’ paid by Canadians may not be exactly the same as the Angles and allies paid to the marauding and settled Danes in 9th century England to keep them quiet, but it comes close.Paying the bills for the state of Quebeckistan has induced in Quebec, exactly zero sympathy for the Canadian Federation and zero regard for the Canadian state.Much like the horned rambunctious Danes of 12 centuries ago, the Quebeckistani’s just keep asking for more, threaten more, and get more.And much like the Danes they don’t stay quiet for too long.

I have never understood the irrationality of paying off someone to stay in an organization.If certain actors in a group don’t get along then someone has to leave.In the real world in any organization, if one actor is not productive, will not fight for the interests of the organization, does not help to pay the bills, has an affected attitude, is prone to hysterical bouts of adolescent temper, actively engages in extracting money from the group through various means and constantly plots the downfall of the entire organization, I would suggest that you have a misfit on your hands.A misfit that costs money, time and energy.The message to le misfit should be clear;get on side, help the organization, stop stealing money, or we will beat you senseless, then kick you out.

But this being the caring, socialist, and effeminate Canada, a rational policy can never be undertaken.Maybe Canadians can wake up and see what the ill and nauseating effects are of the 40 year dabbling in Trudeaupian socialism.Bribery, kickbacks and corruption along with massive transfers of wealth, private property appropriation, and colossal over-government, has not led the merry chanting multi-cult tribe down the yellow brick road to enlightenment.As government and transfers have grown so has acrimony between regions, groups, special interests and yes even classes.But don’t expect many in Canada to join the dots.

Queer-Bec separatism under the coke snorting ClearWoods is maybe too far a stretch – maybe even the genteel population of Quebec, all working for government agencies or government funded businesses – will wake up and decide that leaving Canada is not such a great idea.Queer-Bec has no job growth, the highest taxes in North America, a large debt, no productivity, and a unionized working population.Without reforms its standard of living will decline, its per capita income will shrivel and professionals and capital will exit.Not exactly a winning strategy.

So before the Queer-Bec revolution takes over, the French will do what all Francophones do – they will compare doing nothing with doing very little.By doing nothing and staying in Canuckistan, Quebec will be able to avoid change – the massive welfare state, the huge DaneGeld ransom, the arrogant overbearing attitude – all can stay.But if Quebec becomes Queer-Bec and leaves the cosy nest of Confederal socialism, than maybe staying the same is not good enough.

To compete in a globalizing market economy, surrounded by detestable Anglo-phones, change will be mandated.In its current form Quebec cannot survive.So then maybe, just maybe, the French will realize that plus ca change, really is plus ca change.If la change est too much, then Quebec might forego the dream of Queer-Bec independence.It might just avoid the appointment of its gay King in waiting ClearWoods, and stay as an irreconcilable brat within a family of socialized adolescents.

I would bet that doing nothing is probably the Gallic choice of habit.But a lot will depend on Clearwoods and his vision of a Queer-Bec revolution and state.

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