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Letters by a modern St. Ferdinand III about cults

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Plenty of cults exist - every cult has its 'religious dogma', its idols, its 'prophets', its 'science', its 'proof' and its intolerant liturgy of demands.  Cults everywhere:  Corona, 'The Science' or Scientism, Islam, the State, the cult of Gender Fascism, Marxism, Darwin and Evolution, Globaloneywarming, Changing Climate, Abortion...

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The stupid media coverage of the French riots

Or maybe it is just simply ignorance, immorality and political correctness.

by StFerdIII

France is up in flames, being torched by Arabic youth, with over 300 cities attacked and the mainstream media calls the rioters ‘disaffected youth’.Be assured if whites were rioting the media would have no trouble calling the white youth, ‘neo-nazi criminals’.But because Arabs and Islamic immigrants are torching toy cars and setting fires to synagogues, churches and buildings, we are led to believe that only Marxian economics, class warfare, and oppression by the capitalist-French state is responsible for the ghetto uprising.In fact the mainstream media goes further and connects the revolution of 1789, the May riots of 1968 and even the resistance movement in World War II to the current Arab inspired intifada.As all the ‘nuanced’ commentators state, it is a riot against hopelessness and repression.What a load of twaddle.

The ignorance and misrepresentation of the French riots can be summarized by this: the genuflecting to the Multi-Cult socialist model must continue!If blacks riot and kill whites and vandalize city centers it is justified and nuanced thanks to slavery.If Arabs blow up synagogues and launch rockets into Israeli cities and detonate themselves and murder civilians that is okay because of the ‘root causes’ of Arab angst.If Mugabe murders thousands in Zimbabwe or Islamic militants butcher millions in the Sudan that is okay since the blacks and Arabs have suffered under white colonialism.The savagery and stupidity and sheer hypocrisy of the Multi-Cult model is boundless.Now we have the socialist-Multi Cult’s defending the Arab moon Cult and their ideal that all cultures are relative.

In France the major media networks did not show coverage of the burning and looting feeling it would lead to further violence.French politicians with the exception of Interior Minister Sarkozy refused to acknowledge the link with Islam.This colored international coverage which also refused to make the connection between the street gangs comprised of Arabic youth, and the Islamic culture of the ghettos.But the facts were obvious – the rioters were almost all Arabic and almost all were energized by Islam.Some of course are influenced by the desire to copy 50 cents and pop-a-yang, or pimp a ride, or have a shiny new car, but it is the epitome of ignorance not to make the connection between violent rioting Islamic youth and Islam.

In Canada and elsewhere the mainstream media [MSM] blames 'neo-con's, 'North American pundits who are obsessively pro-Israel and pro-George-Bush', in describing the French riots as an Islamic intifada. French arrogance, economic issues and a failed socialist model ARE issues. However their unemployment rate is about the same as that of non-Arabic Frenchmen under the age of 30 [about 30 %] so where are the non-Arabic rioters?If this truly was a Marxian riot over class, economic status, and joblessness, where are the Pierre’s, Marie’s and Alphonses?Or do you believe that the only unemployed in France are Arabs?If so provide some proof.

Culture and Islam are facts. The rioters are and were Islamic - Arabic and North African.They don't respect, feel or want to belong to 'Western Culture'.They might be interested in chicks, cars and money, but they are not French, nor are that they that concerned about speaking the language properly, getting educated or blending in.It is easier of course if you fail to blame others [the Jews, the Americans, the establishment, racism etc.].Now Arabs burn 300 cities, battle police and emergency workers, while screaming Allahu Akhbar and 'this land is ours' – and yet Islam has nothing to do with it?

Islam is a major cultural and political force in France.Chirac kept France out of the 2nd Gulf War to appease his Muslim voters.Most of France's mosques are led by radical foreign Imams who are now asking for the Millet system, [where land is given to Arabs in non Muslim countries to control]. It is incoherent, immoral and dangerous to make the illogical leap that rioting Arabic youth are not inflamed by Islam. Of course Islam is in part to blame for the riots and this base fact cannot be ignored.If you don’t acknowledge the problem, you can’t fix it.

But the reasons why the MSM won’t mention the A, I or M words is even more sinister.

The MSM is against the war in Iraq and it still peddles the idea that Islam is peaceful.Since the Iraq war is, according the liberal MSM, illegal, then two things must follow.1.All acts of Islamic violence are justified by the actions of the US in the Middle East or 2.Arabic acts of violence are mere expressions of marixan dialectic and class warfare as they rise up to cast of their shackles of oppression.Both concepts are of course dim-witted and disjointed.

The MSM will contort, twist and do pretzel imitations to avoid naming Islam in acts of violence.Thus terrorists in Iraq are ‘insurgents’, Palestinian murderers are ‘holy warriors’, roving Islamic Sudanese criminals murdering thousands are ‘janjaweed’ and rioting French-Arabs are ‘disaffected youth’.See a pattern here?

It is hard to prosecute and win a war when the media is chock-a-block full of morons and Marxist – Arabic apologists.How about we regime change the media?

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