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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Low culture and lower intelligence

Blame, technology, the media and ultimately yourself.

by StFerdIII

Or rather no culture and low civilization. Narcissism. Rudeness. Low standards. No responsibility. The ethos of pop culture is the anti-thesis of civilisational progress. Aided by the media, the educational system, the post-modern political elite, the West has developed 3 generations of perpetual adolescents, smug in ignorance, glorying in irrelevance. Anyone who knows more about the travails Britney Spears than the development of Greco-Romano civilization supports that obvious observation.

Low culture to no-culture is everywhere. Gay? No problems you have the gay gene which means that you are obviously funny, witty, sexy and earning good money – not sick or confused. TV says so. Fat? Sad, but you are a victim of society. Sue McDonald’s. A criminal? That is cool keep it up and keep it real. Ignorant? There is no truth, all is relative – Oprah says so. Rude? Why not, the world revolves around you. Black crime? Blame whitey. Illegal immigration? Apparently we can’t survive without it. Islam? Don’t criticize it, it is a hate crime. Female? Imitate Anna Nichole Smith, Spears or some other pop tart slut of the month. The military? Buffoons and goons with guns. Jews? Shylocks all and one. Who cares if Iran wipes them out. And on it goes.

Truth, morality, clarity, consistency, pride, education, working and intelligence are optional. Worse of all – no responsibility is necessary, all the world is your entitlement. Just complain, sue, cry, or accuse against your ‘oppressor’. It is depressing.

Technology is usually a force for good advancing society in many directions. From productivity, to transparency, to ease of use, technology has propelled civilization along, sometimes reluctantly, into newer and usually better climes. Yet the development of mass media, the internet, and the ubiquity of pop images has been an unmitigated cultural and moral disaster for the West.

There is no denying that technology improves our world. But there is also no denying that the spread of left-wing, irrelevant and depressingly dumb, low-culture has spread thanks to TV, the internet and mass media newssheets, to dominate our world. This is a sad derivative of a free society. But a free society, born of higher culture can force even the worst and more prevalent forms of mass media away from dumb culture into something more relevant. This in large measure has not happened.

Low culture is based on three key ideas borrowed from cultural Marxism.

First, personal responsibility for any actions – from being pregnant, to being a fat criminal – is to be rejected. This means that the higher standards of a bygone age – pre mass media – are to be rejected as outlandishly repressive.

Second unlimited personal freedom must reign. This means that no boundaries will be tolerated. Drugs, sexuality, promiscuity, public crudity, and the acceptance of any behavior are mandatory. This is furthered by the cult-like trance of the educational and media systems which embrace the lowest common denominator standard.

Third, low culture and cultural Marxism relish the destruction of Western high culture. The post World War II socialists knew that the political and economic strength of the Western system would only fall once cultural, media and educational institutions were taken over.

In the West the low culture take over is pretty much accomplished with some notable exceptions. This is why you hear nothing but anti-war propaganda; are assaulted by illogical eco-cult intolerance on 'climate change'; forced to endure endless rising levels of taxation and government spending abetted by limitless government propaganda about compassion, being nice and ‘values’; and are ridiculed by college educated airheads full of anti-modern Marxist drivel, foisted upon them by ‘professors’ who have never worked a day in their lives. This is why Anna Nichole Smith, a no-mind, white trash whore, who did nothing in her life that was worthwhile, is the mainstay of news media for weeks on end - only interrupted by the Al Gore self-love tour of eco marxist irresponsibility, lovelingly portrayed by the usual dupes in the media as a 'truth'. Apparently there is nothing else to discuss, or if there is, it is better just to follow what the mandarins say, then to think for yourself.

One does not expect that little Johnny and little Joanne [or in our age, little Mohammed and little Fatima], are going to be Greek speaking, Latin quoting, John the gospel following, Renaissance erudite artists, in workshops creating new scientific methods and wondrous philosophical postulations derived from insightful Pythagorean or Descartian analysis of natural physics or Euclidean mathematical models, able to recount the progress of the Enlightenment tradition while describing in German the reasons while dialectical phase theory is outlandishly incorrect.

But is it too much to ask the little dears to educate themselves on the 2500 year old history of the West? To understand the good, the bad and the ultimately glorious flowering of a still powerful if somewhat confused cultural civilization that rules the globe for the betterment of mankind? Is it too much to ask people to recognize that life’s nasty brutish shortness has been implausibly refined and lengthened thanks to human genius birthed by the cultural mores and forces of Western progress and morality? And that yes even slavery the pernicious 10.000 year old economic model of choice was only destroyed by the West and by whites and still survives today in Africa, Brazil and Islam?

I suppose it is. How venal is a group of people that watch Oprah for news; tune in to gay sitcoms for enjoyment; or follow the death throes of illiterate trailer park trash as willing voyeurs? All that energy and attention might be better off invested in some higher cultural matters and for that matter in ideas that help civilization. Instead we have a deadening majority of people who view civilization as some hunk of meaty flesh to be parasitically eaten and mulched in a narcissistic orgy of criminal self-loathing and contempt.

This is hardly promising for the continuance of 2500 years of great civilisational development. Blame the spread of low culture, through low media, by lowest common denominator technology. Then blame yourself for allowing it to happen. 'We the people' are ultimately responsible.

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