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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Some questions for the UNO, EU, Canada, Putin, and Islamic leaders

How about some journalists asking real questions on real issues?

by StFerdIII

The liberal media seems pretty quick to hate, vilify and rage against the USA and Western civilization. They love to support such evil and immoral ideals as the current United Nations; Islam; Castro; Chavez and the EU’s big government socialism. Morality for the liberal jet set club is based on ‘feeling’; ‘revolutionary ardour’; the‘right message’; ‘global warming’; ‘international dialogue and not action’; and Western guilt, especially the guilt of the White Man, that pernicious beast which only created the modern world and brought civilization to the globe. The media should ask the following states and groups, some real questions.

Questions to the EU, France, Germany
-Can you verify that France and Germany made about $10 billion per year in illegal revenues from Iraq ?
-Can you give us concrete plans to reduce your 15 % unemployment levels and reduce government size which steals 50 % of your GDP?
-Will you liberate your media from government regulation and control and reduce your anti-American rhetoric ?
-Will you help on the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan in a positive and extremely active way with more troops, money and personnel ? If not please summarize your plans to aid the US in the war on terror.
-Will you reduce the power of unions and the corruption between big government and big business ?
-Will you reduce subsidies and handouts to large businesses ?
-Will you reform the Common Agricultural policy ?
-Why does Europe need to have a unified political structure under the control of big government and big unions ?
-Why is your standard of living 35 % below that of the average American ?

Questions to Canada:
-Can you verify that you spend less on military spend then you do on child care and Indian affairs combined ? If so why ?
-Will you reform your political system to have true democratic meaning and value ?
-Why is the media and political system so anti-American ? Is this not some form of supremacism that Canadians supposedly do not support?
-Why are taxes in Canada 30 % above US levels and the 2nd highest amongst developed nations for business ?
-Why do you support the UNO ?
-Do you believe that the world and Iraqi’s, were better off before the US invasion ? If so detail why.

Questions to the UNO:
-Can you account and outline the use of every single dollar - $100 billion – of the Iraqi based Oil for Food program from 1995-2003? How much money went missing ? Do you know the total ? If not why?
-Why are you not criminally prosecuting all people involved in stealing Oil for Food money ?
-When will you begin to help the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan with substantial troops and money ?
-Why are you not intervening in the Sudan to stop the massacre of now over 2 million people ? Is it because France, China and Russia have large business interests there ?
-Why should democratic nations support your organization which has done nothing to stop terror ?
-Why do you continue to push man-made Global Warming when there is no science to backup your claims ? Is this another chance at more money and more control ?

Questions to Putin:
-Why did you take over the oil and gas industry in Russia and jail without due process, Khordovkovsky the chief of Yukos?
-Is it true that your friends own most of the Oil industry now in Russia ?
-Where are the legal, democratic and parliamentary reforms that are needed in Russia in order to ensure a prosperous future?
-Why does the state own all the media?
-What are you doing in Chechnya and what are your plans to resolve that dispute?
-Is it true that 15.000 Russian soldiers have died in the past 3 years in Chechnya?
-You say that you fight terrorists in Chechnya, then why don’t you help the West in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is it a lack of money, soldiers or competence?

Questions to the Arab world:
-Why don’t you help in Iraq and Afghanistan to build up democracy in these nations? What are you afraid of?
-Why don’t you condemn terror and anti-Semiticism and racism against the West?
-Where are the reforms to enable people to achieve better lives?
-Why can’t Christian and Jews practice their religions in your countries? After all 1 million Muslims live and practice Islam in Israel.
-Why is Islam so anti-modern and anti-Western?
-How do you explain Islam’s 1400 war against the West? Is such a violent history a sign of peace?
-What has the Islamic world produced in the past 700 years that has been positive?

Questions to China:
-What is the purpose of increasing your military spend?
-How long can a one party fascist state survive with selective capitalism?
-Why is democratic Taiwan not able to assume full independence? Do you really believe that the Taiwanese want to be a part of a one party fascist state?
-Why don’t you help the West resolve issues in the Middle East, Sudan and Central Asia?
-Do you truly believe that your country will overtake US power in the next century? Do fascist states have such permanence? If so give some historical examples.

Maybe the ‘hard-hitting’ journalists on TV and in the newspapers can start asking these questions instead of fawning and kissing the kneecaps of their ‘guests’. The media has no perspective. Western and US based positions and philosophies are by default bad. Internationalism, fascism, and top down socialism is by default good. It is a sad world in which the liberation of 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan is met by derision, half-truths, slander and little popular support. I guess the good old days of fascist death squads, secret police and no freedom are to be missed and eulogized. So much for the usefulness of our media.

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