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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Evolution is science ? So too are little green men from planet X.

Evolution as dogma.

by StFerdIII


..fossil record shows that all these animals continued to produce the same type of offspring and the species have continued on unchanged to the present time. From this, it is evident that evolution has not occurred.”

'Science' has been redefined to include activism, hucksterism, corruption and graft in worship of Mammon and greed. Evolution, globaloneywarming, Islam-is-Peace, abortion – all are taught and paraded in the media as 'truisms', 'rights', or 'science'. All of it is bunk. Evolution has about as much to do with science, facts, evidential empiricism and common-sense, as globaloneywarming has to do with real climactic factors. Yet half the population or more buys into these modern cults, feeling themselves superior, refined, elevated and sophisticated. In reality cult members are usually not the most 'progressive' of personalities. They are quite regressive, atavistic and like socialist theology - primitive.

Australian Phd in Biology John Ashton who was a former evolutionist has summarized in his book 'Evolution Impossible' just why the cult of Darwin is absurd. Biology, micro-chemistry, cell formation, DNA/RNA/Amino Acids, genetic mutations, and the geological record make a mockery out of Darwin's materialist-phase theory of natural mechanization, so much in vogue in the mid 19th century and so archaic in the 21rst. Life forms are too complex to be formed by 'random chance genetic mutation' or by 'natural selection'. Many life forms today are decidedly inferior to ones which are extinct. Genetic information is so complicated that the mathematical probability of producing by chance from the never-proven 'soupy mixture' of say a common worm, is absolutely zero:

For a multi-celled organism to have evolved requires an even greater amount of new genetic information to be created. The information encoded in a roundworm is contained on 97 million DNA base pairs spread over about 19,000 genes. For a yeast to evolve into a roundworm requires the creation of 13,000 extra genes of new genetic information by random mutations. And the roundworm genes are made up of thousands more base pairs of encoded information compared to yeast genes. That is, they are far more complex in terms of their information content.
Mouse DNA has around 2,600 million base pairs and 25,000 genes, with an average size of 100,000 bases, which means that a mouse gene is 20 times more complex in its code compared to a roundworm.

According to the cult of Darwin, humans evolved from the sponge. Out of rocks the most complex material in the universe namely DNA, RNA and Amino Acids were formed, in the acclaimed 'simple cell', which is more complicated than a modern city. Only 50 Trillion of these simple cells comprise the human, now relegated by evolutionists to an evolved Lemur.

The vast array of flora and fauna militate against the insane notion that all of life had a common ancestor. Maybe Darwin was at least intellectually derived from a common ancestor of say a sponge or a rose bush. The rest of us are not.

An Australian government-commissioned report published in 2009 noted that there were 1,899,567 different species reported in the published scientific literature.30 This list included the following: 5,487 different species of mammals 9,990 different species of birds 8,734 different species of reptiles 6,515 different species of amphibians 31,153 different species of fish 47,000 different species of crustacean (that is, crabs, lobsters, etc.) 100,000 or thereabouts of different species of insects 102,248 different species of arachnida (that is, spiders, scorpions, ticks, and mites, etc.) 85,000 or thereabouts of different species of mollusca (that is, snails, shellfish, squid, and octopus, etc.) 310,129 or thereabouts of different species of plants including 12,272 algae species 98,998 different species of fungi 7,643 different species of bacteria Additionally, there are 1,086,670 other known types of organisms. This breathtaking diversity of life comes about as a result of each organism containing quite different genetic information. According to the theory of evolution, all this new information to produce all the different types of eyes, arms, legs, and wings, the different types of feathers and skin, the different types of leaves and flowers, the different types of reproductive systems has to arise by chance.
there is simply not enough time in the supposed four billion years of evolution for all the genetic information required in the genomes of all the millions of different species of bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals to evolve as a result of random mutations. If the evolution of a simple cell is statistically impossible, as we saw in the first chapter, the evolution of these higher organisms is even more impossible.

Not only is the genetic code so incredibly complex that 'chance' is impossible in its construction, there is also the known fact of geological catastrophe which does not give the Darwinists the time they need to have 2 million species evolve. Simple put species come, species go:

The evidence suggests that there was catastrophic flood, storm, and volcanic activity all over the world at the same time that laid down the sediments that have become known as the geologic column. In addition to the geological evidence, there is also a substantial amount of historical evidence that this catastrophic global Flood was relatively recent

massive flows of water transported huge volumes of sand more than 1,200 miles (2,000 km) across what is now North America. The conventional geology interpretation is that these deposits formed slowly over millions of years — but there are no known gradual geological processes that can explain the transport and deposition of such huge volumes of sand over such large distances. On the other hand, the above evidence all points to catastrophic movements of water on a scale never recorded in the past 3,000 years or more.

widespread sedimentary rock deposits are consistent with catastrophic flood deposition rather than slow, gradual sedimentary formation.

The geological record is clear. Climate catastrophe not stability is the norm. Huge pits in North America, Siberia and other locations contain the smashed up remains of animals as diverse as Mastodons, lions, tigers, horses, elephants and other creatures now extinct. Some catastrophic event destroyed them and piled them up in mass graves. The cult of Darwin preaches that the climate rarely changes and that 'uniformitarianism', or the onward march of endless parading time is the norm. This is bunk. There are mass disappearances and appearances of life forms and when they appear they are fully formed. There is no evidence of pre-existing 'transition species' – another cult of Darwin fantasy:
there are over 400 million years between the worldwide flooding in the Cambrian period and the worldwide flooding in the Cretaceous period. However, according to current conventional interpretation of the geologic column, there were also massive extinctions caused by flooding a number of times in the intervening time period. That is, there were massive water burials of organisms in flood-associated extinction events separated by tens and even hundreds of millions of years.
no observation of the formation of any new type of animal or new mutation involving a new genetic code. Yet the fossil record shows new organisms containing massive amounts of new genetic code just suddenly appearing in the geological strata without any apparent gradually changing ancestors.

Given the range of climate catastrophe and the short amount of time to randomly create [in just 65 million years] nearly 2 million species of flora and fauna, how could or did for example, a worm grow legs or a fin ? Time and genetic code make that an impossibility.

sudden appearance of fossils of a little segmented animal about three inches (seven centimeters) long, with a head and legs, called spriggina, which are found in late Precambrian dated rocks in Australia, Africa, and Russia.30 The amount of new genetic information to encode for a head and tail and multiple body segments is enormous. There is no fossil evidence of intermediate organisms with partly developed bodies, and no known explanation for how such massive amounts of new genetic information could arise in such a relatively short period of geologic time.

And where is the lab proof of evolution ?

nobody has ever observed evolution — it has never been observed in the past and it has not been observed in the laboratory. No one has been able to set up an experiment and make one type of organism evolve into a new type of organism (unless we deliberately remove genetic information or insert genetic information from another organism, neither of which is true evolution). To have no mechanism for how evolution can occur, as well as no experimental evidence, leaves evolution far from being a fact of science.
According to the proponents of evolution, most of these life forms have evolved over the past 600 million years.33 That means that new species would have evolved on average every three to five years. Given the millions of species that now exist in the world, the potential to observe new genetic information being created over the past 50 years of scientific observation should be quite high.

If evolution is a 'fact' then let's prove it. If humans did evolve from a rock, and if abiogenesis or life being derived from immaterial matter is correct than so be it. The evolutionists have not proven their case. Yes they are clever with words and tautological reasoning but rhetoric and posturing illogicality is not science. It is activism and mendacity. Neither apparently supports the scientific method.  

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